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Sonic Chaos Infinity

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Andy Mattos, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. OMG! I am happy with so many people available and so many suggestions. Let's go little by little, because my English is very bad.

    About suggestions for Soundtrack: I recently started a partnership with a girl who is helping me with this. We are managing to maintain the sound identity of the game and still bring something authorial. The only problem is that the sound is still "more synthetic than we would like", but nothing terrible that cannot be improved. We started working on it recently.

    Your suggestion is very good! I had heard of Arachno but never tested it. But I will show it to her and we will do tests. Thank you! :thumbsup:

    About Neon Paradise: I agree with EVERYTHING you said. I am still very dissatisfied with the background and I intend to change it completely. About the foreground, this is just the basis of the stage, there are still several elements missing for both interaction and decoration that will transform it. After all, it is ironic that a phase called NEON PARADISE does not have NEON. :psyduck:

    But this is just the basis of it, so I’m okay with that for now. And the elements you mentioned, in the case of egg-capsule and conveyor, I used old sprites just to create the level design and put the phase into operation. But then I'll change the sprites to something more modern and creative. :thumbsup:

    All phases will undergo a detailed graphic review. I started this today with the South Boskage Zone. See how it looks:

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    That's a huge twist in art direction, and it looks really good; especially for it being more original art instead of a more recolour thing. It loses some of the Sonic-ness that we're used to (mainly on the loss of geometrical shapes on dirt), but it's interesting to see a change. That water especially look gorgeous.
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  3. I'm glad you liked the changes! :thumbsup:
    I am looking to maintain the essence of the classic series, including particularities that add innovation to the game.

    Today I started to create new decoration and interaction objects for the Neon Paradise Zone. My intention is to leave this zone "more playground and less casino". An easter-egg for Sega fans is a good start. :)