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Sonic Classic 2

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Hez, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Hez


    Basically I was sitting down playing the sonic generations demo and I thought to myself, is it worth it making a sequel to my first fan-game? I kind of quit working on all of my stuff because Sonic Generations filled that gap I was trying to fill myself. I have a lot done with Classic 2 already, considering the whole original music track by Karl Brueggemann is complete and implented, and a lot of level graphics and gemicks are done. I just don't have any motivation to do it with Generations coming out and all.

    Basically, there is the concept though. Tails and Knuckles have been captured (O NOES), and Sonic is out to save them. Along the way he can use Knuckles and Tails powers by hitting a monitor or power up post. From a design point, this makes level design a hell of a lot easier for me, only having to think of one character. Oh, there are also a crap ton of new shields too.

    (**gas.png) (Delete the ** because this forum seems to love to change fucking pointless words
    Special stage concept. SCD and blue balls combo.

    And a video to get the idea across.
    See how dem power ups work?

    The shields are refreshing too. And as always, robotnik as a boss.

    So, my main question is, is it worth finishing?
  2. TheKazeblade


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    Heck yes, it's worth finishing! I played the crap out of Classic :) Finest piece of complete fan-gaming I've had the pleasure to play. I'll play the heck out of any sequel too :)

    Initial reaction, though:

    The idea of using Tails' and Knuckles' powers like that is an awesome idea! I'm sure it'll lead to some awesome alternate paths :)

    As far as other aspects, is that frame-rate what the game will be running at in the final product? It seemed a bit choppy. I'm not sure what I feel about those sprites yet, I'm sure they'll grow on me, but I really, really liked the sprites in SC1.

    Yes, yes and yes, please finish this!
  3. MegaDash


    Pinpricks Member
    I wouldn't jump the gun myself, but I understand how you feel.

    I can see myself having a lot of fun with the powerup abilities as long as the level design allows for it. It's a interesting idea. Do as you may, but perhaps an unscheduled hiatus is in order. You may find yourself inspired to see this through sometime. Maybe Generations won't have filled the hole exactly the way you wanted it, or maybe it did and you just thought, "Well what if I did it like this?"

    And you've got Karl Brueggemann as composer? Dead on! I loved his work. Especially Sonicesque II.
  4. Sonic Warrior TJ

    Sonic Warrior TJ

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    I don't see why not, so long as you want to see this through to the end. I think it looks really cool so far, and honestly, it feels as though it belonged on the Genesis between S&K and 3D Blast, in a weird, creepy deja vu sort of way. Like if Sonic Team had made a '90s Sonic 4, and the natural progression was to cram the three main characters together.
  5. Overbound


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    That looks more fun than the Generations demo.
  6. LordOfSquad


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    Hm... I loved the first Sonic Classic, so of course a sequel is worth looking at. But I'm not a fan of the sprites you've chosen for Sonic (looks like he's wearing eyeliner), or the music. It just doesn't click with me.
  7. dsrb


    I like what I'm seeing—and hearing *looks askance at LOS*—so I'd vote yes! Not so much for my own amusement as because you've clearly got some good ideas and have done a lot of the groundwork already.

    This was basically my thought. There's potential for some good puzzlin’ and tricky gameplay (avoid being cheap, of course) built around the abilities and their time-limited nature.

    I'll have to check out those albums.

    All of that said, I never tried the revised version(s) of the first game, but part of that is due to the potential complications introduced by my use of OS X.
  8. Hez


    Frame rate issues, as always, are just because of youtube/the recorder I use.

    As for the sprites and music, they grow on you.
    for a better quality of them
  9. dsrb


    (So that Shadow Hog knows I'm an equal-opportunities critic,) I'd say the lighter blues on those sprites are perhaps a bit too bright for my liking.
    That aside, I guess it's kinda cool that the overall hue is more like that of S1 than the more navy-like shades of subsequent games (even if it does look a bit unfamiliar after exposure to the latter).
  10. Titan


    Looks pretty cool, and diggin' the music :-)
    One suggestion though...maybe Sonic should have a punch attack as well, when he gets the Knuckles power up? Or some kind of gimmick that relates to Knuckles's strength, I just feel it needs a little more than just gliding. Tails's tail whip could be implemented too, maybe...I'm just thinking out loud :P

    EDIT: Oh and also, will this still have 'lock-on' capability with the original Classic, like you mentioned before?
  11. Shadow Hog

    Shadow Hog

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    No need; I actually was about to post the same thing. Looks like he went overboard on waxing himself on a very sunny day.
  12. Felik


    I'm not really digging the music to be honest. It sounds unsonic-y to me. It would fit for some Mickey Mouse game or something.
    The rest is superb though excellent work!
  13. Sparks


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    The sprites are pretty bad, to be honest. They look pillow shaded.

    I'm not sure about the level layout either. But it's obvious this is in a very early stage, still not quite as impressive as I expected. Hopefully you'll make the level tiles more original too.
  14. ICEknight


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    Hey, that's looking very promising already. Good work!

    ...Although I can't say I'm a big fan of Sonic's sprites. Not just the shading, but he walks like an unstoppable Terminator. :v:
  15. jasonchrist


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    I absolutely loved Classic 1! And let's not beat about the bush here, Generations is not the fucking return to glorious form people think it is. Yes, it looks gorgeous but in terms of recreating the classic feel it's a shoddy effort. So YES, keep working on this. The gameplay in Classic 1 is already better than Generations, so more can only be a good thing.

    Gotta say though man, I too am not feeling the music or sprites. The Classic 1 sprites were not only great, they were perfect and dare I say better than they ever looked on the Genesis! These new ones blatantly look like lame SFGHQ/Magical Forest fanmade sprites. Gorgeous looking level though, and it looks like it plays well! I hope you're working with a more stable engine this time, because the only thing that hurt my enjoyment of the last one was all the frikkin bugs and crashes.
  16. Lapper


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    Well, personally, I think it'd be a good idea, seeing as this is Classic 2, you could, this time, use the Sonic 2 sprites, add more colours into them and more frames. I think thwt'd be kinda cool. But if you are attached to these ones, then that's fine.
  17. sonicyoda


    I've gotta say, I'm really digging the graphics. And the sprite. The gimmicks are crazy good as well. I say go for it. I'd play the shit out of it!
  18. MegaDash


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    Funny how Hez jumped the gun one way and you jumped it the opposite way. You are truly a pillar of balance, good sir.

    Aspire for that as well. A healthy engine makes for a happy experience.
  19. plushifoxed


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    Looks very good, though it'd be better with the old Classic1 Sonic sprites. Also, I find the random remixes from Classic1 to be more suitable than this music is, to be honest. But I liked Classic1 for feeling almost like what a 32x Sonic game might have looked and felt like had Chaotix been abandoned for a more normal 2D Sonic game. Kind of like how I felt about Sonic XG when I first played the demo for it in ~2007 or so. So yes, I'd say "go for it".
  20. dsrb


    Yeah, OK, maybe the level theme is a bit more syrupy than most Sonic tracks, but I like it.

    I'm confident that it'll definitely be better to have a unified collection of songs by the same composer, using the same instrumentation, etc.; rather than an assortment of awkward and involuntary bedfellows from Newgrounds and whatnot. ;)

    On the other hand, I didn't notice the Knuckles/Tails-power theme earlier; that's maybe too happy! It might work for Tails at a stretch, but Knuckles needs some tough music to break shit to.