Sonic Bosses with Missed Potential

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    Doesn't he already have a laser on his gut, the one he use once he lost all of his limbs?
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    Probably would have just been another Labyrinth chase, so I'm glad it didn't exist. That boss was awful enough.
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    Oh come on, that boss isn't that hard. It's a huge spike from how piss easy the other bosses in the game are, but if you're smart, then the Labyrinth Chase is not hard, at all. Hell, I can beat Robotnik in the maze without too much trouble.

    That being said, I assumed Final Zone boss is just an extension of SB3, given it comes like 2 seconds after you've beaten the level.
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    I think I'd rather have a boss for Scrap Brain Act 2, then have Eggman run away behind the barrier after the fight, sending you to Act 3.
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    I agree with the comment on the rival fights in SA1. They were ridiculously dumbed down (the fact Sonic X makes them so dynamic in their adaption only furthers this, Gamma flies around blasting the Egg Carrier apart to destroy Sonic, all the while Amy is screaming at them to stop, how epic would have that been in a game?).

    Also the E-Series fights in the same game, they would have been awesome with some more intelligent AI, but only Zeta and Beta MK II offer any challenge.

    I suppose Big's fight with Chaos 6 too. It's ridiculously brief. I know not a lot liked the fishing levels, but if they're gonna make it into a boss, they may as well have went the whole way with it. Better yet, Big should have had Sky Chase as a final level. :D

    Knuckles in S3K I think should have been more challenging as well. This is the guy that's been driving you crazy and showing whose boss throughout the entire game. The fight should have been epic and ultra satisfying. What does he do? Stand there and glide every once in a while.
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    Sonic Generation Bosses were dissappointing for me. Metal Sonic was awesome. Perfect Chaos was not a Sandbox arena. Shadow has no real way of hitting or killing you. I imagined a lot more use of Chaos Control, Chaos Spear, and Sonic Wind. Egg Dragoon needs to be more menacing. I never noticed any differences in the hard mode of the bosses.
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    The only problem with what you describe is if they were unchanged, it would take half of forever to destroy them. Look at Palmtree Panic's boss. If you don't sacrifice a hit or have invincibility, you're looking at a 30-40 second wait to get the first hit on him. Do you really want to wait through that pattern just to get your one hit, only to have to repeat it two more times before you can make it go any faster? Same for Metallic Madness. The bosses would have destroyed the reception of the entire game, and instead of being hailed as 'the best Sonic game', it would be seen as the classic generation's Sonic '06.

    Part of the reason the bosses were so much different is that they were more puzzle than straight-up fight. Making them take longer would have wrecked the entire idea, IMO.
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    I hate bosses that drag out for way too much, so I think most of the classics are fine in that aspect.

    First time you encounter them, it might take you a little more until you figure out their pattern, then they can be beat in seconds... just like the levels.

    And yes, the final boss in Sonic CD can be beat without getting hit. =P
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    That final boss from Sonic Spinball. It really seemed like it could have been so much more, but it was virtually identical to how the rest of the game is played, and went on far too long. If we're talking 3D games, going to have to give every boss from SA2 a mention. Every single one of them felt broken and glitchy, especially the Egg Golem and the Robotnik battle with Tales.
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    Oh. I was going to mention Collision Chaos' boss. But, yes, I think the bosses in Sonic CD have an amazing wasted potential. All of the "use-its-own-strength-against-it" concept is brilliant, especially so in Quartz Quadrant and Wacky Workbench. But they are almost scripted, hit-and-miss interactive cutscenes.

    On the Metal Sonic race matter, I think it's too damn fine being a race. I find it stupid to make it a race-fight, just like Final Rush. Why in the world are you running if you're not going anywhere? It was fun in Sonic Advance 2, but mostly because they were never meant to be races in any way (the rest of the game was). It could be longer, perhaps, and with more twists and tricks, but I think it's amazing the way it is and was actually dumbed down in Generations.

    There is also Labyrinth Zone boss. Not that it's wasted potential, since it accomplishes what it tries very well, but it's something we haven't seen in a while. I mean, making a boss out of the level design. Bosses tend to be machines operating on their own, but I find it the most interesting when they use elements of the scenery to attack Sonic, since it makes it all more immersive and ominous. Like Lava Reef Act 2.
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    Actually, I'm the opposite. I find I'm a bit disappointed in bosses that can be trashed in 5 seconds or less. I want a bit more of a challenge damn it!

    Then again, I think Labyrinth Zone's boss is pretty easy so my opinion probably doesn't hold much merit :v:
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    52 posts in and no mention of the anticlimactic fight with Knuckles from Sonic 3K? Was it that horrible that it isn't even in people's minds?
    Sky Sanctuary's Mecha Sonic was underwhelming and unoriginal...
    All of Sonic CD's bosses sucked... with the exception of Tidal Tempest. Quartz Quadrant had a nice idea... but Sonic Classic by hez got it right.
    Sonic 2 EHZ boss was a joke.
    Sonic Heroes bosses can go die in a pit of fire.

    Those are my candidates.
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    The mere fact that half the stages in Heroes had mook rushes instead of boss fights is sad enough, but the actual bosses were pretty bland and lackluster as well.

    I was also not expecting the Knuckles fight to be so anticlimactic, after all of his dickery throughout the game.

    Oh, and for some reason until now, I've never questioned why the heck Eggman attacks you with a drill in EHZ in the first place. He actually doesn't use it for anything that one would use a drill for, like digging or burrowing. Perhaps Sonic just interrupting what Eggman was about to go and do to Emerald Hill?
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    Final Hazard.


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    medoner TheInvisibleSun pls

    he ovesly made the car first

    then relised he had no way to hurt sonic

    so he grabed a spear drill from his mcz machin

    and slapped in front

    hes a genuis
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    Every boss in in Sonic 4 Episode 2 except the final boss which is actually pretty cool. Mostly because I actually really like the designs of the bosses, they look big and menacing but they don't actually do anything interesting:
  18. To be honest I love the uniqueness of bosses from Unleashed and Sonic 4 Ep 2, they actually lived up to their potential in my opinion. I loved the fights against the Egg Dragoon, the Egg Lancer, the Egg Heart, and the Egg SerpentLeaf. They all felt like fresh new bosses and styles and I thoroughly enjoyed them.

    The bosses in colors, the ones that I can remember at least, were mostly pathetic bosses that went down with a few hits without a fight. These have the most wasted potential that I've seen.

    I agree with this, I personally found the race in the 3DS version better than the one in the Console version of Generations because it seemed to fit the premise of Metal Sonic in the first place. A creation of Eggman's to match Sonic in every aspect including speed.
  19. Sonic Colors. The bosses are so easy it would take a child mere seconds to solve.

    I already figured out another attack the "Ferris Wheel" bosses could have done, which would have made the boss more challenging. When they get hit, they would spin the wheel around really fast forcing you to run on the wheel, the platforms and balls would be unusable at this point. Then he would throw spikes or something along the wheel forcing you to jump and dodge the oncoming stuff. After around 10 seconds, the boss would revert to its normal fighting tactics.

    That alone makes this more of an actual boss fight, and less of "home-attack to win".

    Don't get me wrong, simple bosses are ok if they are executed correctly. The bosses in Sonic Colors just weren't.
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    Sonic Cd is a mixed bag for me. I feel like the metal sonic race was just amazing, and the Quartz Quadrant Treadmill was great too, with Wacky workbench being ok at best.
    The Tidal tempest boss had way more potential then what was given. The Palm tree panic fight was either a pointless button masher or if you ran all the way to the right,
    a simple waste of time and whoever designed the collision chaos boss layout can burn in hell for all I care. While I feel Like Sonic 3 had the best bosses in a 2d game, Sonic
    cd is my favorite Sonic game ever made, but that is a discussion left for a diffrent topic

    3d sonic games always have crappy, broken bosses, my least favorite being the silver 06 fight. Great potential for a character completly thrown down the toilet.
    Now sonic generations kinda broke this record until time eater. What a crappy boss. The best, however has to be the final SA fight as Sonic. it actually felt like a real sonic