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    The d-pad most definitely does not change characters; if you are using a 3-button controller, it should be swapping characters with A; if using a 6-button controller, it should be swapping characters with X/Y/Z.

    I assuming you are using an emulator? You might want to toss it away and get a better one...
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    Sonic's animation in the Sonic 1 special stages is a bit funky; it displays this frame multiple times: [​IMG]

    I noticed a few tiny typos in the PDF.

    Page 5, Sonic 1's listed twice:
    Page 6, seems like "from" is missing its "m":
    Page 7, seems like "off" is missing an "f":
    Page 8, seems like this sentence is missing an "if":
  3. REPO Man

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    I haven't played the newest version yet, but as one of my fave hacks, I just know it'll be excellent.

    Keep up the awesome work.
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    I don't know what the last version of this that I played was, but I haven't played Classic Heroes in probably three or more years. Does the transition cutscene from the end of S1 to the start of S2 still play the Final Boss music of S3? I know that wasn't the most ideal choice and that it was mostly placeholder for lack of a better unused BGM. Assuming you haven't changed it yet, a couple suggestions I have are WFZ's music—even though it will be used later on anyway—or Sonic Compilation's menu music (which, I know, is just Robotnik's theme from MBM, but iirc it differs slightly). I don't know if either would be seen as an improvement over the S3 Final Boss theme, but I at least think they would work better.
    –{for your consideration~}–

    (If, on the other hand, it has indeed been replaced, and [no less] with something way better and by no means placeholder, kindly disregard this message. :))
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    It was never a placeholder, nor was it replaced.
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    New revision is out: get it here. Fixes garbled chunks in HTZ1, and a crash when pressing start+c when playing with only one or two players.
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    I don't know how I did this. Playing as Sonic Team Player 1 with 6 button pad on Kega with Player 2 plugged in but not active. I beat GHZ1, jumped into the large ring at the end of the act. I think I was pressing buttons as I noticed my life icon changed to swap characters while I as Sonic was off screen while the other two stood there. Then I entered the special stage as Sonic, got the emerald, then when I spawned in GHZ2, I couldn't control Sonic, as my controller was now acting as Player 2? I could swap and move the partner character, but Sonic stood still the entire time.

    I should say this was with the previous revision posted slightly above, not the most recent one.

    Restarting I had no issue and continued till Labyrinth till I got bored.
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    I normally play with Team Chaotix and I faced a lot of bugs. Don´t know if it happened on Team Sonic.

    - Sometimes the 2nd and 3rd characters "dies", but in the meaning they don´t move, they´re just there stopped and uncontrolable.
    - The transition bethween Sonic 1 and 2 as Team Chaotix is broken, they just run for right when the intention is for them run for left, didn´t allowing you to play Sonic1+2 complete. (Super Dash cheat activated on this one)
    - On Marble Boss, I died and the controls glitched. When started a new life after checkpoint, Vector (which I play as main normally) wasn´t able to be playable, but Espio and Charmy was, but the screen was locked on Vector.
    - With Super Dash, the monitor S appear to turn Hyper, but when it´s over, cancel character´s action (for exemple, if Vector is climbing as Hyper and it finishes, you fall.)

    I wanted to play to check if an old bug as them on Wing Fortress was fixed, but wasn´t able to reach there. The bug was after you defeat the boss, if all 3 characters don´t fall together, the game softlocks and the cut scene of them going after Eggman don´t happen, you only see him taking off. And since the timer stops, you coudn´t die with a Time Over to try again, sticks there forever.
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    @ everyone talking about 2nd/3rd team members stopping and not moving: do you have a second controller set up in your emulator settings? I did, and disabling it stopped that from happening for me, so I assume Classic Heroes just checks for a second controller to be plugged in and makes it a 2-player game if so.
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    It's been so long... Congrats on the new release Flamewing! Figure I'll point some things out:
    The Grey Sol Emerald on the Special Stage results screen doesn't fade properly, with one of its colours remaining static
    When playing through a level as a solo Super/Hyper Dash character (most notably Sonic), the results tally just refers to them as Sonic/Tails/Knuckles rather than having Super/Hyper being added before their names. Sonic's is also bugged as the light blue on his name isn't affected by the palette change of Super/Hyper Sonic as well, which looks pretty distracting.

    Here's a little suggestion I thought of earlier when playing as well: When you're Hyper and you get an S-Monitor, you get a bit of a power boost and move even faster than you already are - I think a good visual indicator of this effect would be maybe a little overlay or shield that's similar in design to the Super Shields from Sonic Heroes

    Also, found another bug in that some stage layers are a bit borked, like in the start of Emerald Hill Zone, taking the spring and ramp at the bottom route, you can no longer make your way back to the higher section, and instead hit the bottom of the floor rather than going through it
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    Trying to be useful somehow.
    I did encounter graphical glitches after being miserably crushed by falling blocks on Marble Zone act 1 (as sonic team, did not try chaotix), using Kega Fusion.
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    I'm not sure if you guys ever experienced this before but wha...
    (I swapped characters again after taking this screenshot and the glitch just up and stopped so it's probably temporary?)
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    Been a long time since I've heard of this hack. I hope you'll add more characters soon!