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Sonic CD (2011) Post-Release Bugs/Fixes/Suggestions

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by ICEknight, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. ICEknight


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    Just so Taxman doesn't go mad when looking for the reported bugs scattered throughout the other topic. I'll start by mentioning the most obvious issues that have been noted:

    Should get fixed:
    • Game download getting stuck (Android)
    • Speed shoes not working while airborne, when classic Sonic CD physics are enabled.

    Would be nice to see fixed:
    • Videos are cropped, even when the aspect ratio matches their original resolution.
    • Black borders surrounding the screen (at least in 4:3 mode), which make the screen smaller than it should (they surpass the overscan).
    • There's no way to skip the "time travel" scene (you could press a button to skip it, in the original).

    Would improve the experience:

    • Adding a "restart" option in the pause menu.
  2. Eric Wright

    Eric Wright

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    -allowing faster navigation of Pause menu (press up/down really fast and the cursor only moves with every other press)

    -"Sonic 2" mode spindash doesn't seem to rev completely (Is this a max speed error like with the super shoes?)

    -Picky collision detection ( )

    -I notice that sometimes I'll press "jump" the instant sonic lands on a surface, and the press doesn't register- like there's occasionally a delay between when he lands and when the game decides he's able to jump again

    -The flippers in Collision Chaos don't trigger when you're on the hinge
  3. MastaSys


    theres no need for that, just make a new option at the top named "Retry".

    also an option to automatically skip every time transition in the options menu.

    These are of course on the "would be nice" field.
  4. [​IMG]
    This is probably a minor issue but it annoys the hell out of me for some reason. Monitor boxes should be in front of springs.
  5. ashthedragon


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    I would add in the "should get fixed" category the issue with European PSn version, who runs at 50 HZ in CRT tv's
  6. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    As mentioned before, a restart button should be added, but it especially should be added in Time Trial mode. I never understood why the lives counter even existed in Time Trial mode (It's removed when playing online in Generations for example)

    Also when playing as Tails, if you fly into a giant ring the propeller sound will continue to play while the results screen is tallying up.

    Speaking of which, it'd be nice if you could press A and all the numbers were added up automatically instead of having to watch the numbers count down.
  7. DustArma


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    Android version needs frame skipping for weaker devices to maintain 100% game speed at all times.
  8. ICEknight


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    Some stuff regarding Tails, from relevant to extremely minor:

    • He shouldn't be able to fly over the top of the screen.
    • Some of his animation frames when walking aren't mapped correctly, so his fist doesn't animate smoothly (it stays in place in some consecutive frames).
    • His jumping animation plays too slowly when jumping in place.
    • The pushing animation plays too fast.
    • His ledge animation doesn't vary the speed in which the two frames are shown, as in Sonic 2.
    • For some reason, if you don't move him when starting a level, his tails will 'jump' a little as soon as his blinking animation starts.
  9. Eric Wright

    Eric Wright

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    Or if it would just start Tallying the scores during the level-complete music, so the screen to fade out just after the music stops
  10. Shadow Hog

    Shadow Hog

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    • I dunno about the console versions, but my Android version quite clearly has this on the pause menu.
  11. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Yes the portable versions do have a restart option. The console versions do not.
  12. ICEknight


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    Something that I missed from the original games:

    • When you're charging the spindash/peelout on a crumbling ledge, the characters will stay on the charging pose while falling (that's normal), but they won't boost forwards when touching the ground below.
  13. Jason


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    Although this is well-intentioned, I'd recommend renaming this thread something like "Sonic CD (2011) Post-Release Bugs/Fixes/Suggestions". This is not a beta release, the game is out there for people to buy, and though I can't speak for Taxman, I'd find it offensive to call something I shipped, knowing it was ready, still in the beta phase.

    Taxman, this is a great game you and your team have put out, and 99% of the game is exactly what we want. But we being Sonic fans, we'll make that 1% look like a festering sore. So don't get the wrong idea, we really want to make this polished game shine so bright it gives the Ark a run for its money in face-melting glory.
  14. Scarred Sun

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    Welp, this.
    Honestly, I find the notion that Taxman even has any intention or ability to patch the game post-release to be more than a little presumptuous. Slow your roll, homies.
  15. ICEknight


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    Good point, title changed.

    This is why I hadn't made such a topic until now, but Taxman himself said he was taking notes from what people was reporting.

    In any case, all this info could be useful for future releases or other Sonic games that might get ported.
  16. Shadow Hog

    Shadow Hog

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    I got one of my friends/coworkers to buy the iPhone version, but when he first booted the game proper up, there was nothing but a black screen being rendered. Audio was playing, Sonic was jumping, and the pause button worked as expected, but nothing was rendered. Weird.
  17. Flare


    Same thing happened here... I just closed the game, reopened it back to the SEGA screen and selected there file... worked after that.
  18. TheBoshy


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    I like the idea to give Taxman an organized list.
  19. libertyernie


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    Sonic starts a little too far to the right for this checkpoint:
    Not a major issue because you can get out of this by jumping straight up.
  20. Cyberblade


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    If I recall correctly there were the occasional moments like that in the original Libertyernie. If you can just jump out then it's not too big a deal. Just a matter of the past/present/future maps not quite lining up where you happened to warp.