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Sonic Classic 2

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Hez, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Hez


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    Reminds me of the growing monitor from Chaotix. I was just wondering when someone would do that. :v:
  3. djdocsonic


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    Worth Making for sure. Hope you do Hez.
  4. DimensionWarped


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    Remind me again, were you using Worlds for Sonic Classic and would you be continuing to do so for this if that was the case?
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    I actually like the middle sprite best. Looks less chibi than the right one, and more dynamic in style like Triple Trouble had. Maybe its because you didn't soften the speculars so much, which is more accurate to the original art style. Also the quills aren't as fat and his eyes are more narrow, which is closer to the Sonic Jam boxart style. Which reinforces why I love the middle sprite so much more. If you add the darker shading around his torso, then its perfect.

    Don't forget, Sonic CD had a shrink laser lol. Will you be incorporating the frustrating platforming challenges that followed it, or will you spare us the torture in place of fresh new challenges? Also, we can't run on water from sheer speed? I was hoping for that.
  6. Blackhearted Knight

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    I think what he meant was that you won't sink if you slow down while shrunk. And I like the trailer, the character power-ups in particular. I smell bonus item puzzles.
  7. Hez


    Basically, yeah.

    Also, as I'm not trying to release too much stuff yet, there will be old levels in the game. Probably most of SC1 with some bonus stuff.
  8. Willie


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    I haven't played Sonic Classic yet but as whether or not to make a sequel, it should depend largely on how much you want to make the game, how much you like your concepts for the game, how long is it likely to take to make, and is it worth the time and effort. Personally, I dislike the Tails and Knuckles monitors idea. It's definitely unique, but I don't think in the great way.



    I don't like the concept at all. When Sonic breaks monitors for a power up of some kind, it's usually a shield. Your monitors change his colors, give him two tails for the Tails monitor, and give him the ability to glide all because he's red? If you replaced the Tails monitor to a monitor that gives him a jetpack that temporarily allows him to fly before it runs out of gas or replace the Knuckles monitor with an item like a hang glider that allows Sonic glide, I would like the new monitors way more because they seem somewhat logical in the Sonic universe.
  9. Hez


    You can avoid them in any level, the game will be able to be completed without them. I'm still basing the level on speed (yeah, I know SC1 lacked it, but I'm working on it), and platforming. There are also a shit ton of new shields to explore too, which will also unlock new areas.
  10. DimensionWarped


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    I personally thought it was a good way to resolve differences between the characters without being required to base large tracts of pathing on something that is really quite inconsequential like having Knuckles punch a rock so he can enter some room to glide over a long boring row of spikes. If you can just pick stuff like that up and drop it on a whim, I think you can do more with it overall.
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    I definately think that Knuckles/Tails monitors are unique in a good/helpful way. Though I do see where W.A.C. is coming from, in that it's strange that they're in monitors when the characters' being kidnapped is fairly important in the story. Maybe the powers being contained in something other than regular 'ol monitors?

    I don't know, and I'm fine with the monitors myself :)
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    I think Hez's idea is the most innovative and original to be implemented into a fangame in years. We've only seen one video demonstrating an early prototype so it may be wiser to pass judgement upon playing a demo at the very least as opposed to making assumptions on something we are yet to experience. If you choose to go ahead and produce a full release again Hez I would be there downloading and playing the game (and writing a review again as with Classic 1) day one.

    Any chance of a demo in the not too distant future?
  13. Hez


    Demo? Maybe. It might not be in time for sage, but it's a possibility. Again, I'm not sacrificing school time for this.

    As for the tails and knuckles monitors not making sense, who gives a fuck? Again, we're talking about an anthropomorphic hedgehog smashing television monitors to get golden rings. Seriously? Who are you to judge getting your friends powers from monitors is stupid.
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    Agreed 100%. Its a video game, who cares if it makes sense? Fun factor should be the only thing that matters.
  15. Flare


    Agree with the above, I like the idea of Tails and Knuckles power-ups, I mean if a giant bubble can bounce you higher, a ring of fire that can boost you forward and a shield of electric that springs you up in the air then I can't see why these can't give you the powers of these two characters.

    Though you could give Sonic, Knuckles abilities to run through some walls, open up new paths, ect.
  16. Willie


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    It's the execution of how he gets his friends powers that are so odd. Yes, the general concept of Sonic getting stuff from monitors is weird, but for how the Sonic universe tends to work, it somewhat makes sense for that franchise. Having Sonic being able to glide all because he's red makes zero sense. As for the Tails monitor, having him orange with two tails just looks stupid IMO and there are just more interesting ways he could be given a temporary flying ability.
  17. dsrb


    I think the powers are fine as they are. If you really need to rationalise it to yourself, imagine some mystical ‘essence’ of Tails or Knuckles being stored within the monitors and imbuing Sonic with either of their colour and acrobatic abilities when he breaks it and inhales the delicious fumes. Or something. Who's that bothered?
  18. DimensionWarped


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    Personally, I'm beginning to think you are just a contrarian who tries to find exception with every little thing. There's nothing stupid about it. It's not like Knuckles has any basis for being able to glide in the first place and these sprite edits look fine. Whatever awkwardness is in the look is a good thing as far as I'm concerned because a Sonic/Tails hybrid should be kind of awkward. It's a large part of the charm.

    I also think that it's a good thing they aren't received from specific monitors because it implies some kind of intrinsic difference from the normal powerups Sonic would receive and allows you to change the mechanics for how they are obtained without having to come up with some contrived way for it to work with monitors anyway. For instance, if it was just a monitor lying around, it would be broken and used and that would be the end of it. This provides a useful safety net to keep players from fucking themselves while backtracking, which is also a good thing since throwing up a bunch of one way portals is a rather tacky way to handle level design.
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    I agree with W.A.C, it looks retarded. It reminds me of some fanfiction some stupid 12 year old would come up with, it looks like some idea a preteen would incorporate in a fucking GameMaker D&D game, or some tripe made in MMF2. There's no style about it, it's generic, not in the sense that it's been done before but in the sense that every fanboy has probably thought of it. (And anyone who's watched DBZ for any length of time probably has.) I'd expect an adult who's been involved in several game-related projects to have more of a sense of style and flow, more of a respect for the content he's working with, and the god damn sense to know that putting two tails on Sonic makes the sprite look cluttered and ridiculous.

    The only reason those monitors exist is because Hez, instead of trying to make a game that could build further on Sonic's arsenal of abilities, wants to find a way to shoehorn in Tails and Knuckles without having to program them, which is kind of lazy. I don't think he's lazy because he doesn't want to go through the effort, but because all he did was shoehorn the characters' abilities in there instead of come up with his own.

    Triple Trouble is a good example of how Sonic got power-ups related to mobility, he got machines from a power-up, which was more original than just growing two tails to fly.

    While I like fan content to be somewhat faithful to the logic of that universe, I'm not arguing that it doesn't make sense, I'm arguing that it looks stupid and reminds me of some immature kid learning to use MMF or GameMaker.

    And just for your information, it isn't original either.

  20. DimensionWarped


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    Pretty fail sleuthing there. He's using Worlds (or at least was, still haven't gotten any confirmation for that in this game) and both Tails and Knuckles have been available within the engine for over a year now. Hell, he replicated some form of Tails in the other release he already made. It would really be easy to just grab all of the resources in the current versions of worlds and pop the fully functional Knuckles and Tails into the engine that way.

    Even if that weren't the case though, throwing Knuckles and Tails abilities onto Sonic instead of onto their own characters is no more trivial than throwing them onto just Knuckles and Tails in the first place. And who gives a flying rat's ass if some douchebag has thought of the idea of 'sonic fused with tails' before. That isn't what makes this interesting, it's the fact that you can pick up and discard their functionality without needing to constantly be mindful of them.