Sonic Classic 2

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    SC1 will be included. S1 and S2 will likely not. I am choosing not to include them again on initial release due to it not being polished enough. I figure DLC will be a good alternative.
  2. Sally Rose

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    great, s1 and s2 will make or great dlc, will said dlc include an Encore like more for sc2? if so that would be an amazing idea to get folks to go for the upgrade lol. good ideas for such a mode would be new music/ alter level layouts/ pallets and new/harder bosses. i you need ideas. sory, just spit balling ideas at the wall seeing what sticks. hope my brain helps you make this game as good as it can be.

    also no big deal if thats a no, lol i know deving the game its self can be a big deal, so if you say no who am i to go "but hez" no one thats who. im just tossing out fun ideas and hopeing you also enjoy them, thats all.