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Sonic CD missing level.

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by SGR, Aug 5, 2003.

What do you think the missing level would look like?

  1. Desert Level

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  2. Other

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  1. BtCE


    But Collision chaos is more of a Techy level, not a forest....
  2. Qjimbo


    Your friendly neighbourhood lemming. Oldbie
    Yes I'm convinced those Vines, and the Cacti don't represent enything in the Final game. The Metalic tower thing is beleived to be R9, Final Fever, hence the extra CD Track. Also if anyone here has Sonic CD European or Japanese, put it in a CD player and listen to the unused track #33. This is rumoured to be the Ruin level music.
  3. BtCE


    What the Hell is Final Fever?! :shocked:
  4. SupperTails66


    Tech Member
    You know, if the level really was "Dust Hill" it wouldn't be called that, as each level name's first letter is the same as the first letter of the second word, I.e.
    "Palmtree Panic". Possible names:
    Dusty Desert,
    Desert Dunes,
    Cactus Chaos,
    Doomed Desert,
    Dark Desert,

    I like "Cactus Chaos" best! :D

    By the way, the Cacti are more than likely simply decoration.
  5. Qjimbo


    Your friendly neighbourhood lemming. Oldbie
    I seriously doubt they are decoration, it takes up a large part of the image, but meh, you could be right.
    It's also been said that each zone correlates to a Sonic 3D Blast Zone
    Green Grove = Palmtree Panic
    Rusty Ruin = R2?
    Spring Stadium = Collision Chaos
    Diamond Dust = Quartz Quadrant?
    Volcano Valley = Tidal Tempest (Volcanos)
    Gene Gadget = Wacky Workbench
    Panic Puppet = Stardust Speedway (the eggman statue)

    In the saturn version the levels are in the correct order and it's worth noting Travellers Tales who made Sonic 3D Blast are reknowned for reusing art.
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