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    Thanks everyone for your kind words and feedback and sorry for the late reply, I must admit it won't be easy to do, but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end.

    This 8 bit rendition of Palmtree Panic inspired me to create a tool that allows me to create tracks within the actual game, it built it in a rush so it's very crude and a tad buggy, but it does the trick.

    I managed to make this rendition of Tidal Tempest (Past).

    I've also created a version of Metallic Madness (Present) which is about 80% done.
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    I want this, I really really want this, don't give up unless it's truly impossible, and if that's the case, you could always complete the mockup maps with items and all, they're as nice to see as promising is the project. :thumbsup:
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    That Tidal Tempest Past music sounds really nice!

    And wow, a tool for editing and composing music inside the ROM? That's great! Maybe it can be modified a little so that people can add config files for other games?
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    Oh wow, how'd I only just find out about this?

    I wish you a massive amount of luck getting this to work. Fitting everything inside the VRAM is going to be a pain!

    Even more crazy to see this's an outright ROM hack. I assumed it was going to be a homebrew project, with all the modifications that would need to be done.
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    Wonderful.. I would like to play with that music tool too. Specially if you can use S2 as a base too.
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    I just wanted to add that I too am loving that Tidal Tempest Past track. It reminds me a little of Castle of Illusion for the Master System/Game Gear, but it's also rather accurate, in my opinion. If this is anything to go by, I look forward to future music on this project as this was a joy to listen to.
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    I'm leally lovin this rendition of Tidal Tempest! Some Master System renditions of Spencer Nilsen's soundtrack would be great, but I wouldn't complain if it was only JP tracks.

    A Master System demake of Sonic CD would convince me to buy a MS Everdrive, if it was completed.
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    Fourthing the praise for that Tidal Tempest rendition. It's my ringtone now, so thanks for that.

    I think this is a cool project and you've done some excellent work on it, but I have to wonder if it might benefit from actually straying further from the original source material. At the end of the day, seeing CD rendered faithfully on SMS makes for a cool "what-if", but it's also just a "worse" version of something that's already out there. Now, that's not to knock on your work at all, but not many people would say that the SMS Sonic games are worth playing over the Genesis ones, you know? I really like the SMS games myself, but it's because they offer something different from the Genesis ones. I doubt I'd fire up SMS Sonic 2 ever if it was just a lesser specced copy of the Genesis version with the same levels. I guess what I'm saying is it'd be cool to see some original levels that keep the CD vibe but do their own thing on the SMS hardware, if that makes sense.

    That's just one guy's opinion though. Looking forward to seeing how your project shapes up either way!
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    I know your tools are in WIP stages, but I'd love to see them get released someday. Your project is getting better and better, keep up the awesome work!
  10. This looks incredible! But I'm surprised of the levels you cut, you cut out Stardust Speedway. That's easily one of the most memorable levels of the game and includes one of the most memorable (if irritating) bosses of the game.
  11. chacanger


    Yeah, I know what you mean. Still, it's early days yet so maybe some different zones will get added into the mix.

    Well, depending on whether I have enough space at the end of it; I may be able to squeeze that race with Metal Sonic in, I've done all of the Metal Sonic race sprites.

    I suspect it would just be that one act though. The problem with translating Stardust Speedway into Sonic 1 SMS/GG is that Sonic 1 tends to be more platform orientated opposed to speed, plus there's the fact that the loops haven't been implemented into that game which may be a challenge in itself leaving the level looking a bit flat.

    In the meantime, here's another track I managed to port into the game, this time it's Collision Chaos (Present)
  12. Flygon


  13. chacanger


    Wow that sounds brilliant! Much better than the one I created, Mine sounds empty in comparison, I reduced the quality of my one so that I didn't use too much space.
  14. Flygon


    Given the standard SEGA mapper involved, you should be able to poke up to around 4 megabytes of space used if necessary.

    Of course, the issue is that the hack isn't being done with a split disassembly. And you're dealing with banks.

    Hex editing is hard. :argh:
  15. Jimmy Hedgehog

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    Didn't someone have a split disassembly for these games in the works a while back? Whatever happened to that?
  16. Ravenfreak


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    I was the one who made a spilt disassembly back in 2011 however this was back when I was first teaching myself z80 asm so it was far from being completed. Kroc is also working on one too.
  17. chacanger


    Well, I've been making plenty of progress on the music within the hack, so far I have completed the following music tracks...

    • Collision Chaos (Present)
    • Palmtree Panic (Bad Future)
    • Palmtree Panic (Past)
    • Quartz Quadrant (Past)
    • Tidal Tempest (Past)
    • Stardust Speedway (Bad Future)
    • Invincible Jingle (Is the Sonic 510 Beta speed up music )
    *Need to revisit Metallic Madness (Present).

    ...and let me tell you some of these were a real pain to recreate, I'm looking at you "Palmtree Panic (Past)" :argh:/>/>

    Here's how Stardust Speedway actually sounds like in game...
    Click here to listen

    Now I realise some people noted that Stardust Speedway wasn't on my list of levels being incorporated, there will be some kind of version, but mainly for the Metal Sonic race which is why I have created the track.
  18. chacanger


    So I've noticed that Kroc hasn't updated Disassembly for about 4 years now. Which is a shame, I have quite a few ideas on how to fit all of the data into the game but I'm unsure who's best to speak to in terms of this seeing as there aren't many people who know about the Sonic 1 (SMS) disassembly.

    From what I read about the other SMS/GG games, there not that similar at all to this one, which makes sense seeing as it was developed by a completely different company.

    Anyhow, I created the title screen for the game, however I'm not sure how to move Sonics finger coordinates, so currently it's offset a little too far the left (does anyone know how to do this?).

    Title Screen Video
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    Sorry to bump this thread, but if it were me, I'd talk with Ravenfreak about it. He probably knows much about Sonic 1 SMS considering he made his own disassembly a few years back. Also, I am really liking this music! Keep up the great work!
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    Almost forgot about this project. Probably the most interesting one in the Sonic community for my money. I'm hoping we get to see more progress. I'm only just seeing that titlescreen now and it looks pretty good. With more advancements in editing maybe the titlescreen BG can also be implemented at some point?

    Let's get this project some more love.