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Sonic CD Restored 30th Anniversary Edition

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by PimpUigi, Apr 4, 2021.

  1. I feel like an ass for my previous post. People aren't 2D cut outs and it's easy to forget that on the internet. Whatever your original intentions behind the music was I'm sure it wasn't done in malice. I was out of line.
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    Yeah, it's too easy to forget that there are real people on the other side of the screen and that there is much more nuance than meets the eye at a glance. I apologize again for how utterly rude I was in my initial post in this thread. Thank you for addressing this feedback/criticism in a civil and rational manner despite how negative in tone I and others have been. I look forward to the next update! :)
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  3. PimpUigi


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    The new version is out as of Memorial Day. Next version will be after Origins Plus since that will likely give me all sorts of things to think about and reflect on.
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    Added Knuckles in the last version for people who can pass a DLC check by doing a manual build of Restored.exe
    Knuckles has his jump height, physics, cancels and all relevant properties restored from S3&K.

    Randomizer was added for SHC, Crowd Control has been running wild for streamers and Discord buddies.
    And I'm really proud of the new round of restorations, such as the MM3 Lightning Bugs palette fade. The background actually goes dark again.
    Spintop and Spin Platform physics were restored, and the CC3 boss should finally be as easy to beat as it was in CD93. (it was never easy there either) because not only do the flippers have their power restored (thanks to Devon/Ralakimus) but also the Flipper Hitboxes were corrected, so instead of having to thread a needle with only 41 pixels of width, you now have to thread a needle with 63 pixels of width!
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    Gorgeous, I'm really excited to get this going on my Steam Deck this weekend
  6. Just curious, if I were to buy Origins Plus and decompile it so that I can use it and add Knuckles to the game on this, would my existing save files still work, or would I need to start over again?
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    Your Origins save file wouldn't work.
    Also, you're really only required to own some form of Sonic CD (via copying over your Data.RSDK file).
    Building the Decomp offline to pass the DLC checks is really just using an honor system since it has no way to actually check if you bought the Origins DLC.
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    Christmas update!

    -Added Knuckles to Randomizer (Thanks to MainMemory)
    -Added Knuckles and Mini Knuckles to Crowd Control (Thanks to CodenameGamma and Epoli)
    -Added spawnable Bumper, Bobomb, and Ant On to Crowd Control (Thanks to CodenameGamma)
    -Restored Sega CD Crush Death animation
    -Restored Sega CD WWZ tile indicators for the Electric Web; Dot is Pink & Rectangle is Blue when the Electric Web is disabled. They turn Green when the Electric Web timer enables, the Dot flashes when the Horizontal Web activates, the Rectangle flashes when the Vertical Web activates, and neither flash when the Diagonal Web acticvates (Thanks to NopeMeet and Epoli)
    -Restored Sega CD WWZ Future palette cycles
    -Restored Sega CD WW2 Launcher speed cap (grants access to two alt routes)
    -Restored Sega CD SS3 Robotnik acceleration speed
    -Restored Sega CD MMZ Bobomb hitbox
    -Restored Sega CD MMZ Spike Puzzle skip
    -Restored Sega CD MM2 MiniSonic% route (Thanks to CubbyCat for discovering this new route in CD93)
    -Restored Sega CD MM3 Wing Blade Vertical Drop position for the final Vertical Wing Blade attack (Watch out!!)
    -Converted Amy's Double Jump strength to the nearest Hex value to make it more accurate to how the Sega CD would have handled it, resulting in a 7 pixel jump height buff
    -Knuckles' Glide properly bounces off FlowerPods when he blows them up
    -Fixed an Origins bug that caused Knuckles to bounce to the right when landing on a Spring in a Glide State (Thanks to NopeMeet)
    -Fixed an Origins bug that prevented Time Warps from saving and loading Stage States
    -Fixed a CD11 bug that prevented Time Warps from loading all the Flowers you've planted
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    Sonic CD Restored 5.0 R2
    3rd Birthday Update

    -Removed wait times when pressing Start to skip FMVs using Restored.exe and Legacy.exe
    -Added all playable characters to Time Attack with their own records (Thanks to Epoli)
    -Sound Test replaced in the Extras Menu with a new Unlockable: Sound Test Codes
    -Added a secret Reset Unlockables function to the About Menu - pressing A+Start in the About Menu will reset your achievements, unlocked characters, and the Drop Dash unlock (will not affect the Extras Menu or Time Zone Select) - this will allow for players to run the 100% Category on the Leaderboards without having to delete their Sdata.bin file
    -Restored Sega CD BIOS screen (Thanks to Epoli)
    -Restored Sega CD GlassBreak SFX
    -Restored Sega CD CCZ ScoreChute hitbox
    -Restored Sega CD WW1 Past speedrun route (Thanks LennyGG for verifying!)
    -Restored Sega CD WW3 jump velocity when jumping off of the BossPlatform blocks as they're rising
    -Restored Sega CD MMZ rusty chain sprite for the broken Bee badnik (Thanks to AmeBleu)
    -Restored Pause Menu unpause visual effects while retaining Pause Buffer responsiveness
    -Restored game Exits returning to the Title Screen instead of Logo or Menu screens (this will both save players wait time, and give proper opportunity to utilize the restored Title Screen codes)
    -Replaced Dev Menu with Reset function in the Pause Menu
    -Complete saves will now remember which levels the player has already destroyed Transporters and Holograms in
    -Fixed a CD11 bug that caused the music to fade out twice as fast when exiting CC2 via the top SignPost
    -Fixed a CD11 bug that would let Sonic pass through walls in the TT2 WaterStreams (still possible in some places if you really force it, but at least it will stop eating speedrunners by accident)
    -Fixed a CD11 bug that caused Dr. Robotnik to disappear if you outrun his Egg Peel Out in WW3
    -Fixed a CD11 bug in MM2 where the Spike Puzzle started too high in the Alt. Timezones
    -Added an OST option to play TTZ Present US for Act 1 and TTZ Present JP for Act 2
    -Added an OST option to use WWZ G US for WWZ Present and vice versa
    -Added an OST option to use CD-R's boss music for the Final Boss
    -Adjusted OST option labels to specify between CD11 and CD93 options instead of using CD-R label where appropriate
    -Adjusted SaveRAM values to fix bugs with all the new Save features
    -Crowd Control Mini Sonic/Tails/Amy/etc. will no longer zip in most instances (still some zips I can't fix)
    -Crowd Control Bigbom will now properly fall before lighting its fuse
    -Removed Flight Control
    -Ultimate Tails add-on mod available in the optional downloads includes Flight Control and the Tails Peel Out creating the most powerful unfused character in the entire Classic Sonic series
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