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Sonic CD (2011) Post-Release Bugs/Fixes/Suggestions

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by ICEknight, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. FlackoWeasel


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    Im having a problem with Sonic CD on tablet. It installed and when I tried to launch it, it tells me thatn t needs to download some additional resourches. But the thing stays 0/0 and nothing is being downloaded. Im unable to launch it. I even tried it offline, but it did not help.
  2. The Taxman

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    Sounds like you're using an early version of the APK that downloaded the files from the Sega servers. It's since been updated to download from the google play servers so the files it's trying to download are no longer available.
  3. FlackoWeasel


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    Is there a way to still get the app or I have to wait the file to be fixed? I tried all kinds of tricks. I deleted the game and redownloaded it. I even deleted the lite off my tablet just in case maybe the lite version caused conflight. I restarted my tablet, still did not work.

    Nevermind, I think I got it to work. I tried to download the game from website, instead of app. And now the game started to download the files it did not before.
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    Jack shit.
  6. ICEknight


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    Something that was pointed out at another topic:
    I've also noticed that the widescreen mode makes some bosses more difficult to destroy using the old fastest strategies, since they're now faster due to them having to cover more distance in the same amount of time. I'm not saying I don't like a challenge in my games but... well, we're talking about the first boss battles in Sonic 1, which should be easy almost to the point of relaxing to veteran players. =|

    So... I'm not really sure if expanding the boss arenas ended up being a good thing, perhaps it would have been better to find a way to close them as they're reached, which on the other hand and since it's already being done in Spring Yard, would also add some more in-game consistency.
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    Hopefully I'm not too late to make a suggestion these days, but.... is there any chance you could add something as simple as screen rotation to the Android port?

    You see, I like to use a GameKlip with my Galaxy S4 at times when I wish to game on the phone, and the way the thing is built means I can only slot the S4 in on one particular side if I wish to use headphones (if I fit the phone in the other way, the headphone jack is blocked off, not to mention I'd lose easy access to the volume buttons anyhow). And unfortunately Sonic CD in its present state will only display correctly on the "bad side", with no means to flip the screen around, naturally or in options.

    Just for added butthurt, I tested the iOS version on my old iPhone 4, and that's able to freely rotate the screen at will. Is it just something that was forgotten for Android? :\

    (On a side note however, it's not so bad with my Nexus 7 and a Universal Mount GameKlip for it.)
  8. ICEknight


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    Oh, speaking of screen rotation! I've noticed that, when taking screenshots with the usual Android shortcut, they will be always show up with a 90ยบ rotation, for some reason.
  9. DustArma


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    A workaround, if you are rooted, is to use the Xposed Framework and App Settings, configure Sonic CD (And Sonic 1) to force autorotation, this only works on Android 4.0+ however.
  10. MarzSyndrome


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    So I gave the Xposed+App Settings method a try. It works, though obviously Sonic CD will be buggy if forced into portrait mode. The two auto-rotate options I found in App Settings don't seem to let you limit it to the two landscape sides, so just a little something to watch out.

    While playing with a controller, I discovered another thing that really needs sorting - proper controller detection support. And when I say proper, I mean...

    1) Not display the virtual controls still when a controller is detected.
    2) Allow customization of the controls. Say you wanted to apply the "pause menu" function to your Start button, for instance.
    3) Not allow default system sounds to play when pressing certain buttons. Just noticed this while testing my Logitech F510 (set to XInput mode) on my Galaxy S4 - the default "water drop" sound (which I still haven't really considered switching off :P) will play whenever I press A and B, but not X and Y for some reason.

    I'm aware it recently trumpeted about MOGA support. Can anyone here with Android, the game and a MOGA controller (whichever one) confirm whether the above issues still exist or if the game behaves differently?
  11. ICEknight


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    EDIT: Wrong topic...
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    Just tested with a Dual Shock 3 controller now, and the control issue is no different there, except now it's Square and Triangle which play the 'water drop' sound. From what I can tell Android sees these two buttons as the "Back" function for whatever reason.

    And another idea came to my head: why not add detection support for certain controllers' rumble capabilities? Like, apply the haptic feedback to my Dual Shock instead for example! :v:
  13. Sappharad


    Sony stopped charging indie developers for patches back in 2010. (Here is one source) They extended that policy to all digital titles back in March. So no, there wouldn't be a fee for them to patch the PS3 version either.
  14. Wrong thread...

    Anyways, I have a suggestion and a bug report.

    Suggestion: Make Time Attack restartable (in stage, just to be clear) just like the Sonic 1 remake. Right now, if you mess up, you'll have to quit the stage then start it again. It'd be better to have the stage restartable like in the Sonic 1 remake.
    Bug: I found a place where a monitor is behind a spring (beginning of Stardust Speedway Zone 2). I saw that it's fixed in Quartz Quadrant, but not here. I don't know if there's any other places with this bug.
  15. Mike Arcade

    Mike Arcade

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    So I got this version Sonic CD several days ago and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD this is awesome! Granted it's coming from Taxman and team so you know you can expect the best, really good game and this port makes it even better which I had no idea that was even possible. And yes I'm WAY behind by playing this game now but hey better late then never. I would seriously pay for those extra levels you were developing and Knuckles, and pay well. Though the only thing I don't get is why I can't play as Tails during Time Attack (for obvious reasons but if playing as Tails doesn't count in the ranking I'd be cool with it) and level select but that's only a minor flaw in such a beauty as this.

    Also I found a glitch, so I got all the Time Stones and got good futures in everywhere, right? Well at Metallic Madness Act 3 when I got there it was the bad future version, which makes no sense as I got good futures in both previous acts. So I'm counting this as a glitch, funny thing considering I remember there being a glitch people were posting here where only Bad Future Stardust Speedway would show up even if you got all the stones or good futures in Act 1 and 2, strange isn't it? *shot*
  16. Travelsonic


    One issue I have been having lately is the overlay for the SEGA ad at the beginning sometimes fails to load properly, giving me no choice to close out of it, and forcing me to restart the game.

    Also bugged by the lack of settings for touchpad/joypad size, and opacity like there is for Sonic 1 - my biologically fat fingers have a hard time with the touchscreen controls as it is. (Hehehe I guess there had to be a tradeoff for being able to drink inane amounts of alcohol w/o getting visibly drunk, and not getting hung over :D)
  17. I've recommended Taxman's ports numerous times before, but I never got to tell him how much I appreciate all the work he and the others have put into them. It never hurts to hear it again, so: congratulations for the splendid job!

    But that's not the only reason I'm posting here, of course. I've done a search and I don't think this has been pointed out yet - you could collect up to 300 rings in the Special Stages of the original version by destroying all the ring UFOs consecutively.

    It's a very minor nitpick, but since there is a topic for this kind of stuff, there you go. Hope you find it useful.
  18. ICEknight


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    Wait... WHAT. :O
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    I thought that happened in this version too.

    (In any case if you smash two ring-giving UFOs consecutively the second one gives twice as many rings as what you got from the first. Since there are 4 of them in every level, that's 20/40/80/160 which is 300 added up together. This should be pretty easy to test from the time attack so I'll check to see if I'm misremembering the PC port at least when I get back.)

    EDIT: yeah, you can only get to 160 because it goes 20/20/40/80. Oops?
  20. Beltway


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    Likely stupid questions that's already been answered, but will we ever get an update that adds Knuckles as a playable character in this game? And was he actually considered being implemented along with Tails at one point?