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Sonic Chaos Infinity

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Andy Mattos, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. Hello friends!

    I present to you the video of my fangame in development SONIC CHAOS INFINITY!

    It's a game that intends to tell an unprecedented story that takes place after Sonic 3D Blast and before Sonic Adventures. A type of link between classic Sonic and modern Sonic. Hope you like it!

    I intend to launch this fangame by the end of the year. I just need to: finish creating bosses (I created two), design three more stages, create the soundtrack and fix some bugs.

    (Forgive me if my English is a little complicated to understand, I'm trying hard to write the best I can, but I'm Brazilian and I don't speak English very often.)

    I will love to read your feedback!

  2. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Well isn't this a lovely surprise. It looks almost like a Sonic Mania 2 of sorts. Can't really say much besides I look forward to playing it!
  3. This fangame is very inspired by Sonic Mania, I'm treating it as if it were a "cousin game", adopting similar mechanics and adding other novelties! I will do my best for you to play and have a lot of fun with this fangame! ✌
  4. Ravenfreak


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    Definitely looking forward to trying this whenever a demo is released! My wife was also impressed and she's not much of a Sonic fan. xD
  5. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    You included Mighty and Ray and seemingly allow for having whoever you want as a partner, so this already looks great to me lol.
  6. lopinjop


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    Wow! This looks so good! Great work, I'm looking forward to playing.
  7. What got me excited was seeing my Giant Grounder Eggman boss being used. Along with my 2D styled 3D Blast Badnik sprites in your take on Rusty Ruins.
    If you need help on more enemy variety, I'd be happy to lend a hand with more original Badniks.
  8. Wonderful! I hope your whole family will be in love with Sonic and I can help with my fangame!

    YEAH! The mechanics still have a lot of bugs, but it works as a kind of fusion between Mania mode and Encore mode.

    Thank you! ✌

    Your sprites were amazing! They were just what I needed for my version of the Labyrinth Zone and the Rusty Ruin Zone!

    I even made a small adaptation: I added a sprite with the Grounder completely destroyed and replaced the Robotnik ship with the version of my game. I don't know if you noticed.

    And I would very much like your participation in this project! Doing everything myself is driving me crazy.

    Guys, all answers were given with the help of Google Translate. FORGIVE ME, PLEASE, hahahah
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    Please don't double/triple/deargodthere'smore post. I have merged your posts together.
  10. Sparks


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    So what's going on with the Sonic Chaos remake logo being used, as well as the Sonic 2 HD victory animation being used in the title screen?
  11. Oops, sorry!

    The sprites you mentioned won't necessarily be part of the final game, but I'll explain: This work, like all Sonic fangame, is not 100% authorial (without financial interest, focusing only on bringing new games for us fans to play). I'm creating some sprites, editing others and looking for others that are completely ready to use. But everyone responsible will be credited in the game, for sure. If the author doesn't agree too, you can look for me. There is no problem talking. But this is not a dispute.
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  12. Hez


    Its got potential. I dig it.
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  13. Yeah! Thank you.
  14. Some updates:

    • Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty and Ray are perfectly playable and with their respective skills. In particular: Ray's ability to glide has changed to make the commands more intuitive and it will now be possible to change direction too.

    • All characters can use insta-shield and shield effects! However, they will not reflect projectiles, to increase the difficulty.

    • Four bosses are made. There are still some bugs to be corrected and improvements to be made, but these are just details.

    • Fully functional joystick support with access to its configuration in the options menu.

    What do I still need to do?

    • Soundtrack. In the video there is only an improvisation, I still need to compose, edit and mix the new songs.
    • Construction of three more phases.
    • Level design of all second acts.
    • Development of the bonus stage.
    • Development of four other bosses.
    • Development of cutscenes.
    • Improved menu design and HUD.
    • Correction of the scoring system.

  15. Hello guys!

    I have news. Look the new video of the gameplay for Neon Paradise Zone, from the 1.0 Beta!

  16. rata


    Trying to be useful somehow.
    Sounds pleasant.

    For S2 boss theme, did you use a MIDI and soundfont conversion of it was scratch made with more advanced music software?
  17. Well, actually, I used a remix used on YouTube even provisionally. But the quality of the soundtrack will not be much different. The compositions are being made in Midi through FL Studio and I'm working with two partners to find an ideal Soundfont that sounds more organic but maintains the essence of the games, just like in Sonic Mania. Soundtrack is an essential factor of the game.
  18. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    Given the game's name, I expected the soundtrack to be composed but Luca Turilli. :V

    Just kidding, but, now I think about it, I need to play "Sonic Rhapsody". Sega plz?
  19. rata


    Trying to be useful somehow.
    that's quite hard to be honest, there aren't many soundfonts to synthetic sounds like what Sonic uses. They are more focused on orchestal and traditional instruments. But so far the most versatile I found is arachno, especially on percussion. This is straight from VGM2MID and correctly assigning percussion on choruim, not a single note added on them:

    And this is with arachno:

    But for synths, I haven't found much. Also doesn't help that MIDIs doesn't have much choice for pure synths.
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  20. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    This looks good! I'm definitely giving it a go when it comes out. Idk if you're taking notes but I had a few thoughts

    The foreground pattern could use a bit of extra flair, like how Casino Night had the Sonic & Tails and Star & Moon panels for that extra touch

    It looks a bit odd using mostly Sonic Mania sprites but then a Sonic 2 style Egg Capsule, that and the conveyor belt looks a bit more scrap brain than carnival. Maybe use Casino Night's conveyor belts?

    If you wanted to go the extra mile if you could figure out how to animate the lights in the background that'd be neat.

    That's all really. This is looking like a good time though, great stuff. I like how all the characters can use the shields too. It may make Sonic kinda useless but I like Mighty more anyway :specialed: