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    Is there a change log of what has been fixed/changed?

    I haven't had much time to play it. I haven't tried to break it in many ways yet. However, one jarring bug seems to be new: move the player onto an incline (can be very slight) and try to look up or down. The animation won't complete and just keeps repeating. My guess, not having looked at the internals, is that the collision detection on the animations is different and keeps forcing the player to reset? Does that sound right? Or maybe I'm just completely left-field. But either way, it's very noticeable. But hopefully an easy one to correct.

    Once I find time to do a proper play-through, I'll have more to say.
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    Honestly the only thing that changed majorly were the ability to save your bindings in the controls menu, and I updated the plugins I used for everything. New bugs seem to have reared their head though with these updated plugins/updates to fusion. I didn't plan on having to release an update to panic fix the offensive language while also having covid, so it was kind of all a blur unfortunately.
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    I'm having an issue playing this on my desktop. For some reason this most recent release just shows up as a white blank screen. I can hear the sound effects and my inputs but I can't see anything. Idk what the issue might be.
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    Any good news as to when the true final boss will be added in? I've been looking forward to fighting him a while now