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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Dark Sonic, Jun 15, 2013.

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    I'm kinda hoping they reuse the 'Day In The Limelight' rotation FIM did, with each character taking turns getting an episode deconstructing their personality and pivoting their story. I know people generally don't like when Sonic's a side character, but I think it does help in terms of development when the main character sometimes gets a more relaxed supporting role, and show them react to another character pivoting things and be the prime focus. Just not all the time.

    This could also leave better chance of them getting a better balance of Sonic this time, compared to the previous episodes where he was either a bland infallible extra (Sonic X) or the buffoonish protagonist always getting the same life lessons shoved in his face (SatAm).
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    Gotta appeal to that poor taste half of the fanbase :v:/>
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    Why don't you try appealing to people who don't want fucking youtube autoplay in every thread you post in
  4. Agree. Also it helps to better understand the character of Sonic if he is explored from the point of view of some of the key characters, as each of them perceive Sonic in a different way. Like you said, it should be done from time to time because in the end the main star is Sonic, though him also letting the other character add helps to avoid that situation present in the last games where Sonic alone carries the whole weight of the stories, which leads to situations where one just loses interest because of the many "conveniences" that come into play and which detract from the desire to know what happens next.

    Also I certainly do not want to see Sonic like his X version, just sleeping on the roof of the Thorndyke's mansion while the other characters did all the job, showing only to beat the new baddie of the day. Let alone as a character that just stands there, without emoting in any particular way besides his smirk. Not that I want to see him cry either, but I'm sure there is a middle ground that let's the character be humanized without taking away his cool factor.
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    ......And just what is wrong with Crush 40s Sonic Boom? Save for the autotune I thought it was a pretty good rendition of the theme.
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    Seriously. Stop that shit.
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    Turned the autoplay off. Gene, seriously, that shit is reserved for joke threads =P
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    I hope the cartoon looks like this
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    I'd watch a new Sonic cartoon. I don't have a preference for any kind of art style, just as long as it's not generic Japanese anime again. I think a well-written, American-made Sonic cartoon would help the brand a lot. As much as I'd love a more fully-realized SatAM, I know Sega won't let the team working on this even think about making it dark or dramatic and hey, I don't blame 'em. I think a sort of Colors-turned-episodic would do really well. It obviously won't take place on Eggman's Interstellar Amusement Park (unless they decide to make an homage episode to the game), but a series with a smart-mouth, one-liner-spouting, Roger Craig Smith-voiced Sonic and a smart, crafty Kate Higgins Tails constantly foiling a Mike Pollock Eggman's plans sounds like a good formula to me. Whether you love or despise Colors' and Generations' script, you have to agree that the balance of seriousness and goofiness Ken Pontac and Warren Graff have been giving us is certainly a good blend for Sonic. I mean, what is Sonic, really? It's a blue hedgehog who destroys the mechanical creations of a fat guy. That's screams zany to me, and that's what Colors gave us. Zany. I want more zany in my Sonic, and a cartoon is a great way to do that. We just have to wait for more news for now.
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    So they are planning to do a new American Sonic cartoon?

    Interesting. Lets hope its actually good!
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    Has this been debunked yet? :v:
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    SATAM + AOSTH = 1993

    Sonic X = 2003

    Sonic Boom = 2013?

    Seems about time. Sonic Underground doesn't count :P
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    Hmm, so, I don't frequent these forums nearly as often as I used to (work, prep for mechanical engineering and computer programming, even if the basics of the latter, will do that to you), and I end up two weeks late on this rumour.

    When I have had time to goof off on my smartphone, I enjoy a good dose of drama to cheer me up from my dead-end job. So, I visit 4chan and a few other sites (mainly /co/, /v/, /vr/, /pol/, and /mlp/ boards when it's 4chan). Needless to say, when I finally came across this news on [SITE NAME REDACTED] and read the comments on that article, my smile was as wide as a mile. I just seem to have a knack for being in fandoms and/or liking things that cause drama in some way: Adventure Time, Legend of Korra, MLP:FiM, Sonic, Star Trek, Doctor Who, etc. (and it's always a knee-slapper to me when I see crossovers and one fandom complaining about the other).

    Now, as for how a new Sonic cartoon series should be done, if this turns out to be true: I honestly have no clue, because I think there's just always going to be some people you can't or won't please. After all, there are still, no matter how big or small a group, those who still dislike the fact that Sonic has green eyes and that was a decision from at least 14 years ago!

    And as for all the drama about Dave Polsky: geez, it's like none of the show's staff have done other work before MLP that you could judge from. (Which reminds me, a whole bunch of voice actors from FiM have done/are doing work on that new Pac-Man series.)

    + - Also, the sickest stuff I've ever seen on /mlp/ was someone posting a particular comic involving Tails and Cream. And I'd like to thank the sick bastard who drew it. You sent my sides into orbit with the drama that caused in that thread.  
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    As I'm not on Twitter, perhaps someone else could Tweet Dave to confirm if he actually IS doing a new Sonic cartoon (and ask for more information while we're at it)?
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    hahahaha I love seeing that thing posted for the reactions people give to it.
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    Trying my best, bro-ham, but I'm a bit new to Twitter. You just tweet with "@DavePolsky" located somewhere in it, preferably at the beginning?

    + - For anyone wanting to find my derp-ass post, it was: "@DavePolsky Art thou utilizing thy literary wit in a work of animation featuring a certain spiny rodent of bluish hue wit' eyes o' emeralds?"  

    Anyone dare me to tweet him, "Bluish? You don't look bluish..."?
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    All right, I'll stop at three tweets, but I'd still like to see the look on his face if he was flooded with Sonic questions after all the pony questions and comments he's been sent.
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    Maybe the main cast like Tails and Knuckles might need to be toned down a bit to retain more of their original personality and charm, but other than that I think that her work would be great for a Sonic cartoon. Maybe it wouldn't be the ideal Sonic cartoon (if such a thing can even exist) but it would certainly be worth watching. She understands how to properly design characters as opposed to the official re-colours we've gotten recently out of Sega.