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Sonic CD (2011) Post-Release Bugs/Fixes/Suggestions

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by ICEknight, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. MarzSyndrome


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    You know...... looking at the various versions of Sonic CD 2011 lately, I was left thinking......... what's to stop this from coming out for the PSP as a download too? :v:

    I mean, it's not like the platform is a dodo just because of the Vita being out and all.
  2. Solid SOAP

    Solid SOAP

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    They should've made some more things apparent in this version, including Tails' omission from getting achievements and such and the criteria for obtaining the secrets in the extras menu.
  3. Marrr


    on my phone (and I don't know if it's the similar for other platforms) the video for the opening and end sequence is in /sdcard/android/data/com.sega.soniccd/files/video

    if you could be bothered, could you not just open up the video in Premier and put the correct sountrack on?
  4. Kushami


    Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately I can't do torrents. :(

    One thing that's apparent in this release is that at least video wise Taxman only had what was available on those collections to work with, so he was stuck with already encoded Mpeg2. In an ideal situation, he would've wanted to go back to the original film and do a new telecine... but I 'spec he didn't have that choice. :)

    I work in video production, so I want to try some methods of improving the video a bit before suggesting anything. So anyone who happens to have those files from the games, help would be appreciated.
  5. Lanzer


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    If you want it, I got Thebuilder's email address. You can add him to MSN or just email him and ask if he can send it to you via some alternate method.
  6. Ravi Singh

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    Oh well, I was planning on a Sonic run for all of the Time Stones anyway.
  7. Conando


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    Now did this carry over from the original? I don't think it did. I have all the Time Stones on the PSN version but, the boss acts are still Bad Future. It actually did it on the 360 version too but, only for Metallic Madness.
  8. Effexor


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    Okay, here's an interresting bug. So I did the run where you destoy the all the badnik generators + holograms and get all the Time Stones at the same time, yes? I beat the final boss, watched the final custscene, skipped the rest of the credits (to see if I could), and started a new game as Tails who I just then unlocked. So I'm going through Palmtree Panic on one of my normal all Good Future runs and I notice that the Palmtree Panic 1 generator was destoyed before I got there. Didn't look at the hologram, but I could get to the special states. I wonder if I should mention that for the Sonic run, I continued from Wacky Workbench 1 with all the prior machines destroyed and all but the 5th Time Stone gotten?
  9. Namo


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    Just came here to report the same thing as Effexor, only I didn't destroy all the holograms and generators, I just got the time stones and started a new file as Sonic. The generator in PPZ was already destroyed, but the hologram wasn't. You could still go on to get the good future as normal.
  10. Since this is seeing Android, will it be available for the Blackberry Playbook once it has partial support for Android apps? When it's on PlayBookOS 2.0?--A developer build is out already I think
  11. Well it turns out that the new year I am getting a new phone and now I will be among the Android collective, so I am thinking about getting Chu Chu Rocket and especially Sonic CD on the Android market.

    Any word on how Sonic CD handles on Android, does it control well, any issues?
  12. ICEknight


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    You know, this topic is for pointing out those things, precisely...
  13. So my new Android phone came in (Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket), its sooo nice! Anyways went to AT&T today to activate the whole service and went straight to the Android Market to download Sonic CD, enter my credit card and bam, card not accepted. Which was odd since I used it a earlier today, called CapitalOne no issues on their end (thought of the fraud protection would be an issue with google wallet).... Tried again and bam, card would not work.

    So, finally I got it through AT&T payment and downloaded...... but it seems to be just a download program and not the actual game. So I have been waiting here for the last 2hrs and the download reaches 1of8 100% then hangs. I was able to download Chu Chu Rocket and Cut the Rope, as well as Angry Birds and alot of other free apps, but Sonic CD just hangs there. I did read up on the issues that Sega was having over the download but its not downloading....

    Is anyone else in the same boat with me on this? Looks like I am going to have a bad future....... huh?
  14. DustArma


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    Look for the data files on google and put them on your SDcard.
  15. ICEknight


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    ...Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there something wrong with the collision for those flat horizontal bumpers in Collision Chaos?
  16. Jason


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    There is. Holding the Jump button provides the correct collision when spinning. However, the bumpers provide the correct collision when uncurled. Strange.

    EDIT: After further testing, the collision is also affected by how fast Sonic is spinning. Slower spin like straight jump, smaller bounce/hold jump to bounce higher. Faster spin like spin dash, correct bounce with no-hold-jump-to-bounce-higher. This discrepancy appears intentional, perhaps for more control for delicate movement. Won't know for sure unless Taxman answers.
  17. n00neimp0rtant


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    Here's two pretty hardcore bugs I've found

    The little tube-flap thing is too "solid" for dead Sonic to go through it, so it just locks up the whole game. Taxman already DMed me and said it should be easy to fix

    Still can't put my finger on the exact way to reproduce this one, but something about holding down to roll in these areas makes the warp never activate
  18. ICEknight


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    Oops, I just managed to do this:

    EDIT: Also, something relevant regarding the diagonal springs:

    I've noticed that they always send you in the same angle, wether you were holding a direction or not. They should work like:

    -No directions pressed: Long jump (currently in game)
    -Left or right pressed: High jump

    EDIT 2: Also, I second what somebody suggested earlier about making the score tally not wait until the music is over (that didn't happen on the Mega-CD), or to make the score finish counting by the press of a button.

    EDIT 3: I don't remember if anybody suggested this earlier, but it would be lovely being able to select any of the previously beaten levels from the save file select, so you can fully complete your saved games without having to start all over.

    EDIT 4: Just noticed that Tails' animation when looking up doesn't make him move his tails faster like in Sonic 2 and 3. Yeah, that's the definition of nitpicking. =P
  19. ICEknight


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    More stuff:
    The shield should repel Amy! It was an easter egg of sorts, and I guess the invincibility did the same (although I haven't checked).

    And about the flat horizontal bumpers I mentioned in a previous post, there's indeed something odd about their collision.
    Take this place for example. In the original you could walk back and forth through the "twin" bumpers on the left, but you'll always get bounced back now, regardless of where you're coming from.

    Also, the vertical impulse you get from these when stepping on them is much smaller than in the original, unless you're holding the jump button. Not sure if that was a deliberate change.

    EDIT: Something sound related: If you get an extra life during the score tally, the "YES" (or the "time stone" sound, for Tails) will get cut by the "cash register" sound when the tally is over.
  20. PimpUigi


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    -When choosing the US soundtrack, the title screen doesn't play the title screen version of Sonic Boom.
    -When choosing the US soundtrack, the Bad Future theme still plays during the Metal Sonic race.
    -It seems like the UFO's are going at the wrong speed in the special stages.
    -It would be nice if we could get a custom soundtrack option so we could select US/JP options for each stage/event.