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Sonic CD Restored 30th Anniversary Edition

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by PimpUigi, Apr 4, 2021.

  1. PimpUigi


    ------- Route Magician ------- Sonic CD Technician Member
    Version 5.0
    Winner of two SHC Community Trophies:
    Crowd Control and Randomizer were both added in the build up to SHC, though they don't work with Knuckles yet.
    Knuckles has been fully implemented in Version 5.0 after an open beta event I called Retro '93 that started on November 23rd 2023.
    Sonic CD Restored is a mod that restores lost Sega CD features and glitchless speedrun routes back to the game and polishes the video/audio/gameplay by restoring fidelity, fixing bugs, and providing small quality of life improvements.

    In effect, this combines the best gameplay from CD93, the best gameplay from CD11, the best gameplay from Origins and the ability to cherry pick between JP and US tracks for the player to make their own unified experience for the ultimate rush of high level speedplay in the best Sonic game of all time.

    Full Changelist:
    ==New Modes==
    -Crowd Control (Thanks to CodenameGamma)
    -Randomizer (Thanks to MainMemory)
    -Psycho-Egg: Hard Mode

    ==Sega CD Titlescreen Code Restorations==
    -Stage Select: Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, B
    -Sound Test: Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, A
    -Dev Time Attack Records: Right, Right, Up, Up, Down, C

    -Amy unlocks as a fully playable character when you unlock Tails - Complete with her own moveset (that has now gone on to inspire Sonic Superstars' move set)
    -Collecting all the Time Stones unlocks Time Zone Select (Thanks to MegAmi and CheatFreak)
    -Clearing the Special Stages with a total time under 4 minutes unlocks Special Stage Rush in the Extras Menu (Idea by Lee126)
    -Finishing a full game run in under 15 minutes with Sonic will now unlock the Drop Dash in the Game Settings Menu (Fully integrated with CD's Camera, Ensured the Drop Dash functioned in parity with Sonic Mania - Mania Dustpuff and brighter Drop Dash sprites included for savy modders) Thank you to Peter4432 for adding it to the Game Settings Menu.
    -Building your own copy of Restored.exe at will unlock Knuckles, completely restored to his Sonic 3 & Knuckles physics and properties.

    ==Decomp Enhancements==
    -New Leaderboards functionality
    -Restored the Sega CD version's ability to outrun the Extended Camera
    -F1 function key now loads Stage Select
    -F7 function key now loads Stage Select with Debug Mode enabled
    -F5 no longer forces you to resume from a Lamp Post
    -F1/F2/F3/F5 now executes the PauseSound command before executing the Stagemode_Load command
    -426 max width for gameplay normalization across platforms
    -Only the Start button skips FMVs
    -Legacy.exe updated for gameplay parity and now included in the main download as an option for low end PC's (must extract and remove RSDK file)

    ==Video Enhancements==
    -Restored lost visual fidelity via remastered Sonic Origins FMVs (in 720p)
    -Restored correct timing to Ending FMVs (Thanks to Century)
    -Restored removed Try Again text to the Bad Ending
    -Restored extended Good Ending that will play at the end of the Good Ending FMV if the player does not skip it
    -Restored music from FLAC files, synced and tested for JP and US intro (and endings)
    -Restored Original Mega-CD ending credits font
    -Restored Lyrics in the JP Opening and Good Ending only (You have to earn those Ending lyrics! …but more to the point, this gives us more content in game for the player to experience. Bad Ending = cool guitar riffs, Good Ending = uplifting lyrics)
    -Volume normalized so the endings won’t explode your speakers anymore *This change has now been integrated into the main branch of the Decomp, yay!*
    -Optional separate download added for the original Sega CD FMV's

    ==Audio Enhancements==
    -Restored 16-bit SFX quality to all SFX files
    -Restored Original US Stardust Speedway Good Future Boss Music when using US OST option
    -Restored Original SFX functionality to the Charge/Release SFX; Release SFX stops the Charge SFX when doing your Super Peel Out/Spindash. (Thanks to CheatFreak)
    -Restored Sega Genesis Sonic Roll SFX
    -Restored Sega Genesis Sonic Jump SFX
    -Restored Sega Genesis Sonic Charge SFX
    -Restored Sega Genesis Sonic Release SFX
    -Restored Sega Genesis Sonic Skidding SFX
    -Restored Sega Genesis Underwater Ping SFX
    -Restored Sega CD ScoreAdd SFX
    -Restored SFX for numbers 5 and 4 in the 5-4-3-2-1 drowning counter
    -Restored SFX to TubeSwitches (Tunnels) that lacked them
    -Restored Spike death SFX
    -Restored Original Music to the See You Next Game sound test secret
    -Restored Original timing of the US Special Stage music track (matches the timing of the TitleCard animation in the Sega CD special stages like it used to)
    -Restored CD Quality Past Tracks
    -Restored CD Quality Beta Loops
    -Restored Fidelity to all OST tracks (500kbps Ogg files remastered from FLAC files)
    -Custom OST menu (Defaults still set to the original Hybrid OST mod from 2009 since Restored is built on top of that)
    -Tails’ flight SFX stop after entering a Special Ring
    -Level Select Screen now has its own music
    -Custom OST can be unlocked via completing the game in less than 15 minutes (so all mod options can be unlocked in one solid All Time Stones run)
    -Alternatively, just beating the game with Amy will unlock the Custom OST options

    ==Gameplay Enhancements==
    -New bonus screen for players who are able to complete the game under 15 minutes
    -Restored Sega CD Title Screen
    -Restored Copyright to the Title Screen
    -Restored Sega CD Extended Camera
    -Restored ability to outrun the Extended Camera *Standalone Only* (Thanks to Leonx254)
    -Restored Scroll Delay to the Extended Camera *Standalone Only*
    -Restored Sega CD usage of the C button to navigate menus (Thanks to Epoli)
    -Restored Sega CD functionality that prevents a player from jumping when attempting to charge a Super Peel Out or Spindash on the first available frame after the TitleCard sequence
    -Restored Sega CD Sonic character select icon
    -Restored Sega CD Sega logo and jingle
    -Restored Sega CD Sega logo animation (thanks to LeonX254)
    -Restored Sega CD Titlescreen music timing
    -Restored Sega CD Level Select code, entered at the title screen (thanks to LeonX254)
    -Restored Sega CD Sound Test code, entered at the title screen
    -Restored Sega CD Dev Time Attack Records code, entered at the title screen (Thanks to UminekoSean: Right Right, Up Up, Down, C)
    -Restored Sega CD Super Peel Out physics (takes 30 frames to charge, charges to the closest factor of speed above 786432; verified to match CD93's behavior)
    -Restored behavior to a specific Falling Block in WW1 and Moving Spring in MM1 that had changed due to the increased Screen Width; 400 --> 426 (Thanks to InceptionKitten)
    -Restored Leaderboards button to the main menu; now takes you to's CD-R leaderboard (Windows only)
    -Restored Sega CD Speed Shoes speed to the Super Peel Out (very fast); not fast enough to beat any speedrun records though
    -Restored Sega CD handling of Time Warp timer while in the air (Thanks to Ralakimus)
    -Restored Sega CD jump physics (Thanks to Ralakimus)
    -Restored Sega CD diagonal Red Spring functionality
    -Restored Sega CD rolling into Horizontal Springs to get extra speed (Thanks to NopeMeet)
    -Restored Sega CD Time Warp Stage Timer function (resets to 5:00.00 upon Time Warp)
    -Restored Sega CD Time Warp loss timer.
    -Restored Sega CD Warp Star Invincibility (can run on spikes and through stage obstacles)
    -Restored Sega CD PCM02 "Yeah!" and PCM05 "All right!" sound files, which will now play at very specific times for Sonic. You can hear them in the Sound Test.
    -Restored Sega CD floating platform Oscillation function; removes RNG from all Floating Platforms in Palmtree Panic and Wacky Workbench
    -Restored Sega CD hitbox for the Robot Transporter
    -Restored Sega CD Time Stone sprites
    -Restored Sega CD Shield palette (Thanks to LouPlayer)
    -Restored Sega CD scenery pieces to the Logs in PPZ (Thanks to LouPlayer)
    -Restored Sega CD background positions for CCZ (Thanks to LouPlayer)
    -Restored Sega CD palette cycles to almost every Zone (Thanks to LouPlayer)
    -Restored Sega CD Metal Sonic Hologram sprites - Raised Hologram sprites so they're not sitting 1 pixel in the ground, or cropped (yes even the Flicky)
    -Restored dozens of Sega CD graphical differences to sprites, cameras, visual effects, palettes and graphics across all Zones (Yes, including the cropped Flicky sprite) - thanks to many people but especially *especially* Epoli; CC3 camera fixes thanks to Leonx254)
    -Restored Sega CD behavior to Badnik Break SmokePuff and Flower; Flower and SmokePuff will now appear based on the direction the badnik was pointing (Thanks to Ralakimus for pointing out this difference)
    -Restored Sega CD ability to land on Objects to keep your Score Combo alive (Thanks to LeonX254, LittlePlanetCD, and Epoli) once again you may relive The Floor Is Lava in Sonic CD
    -Restored Sega CD 16 hit badnik combo = 10,000 point bonus (Thanks to Epoli)
    -Restored Sega CD Outta Here camera
    -Restored Sega CD 3D Super Peel Out animations
    -Restored Sega CD PPZ SpinTop physics
    -Restored Sega CD PP1 secret launch chute accessible via doing the 3D Ramp Jump
    -Restored Sega CD PP1 3D Ramp Jump
    -Restored Sega CD PP1 ability to jump over the 2nd 3D Ramp
    -Restored Sega CD PP1 mini 3D Ramp launch-arc so Player will soar past the Red Spring if they still have Speed Shoes
    -Restored Sega CD PP1 Past non-falling platform under the midair group of 10 rings (Thanks to Harper Marie Rose)
    -Restored four Rings from the 510 Beta of PP1 to motivate players towards finding the hidden spring used to get them (Thanks to Sonic De Glitcher)
    -Restored Sega CD PP3 Boss' lack of invincibility frames
    -Restored Sega CD PP3 Boss arm sprites, specifically when Robotnik is preparing to charge against you
    -Restored Sega CD CCZ Flipper power using CD93 scripts (Thanks to Ralakimus)
    -Restored Sega CD CCZ bumper hitboxes (the circular white and red bumpers)
    -Restored Sega CD CCZ Glass Bumper hitboxes (to normalize the CC3 boss fight)
    -Restored Sega CD CC1 Present TileBumper physics using CD93 scripts (Thanks to Ralakimus)
    -Restored Sega CD CC1 speedrun route
    -Restored Sega CD CC1 Past speedrun route
    -Restored Sega CD CC1 ramp behavior (Thanks to Epoli)
    -Restored Sega CD CC2 speedrun route (you can Super Peel Out jump over the beginning)
    -Restored Sega CD CC2 All Good Futures route
    -Restored Sega CD CC3 ability to jump over the stage with a Super Peel Out jump
    -Restored Sega CD CC3 Boss Recovery Barrier behavior (it was invisible)
    -Restored Sega CD CC3 Flipper hitboxes increasing the width between two flippers from 41 pixels to 63 pixels (huge help when on the bottom tier of the Spinball boss and trying to thread the needle up to the next tier!)
    -Restored Sega CD TT1 Dragonfly bounce height so you can bounce onto the roof
    -Restored Sega CD TT1 original ceiling collision so Sonic will fall through the ceiling as originally intended
    -Restored Sega CD TT1 Future ability to spindash jump through the invincibility Monitor
    -Restored Sega CD TT1 water lowering speed
    -Restored Sega CD TT2 Time Attack speedrun route; Sonic can once again thread the needle at the Lamp Post underwater
    -Restored Sega CD TT2 water projectile behavior
    -Restored Sega CD TT2 Past speedrun route
    -Restored Sega CD TT3 Barrier position
    -Restored Sega CD TTZ Boss movement speed after hitting him the first four times (restores the CD93 speedrun route)
    -Restored Sega CD QQZ crystals to the foreground!!! (Thanks to Epoli - and this was the hardest single restoration in the entire mod!)
    -Restored Sega CD QQZ CBSwitch behavior
    -Restored Sega CD QQZ TunnelPath trap hitboxes
    -Restored Sega CD QQZ Drop Rock behavior, you can once again jump and touch them when they haven't started to fall without taking damage, allowing you to jump over the switch after the conveyor belt in QQ2. However only the left few pixels are truly safe as it starts to fall right after it detects Sonic passes under them, so it's a little RNG.
    -Restored Sega CD QQ1 ability to roll into the first red spring for a fast ramp launch
    -Restored Sega CD QQ1 Super Peel Out+Speed Shoes speedrun trick (you still have to air brake like in CD93, but now the springs move in the correct direction once you thread the needle)
    -Restored Sega CD QQ1 AGF Speedrun Route
    -Restored Sega CD QQ1 Future ceiling roll trick when you bounce on the first vertical red spring (not used in speedruns, but is fast and fun)
    -Restored Sega CD QQ2 Present speedrun route (even though it's faster to time warp to the Past or Future)
    -Restored Sega CD QQ2 Future speedrun route (even though it's faster to time warp back to the Present)
    -Restored Sega CD QQ2 collision to platform section after going through the final tubeswitch. (all timezones) Player will now correctly land in a standing position if holding neutral, or running to the right if holding right.
    -Restored Sega CD QQ3 conveyor-belt SFX to Quartz Quadrant 3 boss
    -Restored Sega CD QQ3 boss bomb behavior (nothing to do with speedruns)
    -Restored Sega CD WWZ Launcher functionality
    -Restored Sega CD WWZ ability to jump while riding the Launcher
    -Restored Sega CD WWZ ability to walk up to the Launcher without activating it (running, rolling, or jumping will still trigger the Launcher from the left side)
    -Restored Sega CD WWZ HSpin and VSpin platform jump physics (world of positive difference for casuals)
    -Restored Sega CD WW1 Moving Blocks patterns
    -Restored Sega CD WW1 Past TunnelTrapDoor behavior
    -Restored Sega CD WW1 Past Speedrun Route (though that route is so tricky, not even I know if it actually works or not! )
    -Restored Sega CD WW2 Speedrun Route (even though it’s faster to time warp to the Past)
    -Restored Sega CD WW2 floor bounce when at the rightmost edge of the workbench
    -Restored Sega CD WW3 Boss behavior (you can now hit him multiple times)
    -Restored Sega CD WW3 Egg Dance speed
    -Restored Sega CD SSZ Spring Cage movement behavior (Hold Right = High and Slow / Hold Neutral = Fast and Low)
    -Restored Sega CD SS1 Spike Ball hitbox
    -Restored Sega CD SS1 Speedrun Route
    -Restored Sega CD SS1 AGF Speedrun Route
    -Restored Sega CD SS1 Future Speedrun Routes
    -Restored Sega CD SS1 collision to the path switching roads
    -Restored Sega CD SS2 AGF speedrun route (even though it's faster to time warp back to the Present)
    -Restored Sega CD SS2 TubeSwitch behavior; holding Up will now send you up the Tube along the speedrun route like in CD93
    -Restored Sega CD SS2 Past spring's ability to shoot you to the yellow spring platform that takes you to the invincibility monitor
    -Restored Sega CD SS3 ability to spindash-jump through the Speed Shoes box
    -Restored Sega CD hitboxes and layering for the Metallic Madness MechaBug buzzsaw.
    -Restored Sega CD MM1 Scarab sprite that went unused in CD11 (Thanks to Epoli)
    -Restored Sega CD MM1 Wheelie Spring position
    -Restored Sega CD MM1 jump height for getting onto the top route after getting the speed shoes
    -Restored Sega CD MM1 Blade Pole position for the safe strat
    -Restored Sega CD MM2 AGF time warp trick (jump out of the springs on your 8th bounce, bonk the wall and then fall out of the wall you appear in, onto the PushButton in the Past to open the TubeSwitch)
    -Restored Sega CD MM3 bumper hitboxes
    -Restored Sega CD MM3 ramp jump (Thanks to InceptionKitten)
    -Restored Sega CD MM3 Lightning Bugs hurtbox appearing 1 frame before its hitbox
    -Restored Sega CD MM3 One Way Door position; this lets Sonic stand in a spot that manipulates the Light Bulb Badniks into an intersecting pattern so Sonic can kill both of them at once (see MM3 screenshot)
    -Restored Sega CD MM3 piston hitbox so you have exactly 1 pixel of space to land to its left instead of falling to your death over and over ;p (this doesn't help with speedrunning, it just helps casual players)
    -Restored Sega CD MM3 cinematic background palette cycle effects (Thanks to Makasina555)
    -Restored Sega CD Psycho-Egg sparks when performing the final hit on the boss (Thanks to NopeMeet)
    -Restored Sega CD Special Stage Titlecard spacing
    -Restored Sega CD Special Stage ability to recover 66% faster after taking damage while under the effects of Speed Shoes
    -Restored Sega CD Special Stage UFO hitboxes
    -Restored Sega CD Special Stage turn angle
    -Restored Sega CD Special Stage Timer functionality that stops the Timer the same frame as the last UFO is destroyed, instead of when Sonic lands
    -Restored Sega CD Special Stage UFO ring bonus multiplier so you can get 300 rings by destroying four pink UFOs in a row. This always grants an extra life in the Special Stage score screen.
    -Restored Sega CD Special Stage 8 secret credits screen (Thanks to UminekoSean)
    -Restored Sega CD 7th digit to score counter (Thanks to Epoli)
    -Restored Sega CD extra frame of animation to Sonic's skid animation (Thanks to Epoli)
    -Restored Sega CD shorter hitbox height to standing/running hitboxes for Sonic and Amy
    -Restored Sega CD ability to continue the Push Animation if the object you were pushing moves out of the way
    -Restored Sega Genesis shorter height to crouching hitbox for all three characters
    -Restored Original Sonic 3 & Knuckles properties to all of Knuckles' abilities and movement (Shoutout to LeonX254 who had also done this in his own mod! Thanks to Epoli for doing *at least* half of the work on the importing.)
    -Restored Original S&K Knuckles Jump Height (Thanks to LittlePlanetCD)
    -Restored copyright text to the titlescreen
    -Restored Titlescreen colors, uncompressed assets and arm position (Thanks to LouPlayer)
    -Restored 3D ramp booster sprite, Dragonfly sprites, and corrected Tails HUD Lives counter (Thanks to Louplayer)
    -Restored unused extended Special Stage backgrounds (Thanks to Epoli)
    -Restored Sonic's vertical movement to his slow jog (Touched up by SoN1c2001)
    -Restored Metal Sonic’s Red Eyes
    -Restored NPC Amy's shoe color from the instruction manual drawings/cutscenes - similar to the Sega CD where her shoe laces are the color of her skirt in her Sega CD cutscenes, I left her shoe laces white as this matches the dev style of the time
    -Restored a Sonic 1 esque vertical movement to NPC Amy's walk cycle in MM3 (otherwise she just has a 2 frame walk animation where the frame heights were correct)
    -Restored prototype diagonal spring bounce sprite for Sonic instead of using the one from Sonic 2 (Thanks to LouPlayer and SoN1c2001)
    -Restored VFX of Lost Rings fading away (Thanks to RDC)
    -Restored TT1's background effects and transition (Thanks to LeonX254)
    -Restored Original CD11 pause buffer delay (0.02 seconds instead of 0.3 seconds)
    -Restored Original Sonic CD Time Warp SFX
    -Restored Time Warp music fadeout
    -Restored fade-in and fade-out effect to the Time Warp flash (now 7 frames instead of CD11's 30 frames)
    -Restored Special Fade and Warp Fade palette
    -Restpred Metal Sonic Jet SFX loop (Thanks to NopeMeet)
    -Restored Monitors being placed in front of Springs in CC3, TT2, QQ1, QQ2, WW2, SS2, and MM2 while retaining the correct Spring hitboxes, unlike the mobile port.
    -Restored DA Garden nightime and dusk palettes (Thanks to NopeMeet)
    -Restored DA Garden B Button functionality
    -Restored Tails' Sonic 3 tails positions to his Running sprites and Super Peel Out sprites so now they actually rotate in a full 360 degrees
    -Restored Tails' Sonic 3 look of determination to his Swimming sprites
    -Restored missing transparency to Tails' sprites (Thanks to LouPlayer)
    -Restored Sonic 1's more dynamic explosion sprites (Thanks to LouPlayer)
    -Restored Sonic 1's missing Invincibility star frame order and missing details (Thanks to LouPlayer)
    -Restored background animation effects to TT1 Future (Thanks to LouPlayer and Epoli)
    -Restored various differences to the Metal Sonic Holograms per Zone (Thanks to LouPlayer and Epoli)
    -Restored various sprite differences and visual effects to CCZ boss, QQZ boss, WW3 boss, SSZ boss and MMZ boss. (Thanks to LouPlayer and Epoli)
    -Restored various aspects to the Special Stage items, including UFOs, splashes, flipped Time glphy, and the Time Stones (Thanks to LouPlayer)
    -Fixed a CD11 bug that prevented badnik bounce combos from multiplying properly, thus artificially keeping a players score lower than it should have been (Thanks to Epoli)
    -Fixed a CD11 bug that prevented a badnik combo from continuing if you roll into an enemy and then jump into another
    -Fixed a CD11 bug that degraded your bounce height with every badnik bounce instead of increasing it
    -Fixed a CD11 bug in Debug Mode that would cause the camera to jerk the first time performing a Super Peel Out after transforming into a ring
    -Fixed a CD11 bug that caused players to get a crush death against the ceiling while Objects were lowering instead of raising
    -Fixed a CD11 bug that caused players to get a crush death against the floor while Wacky Workbench Moving Blocks were raising instead of lowering
    -Fixed a CD11 bug that caused players to get a crush death against the floor while Tidal Tempest Crushers were raising instead of lowering
    -Fixed a CD11 bug that caused the player to lose their invincibility powerup if they got hit at the same time they broke open an invincibility monitor
    -Fixed a CD11 bug where you could balance on the leftmost pixel of a vertical spring instead of it launching you
    -Fixed a CD11 bug that caused 3D sprites in PP1 to partially be in the background when they were supposed to be in the foreground (Thanks to Epoli)
    -Fixed a CD11 bug that caused a player to do extra frames of skid animations after getting hurt or flying, thus preventing the player from performing a spindash, or turning them around without their input, or just plain slowing them down.
    -Fixed a CD11 bug in SS2 that caused Tails to die if he was running off the screen too fast and for too long
    -Fixed a CD11 bug that would cause Sonic to skid again after a roll if he instantly rolled during a skid state
    -Fixed a CD11 bug that caused pop in on Special Stage 5's red bards in the background (Thanks to Ralakimus)
    -Fixed a CD11 bug that caused the Volcano BG animation to freeze upon doing a level restart (Thanks to Epoli)
    -Fixed an Origins bug that caused Knuckles to always Spindash to the right if he Time Warped in the Spindash animation
    -Fixed an Origns Knuckles bug that granted him Sonic's jump height when exiting the Water
    -Fixed a few Origins Knuckles animation bugs
    -Fixed about 3 dozen CD11 collision bugs (including PP2 Rock Jump; get Rock Bottomed no more)
    -Disabled Extended Camera in Stardust Speedway 3 to sidestep a CD11 camera bug involving Robotnik when he gets close to the player
    -Pressing B at the Menu scree takes you back to the Sega screen (Thanks to UminekoSean)
    -Special Stages now have an in-game timer added to them
    -ANI_DROPPING now plays whenever Sonic or Tails are falling while not in a jump animation (Credit to SoN1c2001)
    -Time Travel Overhaul with Enhancements (Thanks to TheStoneBanana)
    -Horizontal Springs will now trigger TTO's Warp Stars
    -TTO Time Warp cutscene effect durations reworked (18 frames shorter than CD-R 2.0 / 2 frames shorter than the original TTO release, not counting fade in to the new Zone)
    -Fixed TTO bug that caused Player to run the wrong way after time warping if running on a ceiling
    -Fixed TTO bug that caused Sonic to involuntarily jump, or hang in the air when Time Warping while on an object (like the SpinningTop or a SpringCage)
    -Fixed TTO bug that caused you to always full jump underwater
    -Fixed TTO bug where you couldn't touch other timewarp signs after initiating a warp
    -Fixed TTO bug that caused Player to become visible during a successful time warp before the Time Zone changed if they broke open an Invincibility Monitor at the same time they warped
    -Fixed a TTO bug that would cause the Stage Timer to keep running if you touched the Sign Post after warping but before completing your Time Warp and then finished the stage in the new Time Zone
    -Fixed multiple TTO bugs resulting in VFX or SFX inconsistencies (like seeing Invincibility Stars after Sonic has time warped, or ghost splashes in water)
    -Warp Star VFX updated to use original colored stars instead of yellow
    -Time Warp now retains Shield/Speed Shoes/Invincibility in All Zones (in Time Travel Overhaul this only worked on Palmtree Panic)
    -Time Warp will now freeze the Stage Timer while Player Control is frozen (allowing us to still achieve the same Time Attack times in levels as old time travel)
    -Warp.Timer count lowered from 132 to 131 to retain all current Time Warp speedrun routes (eg. Metallic Madness 1 Good Future route, which is now 2 spring bounces instead of 3 - must shift to the right instead of either direction, but you wind up where you would have if you shifted left, which is faster)
    -Fixed TT1 floor collision issues that prevented TTO from time warping properly between the two springs in TT1 Present.
    -Added new Zone palette cycles to QQZ Bad Future and SSZ Good Future (Thanks to LouPlayer)
    -Adjusted the boss background in MM3 to match the positioning of CD93 during the boss fight (Thanks to NopeMeet)
    -Pausing now stops Time Warp SFX
    -Time Zone Select Menu (Thanks to CheatFreak), requires the 7 Time Stones to work
    -Time Zone Select can now be unlocked by completing Metallic Madness 3 in a save slot with All Time Stones previously collected when loading a CD11 Steam Save file
    -Time Zone Select Lock sprite indicates you haven't collected the Time Stones yet (Thanks to Peter4432)
    -Disabled Goal Sign Boundaries (touching Goal Sign still lets you get rid of Past/Future sign)
    -Dev Menu Enabled
    -Dev Menu now respects OST selection
    -Removed speedcap from CD Spindash mode
    -Restarting a stage no longer costs a life (so you can practice speedrunning Future / Past stages easier)
    -Finishing the game changes your save slot to a “Completed” save slot (Thanks to MegAmi)
    -Ability to Restart Time Attack and Special Stages (Thanks to MegAmi)
    -‘No Save’ Save Slot (Thanks to LeonX254)
    -Enhanced Level Select (Thanks to LeonX524)
    -Changed all instances of “Zone” to “Act” (Thanks to Colou)
    -Changed "Special Zone" to "Special Stage"
    -Adjusted sprite position of “Got Through Act #” to center “Act” evenly
    -Added a fourth white line to the Titlecard graphic, no more “Wait, Act 3 already?!”
    -Replaced the white lines in the Titelcard graphic with "Zone" glyph
    -Added Sonic and Metal Sonic to the Soundtrack menu (Thanks to Epoli)
    -Added missing parallax layers to Palmtree Panic 1's background water since it's raised up higher than in CD93 (Thanks to Epoli)
    -Corrected CC1 background issues when screen width > 400
    -Fixed Stardust Speedway 3 Camera bugs when using CD-Spindash (Bug also affected Restored Sega CD Camera)
    -Stardust Speedway boss now awards 1000 points when Metal Sonic crashes instead of when Dr. Robotnik zooms away
    -Fixed Wacky Workbench 3 Good Future’s missing floorbounce SFX (Update: now fixed for all Sonic CD mods)
    -Full Decomp Menus now included in Sonic CD Restored (Thanks to MegAmi)
    -Fixed Decomp title screen graphic error (Thanks to LeonX254)
    -Fixed Milliseconds Stage Timer bug in Standalone only (Update: fix has been migrated to Decomp 1.3.0)
    -Fixed Decomp Credits scrolling 1/5th faster than normal
    -Fixed Decomp Titlescard Spacing when ScreenWidth=426 (Thanks to Asistacular)
    -Replaced Blit logo with REMS logo
    -Transparency effects restored to backgrounds and enemies via ReShade CRT de-dithering + sharpening shaders - Standalone version only.
    -DA Garden now plays Past tracks and shows Past themed Little Planet (thanks to Peter4432)
    -DA Garden's Little Planet Past sprite now more accurate (Thanks to Dude64)
    -DA Garden left and right track switching swapped to move left and right correctly
    -Tails replaces Sonic in Demo 4
    -Added Tails' Superstars Flight Descent Ability (Tips hat to Naoto Oshima and winks.)
    -Added Amy opening FMV when picking Amy
    -Amy replaces Sonic in Demo 5
    -Added Sonic 1 style vertical movement to Amy's jog animation
    -Beating the game with Sonic unlocks Tails and Amy at the same time
    -Replaced Desert Dazzle with Dubious Depths thanks to DarkVampireDee
    -Swapped PrizeButton points prize with the second highest prize in order to preserve the CD93 Score Attack route in TT1 Future (They're RNG in CD93)
    -Drop Dash Charge will now be retained if fully charged during a Time Warp in the air
    -Scroll Delay on the Drop Dash changed to match Sonic Mania (8 frames of camera delay instead of 15)
    -Instruction screens entirely recreated to be readable
    -Extremely minor tweaks to objects to ensure a couple specific routes' parity between 4x3 and 16x9 game widths; even speedrunners aren't likely to notice since it's not TT1 or MM3. Those differences are too big to achieve parity + retain the original experience.
    -Amy Spindash no longer requires 8 frames of charge time to release
    -New Results Screen + Built in Autosplitter shows the amount of time taken to finish your game from start to finish, including Score, Deaths and Restarts with a detailed Route history (Thanks to MainMemory)
    -Lamp Posts now reset the timer when you die in order for the Autosplitter to give you an accurate final time
    -Restarting from the Pause Menu on Palmtree Panic 1 will no longer add time into the Autosplitter. Deaths in PP1 will still add time.
    -Restarting from the Pause Menu after selecting a stage from Stage Select will now undo the destruction of the Robot Transporter and Metal Sonic Holograms.
    -Debug Mode retooled to be speedrunner focused. Standing still will display Xpos and Ypos as it always has, but when the player's velocity is greater than 0 it will display the player's Xvelocity, Yvelocity, and total Player Speed.
    -Randomize Player option added to Randomizer will randomize between Sonic/Tails/Amy upon finishing an Act or executing a Time Warp; this also enables Randomized Credits. Will you get the ending cutscene or Tails' credits?
    -Just In Time achievement can now be alternatively unlocked via the Autosplitter's Results Summary
    -New speedrun category for Sonic: All Achievements
    -In addition to the restored Dev Team Time Attack Records code, I've attached an Optional Download of my own Sonic CD Restored Time Attack Records : )

    Easter Eggs not noted in changelist.

    Easter Eggs not noted in changelist.

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  2. PimpUigi


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  3. RetroJordan91


    The REAL Blue Sphere Guy Member
    Sorry to bump this thread up out of nowhere, but I just caught the trailer for Forever 1.5 and I’m super excited for its mobile release.

    I kinda think it’s a matter of time before Absolute gets this treatment too.

    Will CD Restored get the mobile treatment as well?

    EDIT: question was answered elsewhere.. please trash
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2023
  4. RDNexus


    It's mod page appears to have an update to allow appliance on the mobile version.
    May that be what you're asking about?
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2023
  5. RetroJordan91


    The REAL Blue Sphere Guy Member
    Uhh, I kinda want to say yes???

    I just checked the mod page as well and I just saw it’s available on Android as a main download, but I’m on iOS so I hope that platform doesn’t get left out.

    Maybe have it work as a web app similar to how 3 AIR functions?
  6. PimpUigi


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    Main post updated with Open Beta announcement for those interested.

    Saturday edit: Updated the beta to fix a handful of bugs that came up in play-testing.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2023
  7. PimpUigi


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    And released yesterday, thanks to all here for their help.
  8. Blastfrog


    See ya starside. Member
    So, you ever gonna let users have the option to choose the OST of their preference right off the bat without having to jump through absurd hoops?

    I have neither the time or the desire to beat the game multiple times just to pick plain US or plain JP. I would like to play this mod, but such a major option being refused (a downgrade over the original 2011 release, mind you) is a total deal breaker.

    I'm not entitled to anything and I'm under no illusion of such. However, I think it's very disrespectful to the end-user to take options away. If you're going to advertise this as a general purpose QOL improvement, then you really should reconsider your position on this matter. Otherwise, you should advertise it as your own ideal version of the game and not pretend otherwise.

    When I play SCD, I play it for nostalgia, I play it to take me back to the 90s and early 00s when I was a kid and life wasn't so complicated. I don't even finish the game in a single sitting. But when I play it, I want to play it the way I want. And I want the QOL improvements while still being able to choose the music I want. It depends on my mood at the moment, I choose the US OST when I want to relive my experience playing the PC version in the 90s. I choose the JP OST when I want to relive my experience discovering the JP OST for the first time in the early 00s. But whichever one I choose, I want a fully consistent experience, not jarring stylistic changes from scene-to-scene.

    And one last thing. You based this entire mod on the community-made decompilation. Those people worked hard, and were still generous and kind enough to have shared their work with the community. And yet, you take this work, modify it, and do not share said code. That is sheer hypocrisy no matter how you may attempt to justify it.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2023
  9. Chimes


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    What? Where did this necrobump come from?

    Edit: LOOOOOOL apparently 30 days is just 1 day in Retroland
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2023
  10. Blastfrog


    See ya starside. Member
    Since when is a one month gap considered a necrobump? This thread was still on the first page of E&RE when I posted in it. As for where it comes from, it comes from a place of frustration, and I felt compelled to express my concerns. Is that wrong, too?
  11. I doubt it would be implemented; there simply isn't enough disc space to fit both OSTs onto it without downsampling the audio.
  12. Blastfrog


    See ya starside. Member
    Uhh, what disc? This is a mod for the 2011 version. The problem here is that both soundtracks were already in the 2011 version, this mod that purports to be a general purpose QOL improvement actively takes away the option to use them as-is.

    Even if this were for a disc, you have to realize that CCDA audio is set for 16-bit 44.1khz stereo PCM, there isn't even an option in the CDDA standard to "downsample" anything.

    I suggest doing your research before spouting incorrect assertions.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2023
  13. saxman


    Oldbie Tech Member
    To be honest? I think it's fine if that's what he wants to do with it. He's not preventing anyone from playing the 2011 version. He's making it his own, doing with it what he wishes. I think suggestions are fine, but I'm not seeing why it's something to be broken up about.
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  14. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    What saxman said. There's also no need to be disrespectful over something minor and petty, especially to someone who's spent a lot of their time creating a mod like this. (I can't imagine going through to restore all those speedrunning strats in a completely different engine was anything easy.)
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2023
  15. LordOfSquad


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    Winnipeg, MB
    making cool music no one gives a shit about
    I don't think it's unwarranted to speak up on it. Pimp can and will do whatever they want but it's not needless to give feedback.

    My two cents; I do think it is a little odd and obtuse to do all this work to make CD play like it used to, and then fuck around with the soundtrack so unfaithfully by default. But I have a patch that fixes it and anyone else who wanted it fixed could do the same if it bugs them that much.
  16. Shaddy the guy

    Shaddy the guy

    Professional Internet asshole Member
    That's the core of the issue. Miscellaneous fixes, updates and faithful restorations are pretty different in terms of intent from an alternate OST mod. The point where it becomes silly is in the repeated arguments, petty grudges and weird passive-aggressive half measure solutions to what is ultimately an extremely simple issue.

    Yes, it's good that someone else did it at all (frankly CD's a kudzu web of different mods to get everything right now anyway), but "can I have a version that doesn't change the OST" is not such an absurd request of the actively-updated original that it even needed other people's work to fix. This is a manufactured problem.

    We went from "no" to "well beat it twice" to "well beat it with this hard character". Why, exactly? Those things just don't correlate. I actually really like the idea of mods adding unlock incentives for some changes, since something may be unbalanced, or serve as a good reward for a challenge. But the default OST for a game famous for having one of the best OSTs in an entire franchise of bangers isn't really what most players are looking to have locked-off. It's part of the game's vibe, the atmosphere, and we didn't need that overhauled.

    Now, sure! A mod belongs to the modder, and they can take their ball and go home if they want. Obviously! I'm just...not really sure why this is something to go home over! There's only so many assumptions you can make for requiring players to finish the game once (at which point, are they all going to immediately replay it?) for the option of the original OST, and they're not flattering.

    To be honest, it mostly conjures the impression of either spite for being criticized, or desperation for people to listen to a frankly not-very-good music project. That's neither a diss nor an accusation, I just literally can't think of another reason.

    And yes, I think that taking to punchies in comment sections over people noticing this (however rude they may be) instead of just being honest with them or making the extremely-simple fix hurts the mod. It hurts the game! The more shit we have to install to get the best version of a game, the less convenient it is, and the less people end up playing it. That's why we freak out about rereleases and remasters when we know they can be better.
  17. saxman


    Oldbie Tech Member
    I think the point I was making is being missed entirely.

    Suggestions are fine, as I said. But when someone has put a lot of time and effort into creating something, outright rude comments frankly destroy creativity. Maybe some folks take it better than others, but I can speak from personal experience that overly harsh criticism (i.e. being rude or nasty) sometimes makes a person want to throw in the towel due to what is perceived as ungrateful punks on the internet. Some of us creators do what we do as long as it's fun, but rude people can steal some or all of that fun. Constructive criticism is a good thing, but when it's poorly delivered, frankly the only response to that criticism I can think of involves just a couple words.

    So have strong opinions and voice them. But don't tear the person down over it. You may think that's promoting a project's progress, but you may actually be stifling it. And that hurts the community at large. As the saying goes, "this is why we can't have nice things".

    I didn't really want to get into this because I really don't desire to ruffle any feathers, but I felt compelled to post a second time to clear up what I see as confusion over my first post.
  18. Blastfrog


    See ya starside. Member
    I don't disagree with any of that, except for the "broken up about it" part. I mean, it's not like it harms my life or anything, but it is frustrating. Note the part where I said "I'm not entitled to anything and I'm under no illusion of such". So of course, he is entitled to do what he wants with the mod and is under no obligation to do anything else. But just because one can do something doesn't necessarily mean it's a good idea, and that's all I'm trying to say.

    Where in my post was being I any of those things? Probably the harshest thing I said was that keeping a mod closed-source when it's based on open-source work is hypocritical. I can see how that may be taken as a personal attack, but it was more of a blunt generalization (I feel the same way about all closed-source mods for any game).
  19. Cooljerk


    Professional Electromancer Oldbie
    I'll be more blunt for you: Calling people hypocrites for how they work and saying their work is disrespectful because it lacks a feature you want isn't constructive criticism and shouldn't be tolerated here. Those aren't critiques of the mod, those are critiques of the creator, and this topic is about the mod, not a referendum on the topic poster. Those kinds of posts create an atmosphere that isn't conducive to anything beyond flame wars.

    This is not the topic for that discussion.

    EDIT: WHY shouldn't these kinds of posts be tolerated? Because in a 19 post topic, since you made your post, 8 posts afterwards have all been about things not really related to the mod. That post derailed this topic.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2023
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  20. Blastfrog


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    I'll admit, you're completely correct about that and it was uncalled for on my part. I should conduct myself better going forward and more carefully consider what I say.

    I don't have anything further to add, so I'll see myself out of this thread.