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Sonic Boom

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by iojnekns, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. Copornocus


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    I found this hack to be extremely underwhelming. From the plainness of the title screen to the blandness of the level art, there are just so many things that seem cheap and uninspired. I'm going to try and review this as a general gaming fan and not specifically a well-seasoned Sonic fan.

    First off, Sonic is just too fast for the engine to handle. I like to call this "Chemical Plant Syndrome" in that there are too many areas where Sonic will start veering off to the side of the screen at full speed because the camera can't scroll fast enough to keep up with him, and thus the player has virtually no time to react to obstacles that are rapidly approaching. Obviously, the developers themselves won't have this problem as they've spent X amount of time with the game and know all of its dirty secrets, so trying to see it from a first-time player's point of view is going to be difficult for them. But it's not challenging so much as it is unfair for the unsuspecting or unprepared player.

    Which brings me to the level design. Simply put, it's not spectacular. It's not great. It suffers from Sonic Advance 2 syndrome in that too much of the level is spent simply holding a single direction on the D-pad while only occasionally pressing a button to jump. Fast, yes. Fun, no. Also, there a number of spots where the level is broken up into slopes that are apparently supposed to launch the player to another (usually higher and unreachable by any other means) foreground piece that just don't reliably do their job. Even at full speed. There is even at least one part that I encountered where I launched off a ramp and had to CHANGE THE DIRECTION I WAS PRESSING IN MID-AIR to reliably make the jump. Again, when this is happening at top speed, there just isn't enough time for the player to figure this out and react to it.

    As for the Death Egg lightning floors, I fully understand that the game is meant for the player to roll through those sections. But there are two problems with this. 1) The level layouts are so sporadic and all over the place that you never know when one is coming up and by the time you see it you simply don't have time to react to it. 2) There are a number of instances where rolling along slopes and ceilings is actually SLOWER than running. Again, it's not so much challenging as it is just unfair.

    As for the unlimited lives, I just don't know how to react to that. It's like you've taken a page from the Sonic Unleashed handbook. In Unleashed, there are a number of spots where a 1up will be located in close proximity to a checkpoint, as the developers anticipated the player having trouble getting through the upcoming area. It's pretty much the same thing here. Instead of fixing what level design issues there are (and there are plenty in my opinion), you've essentially given the player an infinite amount of 1ups to keep trying and trying again from the nearest checkpoint. I like a good part of my challenge to come from knowing I could potentially get a "game over" and have to start the entire level again. It's just a part of old-school game design that I love so much.

    The bosses you've created are insane. Any normal player can see this. They just seem like end-game type bosses in their difficulty level, not a first-level boss. I'd called it an unusually steep difficulty curve, but when the average player is already having mounds of trouble just getting TO the boss area, it's just plain unfair to also have to survive a boss of this caliber this early in the game.

    I also noticed that Sonic loses only 50 rings when he gets hit. Obviously you're taking another page from the newer 3D titles here. I've not been a fan of this ever since it was first introduced. Maybe it's just my opinion, but if Sonic gets hit it needs to be all or nothing.

    I'm not too fond of all the new moves you've given Sonic, and the fact that they cost rings to execute is plain absurd. The double jump is pretty worthless, considering it's supposed to be a move exclusive to the lightning shield. Giving him a double jump by default is a bit redundant on this part. I honestly don't understand what good the diagonal dash is intended to do, other than suddenly running into an obstacle and losing rings. And the flying kick seemed pretty worthless until I realized that it was the best way to take out the first boss, and even then it didn't work right half the time as I would still get hit thanks to some weird collision detection on the boss. The one good thing I will say is that you at least didn't incorporate the homing attack or light speed dash into this hack, which is a road too many hacks nowadays take. Those elements simply don't work in 2D.

    The one part of this game that does shine for me is the music. You have not only a good ear for melody, but for conveying it in a way that the Genesis hardware can handle. I will admit that it sounds like something more fitting for a Mega Man X game than a Sonic game, but considering the level gimmick here, it works.

    All in all, this game is something that in my opinion is going to need a lot of tweaks here and there with all of its basic elements to really start coming together as a solid hack. As it stands right now, it's not something I can envision myself playing past this one time. You guys are obviously creative thinkers to try an all-out hack like this, but some of the ideas here just aren't meshing well for me personally. 4/10 for the effort.

    I didn't mean to go on this long, but I felt it necessary to convey exactly what I was feeling while playing.
  2. muteKi


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    Funny you should say that... :P
  3. neonsynth


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    Uhh, thanks. Now I was so frustrated at the Act 2's boss, so that I accidently headbashed my PSP. Now it's display is scrapped so that I have to buy a new PSP.

    For my security I don't play this again. :colbert:
  4. jasonchrist


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    This was a technical feat, there is absolutely no denying that. Awesome work!

    Unfortunately, I'm also one of those that really don't dig this as a Sonic game. Yet at the same time I would've liked this alot more if this were a fangame. The fact that it used a classic as its base (and my favourite to boot) is the reason I want to punch it in the face. All the elements of a Sonic game that I love are gone. It no longer FEELS like a Sonic game. For years, Sonic Team and fans alike have been trying to turn Sonic into something he's not (I.e. a werewolf, king arthur and a pokemon), and here the greatest Sonic game has been turned into what I call a typical, Japanesey "pussies and powerups" game for kids who get beaten up, and like trading cards with weird creatures on them.

    But I digress. To me, this game reeks of self indulgence, especially with the music choices. I'm gonna be bold here and say that most non-Sonic music choices suck (in all hacks)! I take it the creators of this game are big Megaman fans. But if we're being objective here, Megaman music doesn't really work at all (the Sonic Boom music was fucking awesome though guys!). I'm a huge James Bond fan, but I would never make a Sonic game saturated with Bond music, with Sonic in a tuxedo, carrying a gun.

    Now it may seem like I'm talking shit here, but consider this. If I made a Sonic game, and turned him into James Bond. No doubt it would take a fuckton of skill, technical knowledge and patience to create such a hack, but should it win the contest above all else for that?

    What about taking into consideration how the game makes you FEEL!

    Last time I checked this place was called Sonic Retro. So shouldn't games that are true to the classics, games that feel brand new, and yet somehow familiar prevail above a game such as this? Sonic 2 Retro Remix ticks that box, as does Megamix, as did Advanced Edit.

    But honestly, this hack is technically brilliant. I know I said I don't dig this as a Sonic game, but as a game in itself? Fucking fantastic! After several playthoughs I started to get over my hangups and really enjoy the shit out of it.

    I really want this to succeed, and no doubt I will enjoy the shit out of the finished product even more.

    And in terms of effort I'd give you a 9/10 (4/10?! come on copornocus).

    So here's to BOOM!

    P.S. I know this isn't my cup of tea, but the fact that I've used the word "game" as opposed to "hack" truly speaks volumes :)
  5. Metal Knuckles

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    Shadow Alpha, an awesome hack of Sonic 1
    It shouldn't have to be limited to this. Pointing out areas where it needs improvement should be sought after and considered, not considered rude.

    From what I've played, this is the Brutal Mario of Sonic hacks. the graphics are pretty cool, and the bosses are extremely pretty to look at. While new move sets seem to be the in thing these days, these ones are handled naturally, and feel good. Rings are plentiful, so there's no need to fret if you should crew up.

    However, the level design is horrendous. That's not just me complaining because I couldn't move for more than 4 seconds without getting hit by something. Well, it partially is actually. But that's because there are too many blind threats coming at you. On of the main complaints I've heard about recent Sonic 2D escapades has been such things as having to jump blindly into the air and land in pits or on spikes. There is virtually no difference between this and what is going on in this hack. There's nothing waiting for the player but electric traps, spark shooters, laser boxes, and those spinning badniks around every corner. This is actually another big problem, that the only objects in the level are things that shoot you out of nowhere, things that shoot you out of nowhere, things that shoot you out of nowhere, and badniks that are virtually impossible to attack without damaging yourself. This is coupled with sudden ceiling-running turns that half the time leave you falling onto an electric floor. It's cool that there's such high speed and that you are constantly looping all over the place, but running into a death trap at the end of each one takes the fun out of that. It definitely got better with the third act, but the transition of difficulty in levels should have been switched around and toned down to bajeesus and back.

    The bosses are a different category. The first boss was fun to fight, and I imagine it would make a great sub-boss fight for somewhere in the mid/late game. However, the boss after that sucks in terms of gameplay. It's definitely a technical achievement the likes of which we've never seen before, and the complexity of it's patterns can only confuse the mind, but it still sucks. Every attack against it is virtually determined by luck. There is no strategy, there is no patterns. There is only luck and chaos. And combined, that's a horrible game mechanic. Even you guys, the team who made this, had no real strategy against this boss besides random rolling and desperately looking for rings. That has to tell you guys that there's a problem.

    The music is done well. Ports sound accurate and whatnot. However, there is no jump or vibe to any of the music. While it can be interesting at first, it tends to become repetitive and a bit grinding on the ears. It certainly doesn't do anything to help with the frustration. Music in other Sonic games, such as HTZ or FBZ, repeat as well, but not nearly as frequently and with more deviation in the tune. Like I said, the music is good. But it doesn't fit this game.

    Also, the obligatory nod to the title screen and "Sonic Survived Act x" text needing some serious work.

    There's definitely plenty of promise to this hack. The ingenuity that has gone into it is clear, and the steps made in messing with the game's code seem to be on the current edge. However, this promise is overshadowed by too many faults to get any sort of enjoyable experience out of this without relying on save states or cheat codes. I understand that this was released for the hacking contest and might have been hurried out the door a bit fast to make the deadline, but you guys have to acknowledge that this is far from perfect. Trial and error is the top thing you should avoid in good game design, and playing this game leads to nothing but.

    And this isn't meant with ill will towards the game's creators. I know you guys, but never recall getting into any drama with you. I'm just trying to give you as much helpful criticism as I can. You have a promising game here, but you need to focus less on trying to make sure it's not too easy, but that comfortable mix between the two. As it stands, this is paramount to an almost kaizo hack.
  6. Chimpo


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    It looks like a TAS run. No person would be able to pull off those moves on the first, or even third run through. You would have to really like this game and dedicate some time learning the layouts to pull any of that off safely.
  7. NHY


    OK, having let this sink in, its time my own review.

    Sonic Boom to me, literally came out of nowhere. I only heard about it for the first time when I was reading the results of the annual hacking contest. The praise being placed upon it by the judges convinced that I needed to get this as soon as it became available to the public. Thankfully, I didn't need to wait long, a one level demo came out the following the day and I grabbed it and played through it. Thankfully I didn't read the topic, it would spoiled the surprises in store for me.

    Where do I start? Should I even refer to Sonic Boom as a Hack? No, I don't really think I should, it transcends what one can call a rom hack. So many changes have being to the base engine, that I had trouble figuring out what game was used as a base on the first place! Its almost like a whole new game in its own right. All the other hacks I've played before this were basically extensions of the original Sonic games, with just some new graphics, music, layouts, moves and characters thrown in. This, I have to say, feels like a whole new game.

    Here, you take control of what one can only refer to as Sonic on steroids. He runs far faster than his original console counterpart. However, he is still as easy as ever to control, thanks the engine it was based on. He also posses a selection of new moves. A double jump, a dive, an airkick just to name a few. However, my first time playing through this, I only really used one move; The Double Jump. It is of interest to note that this move is the only major move that doesn't cost rings, all the other important moves cost rings.

    However, you don't need to worry as rings are plentiful in the stages but by god, do you need them. This game throws you straight into the deep end. There are traps galore, be it electric bars, badniks or even laser cameras. They also seem to be placed in annoying spots as well. This has led to some criticism from people and I can find annoying it but then again, the original Sonic games had booby traps as well.

    Graphically speaking, it is quite bland. I have to remember that this is still a work in progress and should assume that some graphics will be changed, especially the title screen. As for the one level. Its purely functional. It looks reasonable and gets the job done but its nothing to write home about. One thing I am assuming though is that the team wanted to give people a false sense of being underwhelmed for the little surprise that comes at the end of the zone. I also need to say that the act clear graphics are unsuitable, this isn't a Halloween game, guys! I'd normally only see that sort of text on Microsoft Word made adverts that are hung up around town!

    The bosses in this level look great and are very well implemented but by god, are they HARD. While I was able to beat the miniboss without help, I had to resort to savestates for Gorbichev, he was freaking insane and almost impossible to beat. Thankfully, seeing that the difficulty is revved up so high, the concept of lives is removed from the game completely, allowing you infinite tries.

    Then, just when you thought you were done the game surprises you with Act 3! Honest to god, the first time I got this, I wasn't ready and got my ass fried! Its basically an escape level and it more frustrating than hard as one screw up can mean instant death! But damn, its a neat twist. They could have so easily ended things with defeating Gorbichev but they added this twist in and I loved it!

    Musically, its pretty good. The soundtrack consists of mainly Megaman X game music. I was quite pleased to be hearing music from Megaman X6 in this game as I think its soundtrack is under rated. I did not like, however, the use of the Sonic Boom music from the US version of Sonic CD for the title screen and credits. Yes, I know its called Sonic Boom but in comparison to the Megaman X soundtrack, it is lame and out of place.

    So overall from a technical standpoint alone, it is a major milestone in rom hacking in general, not just in Sonic. Brutal Mario is known for its new bosses but doesn't modify the general Mario World engine much. This has both major engine changes AND new bosses to boot as well. But what say for gameplay? I like it. Its possible to get through the demo with only using the double jump, the other moves are there for speed runners and when you come back for more. I will say you'll either like or hate it as it is such a drastic change from what your used to to but even, those who don't like it can't deny its technical brilliance.

    I very much look forward to what the future holds for Sonic Boom. My congratualtions to the talented team who brought this together.

    My Rating

    Technical - 10 / 10
    Gameplay - 9/10
  8. Dude


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    Now that you mention it, I'm starting to think that's the purpose of the new moves. It's like choosing a motorcycle versus a bicycle, sure the bicycle will get you there, and its hard to kill yourself on a bike, but a motorcycle gives you more power and control, but there's more experience required. The idea is so you can get more 'TAS'-esque gameplay.

    Its totally a guess though, so feel free to disagree.
  9. MDave


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    Great hack! The acts weren't too hard for me on my first and second play through once I figured out the tricks and gimmicks, which I find refreshing :)

    Although I can see why some don't like it because of the difficulty in some parts of the game (especially the bosses).

    I can't put things into words too good, but what it looks like to me, and espacially after seeing that video snkenjoi made, is that the game was made this hard on 'accident' because the developers play the game so damn much when testing and developing that they forgot to make it easy for those that never played it. It's made this hard so the developers can enjoy it, and this is a trap I've come across myself when I was developing Kurok (a totally unrelated game to sonic, but it's still about games development) I had no testers besides myself ;). But I made the game for myself, so I didn't mind the difficulty.

    Now the question is: Are you going to change the game to be easier and take on board what those that never played it until now said, or keep it as is?

    Again, excellent work :)
  10. Banoon


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    Yeth (hack)

    An absolutely great hack.

    The first act was kind of underwhelming, and a bit frustrating due to the sheer amount of obstacles. But once I got to the boss, it became pretty fun. The first boss was kind of easy, though it still required far more timing and skill than any boss from the official Sonic bosses I'd ever seen. It was a nice introductory act, but it left quite a bit to be desired.

    The second act was slightly better; less linear, more maze-ish. It kind of reminded me of Sonic CD's Metallic Madness Act 2, only without the mini-puzzles. Still, it failed to reach much higher than slightly above a lukewarm experience; that is, until the boss. Wow, the boss. Just amazing. With its absolutely insane attack patterns, huge lifebar, and intimidating hugeness, it was a real challenge. Nevertheless, it was the kind of challenge that just made you want to keep going, rather than shutting it in frustration. Took me about 8 tries before I finally killed that thing. And when I beat it, I felt a special, awesome kind of satisfaction that puts you in a real good mood. (I'm not known for being a masochistic gamer; the hardest game I've played was Super Mario Bros 3, probably the only other time I've felt this satisfaction.)

    Act 3 was also really intense, really insane, yet somehow really, really fun. I've played this level about 20 times, but I've still never beat it. Until I beat it, this level, to me, is kind of an arcade mode to see how long I can last. (My record is 58 seconds, by the way.) Still, it was incredibly fun and kept me on the edge of my seat, in full concentration, the whole time. And I will beat it, just you wait.

    I only have a few complaints. First, the new moves are completely useless, with the exception of the double jump which I used religiously; I didn't have to use any of the others, even during the bosses. Second, the level art is kind of bland (except act 3, which looked really cool). And third, some of the enemies are really cheap hits, in particular the electric ones. Besides that, this game is a really awesome hack that I can't wait for the final release of.

    Pros: Impressive technically, epic boss battles, Act 3.
    Cons: Lifeless level art, cheap hits.
    Bottom line: Make more please.

    EDIT: Woo! Finally beat Act 3. This is probably the first hack that's made me treat it as a game, rather than a mere Sonic hack. Now to eagerly anticipate the next zone.
  11. bookman the stinky

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    When I first saw the icon on Tweaker's YouTube, I thought it was just some weird fangame that he's taken to his liking.


    Everything about this game is right.
    Don't feel like putting my review in, mainly because it's 3:00 in the morning and I've seen about 10 reviews so far in this thread.

    But I will say this:
    The minute I landed on Blaze Heatnix's music in the sound test, I came so hard that I made Old Faithful look like an old water fountain.
    The music selection is incredible. I can't wait to see what some of these songs will go to in the finished result.

    Keep up the good work!
  12. iojnekns


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    More interesting reading. I'm liking the "be a reviewer" tone that this thread is starting to take, even though some of them are a real slap in the face (cool!). One thing I've noticed is that we seem to be being judged against a higher standard than other hacks - I don't know whether this is because of the Contest judges hype or because of our own presentation, but I've never seen any other 'my first hack' enjoy quite as much scrutiny. People treating it, and referring to it as a game. This is nice.

    Couple more thoughts that I've had while reading - I don't know if you people actually care, but hell, I like talking about this hack too, so while you're sharing, I might as well :) With regards to the moves and the combat - the intention was never to make a moves set that is actively required. Theres been a lot of "well I can get through the zone without using x move," which is fine. The moves are simply there for fun. One thing that bugged me about Megamix, is the "push B to kill" nature of the homing attack - the combat equivelant of hold right to win. I would find myself just out of reach of a ledge, if only there were an enemy sat at the top, Sonic would sail up there to kill him. In Boom, you aim yourself - you can chain the moves almost infinitely to fire in almost any direction. You have to control your arc, line up shots at enemies yourself. And instead of being sitting ducks, the orbi's are tricky. They require paitence, timing, and a good aim to pop. I like this. Its hard, much harder than "press B to kill" or "lunge into the fray," but its ME that gets the kill, not trigonometry. Me. Leaping up and firing diagonally like a tennis serve at the perfect time to sail between the orbs!

    You may be surprised to learn that actually, most of us, me included, haven't even played Megaman. In all honesty, I have no idea what track is from where. I said to the music guys "I like metal, I like guitars, I like guitar solos, I like fast double kick drumming." They brought me that stuff. I honestly didn't care where it was from, I simply said "thats a great track, lets do it" or "don't like it." I guess if you're familiar with the Megaman series, the songs are already loaded wtih meaning.

    Regarding the emptiness of the levels - this is something that will hopefully become less of an issue as the game progresses. The reason? Other hacks have the luxury of having an entire library of Sonic Team's badniks premade to populate their slightly edited GHZ - cosmetically different, but in practical terms, identical - so they are teaming with life drawn by professionals getting paid. We didn't want to do that, so, with the exception of the rollbug (qiuu has a rollbug fetish) populating our levels takes considerably more effort - particularly in PPZ which represents us learning by doing! I think we've come quite a way to doing this, but apparently its not enough for some of you. Thankfully, we are not developing for you, but for us - although if you want to start paying us, maybe we'll start listening :v: Future levels, will hopefully abandon ports altogether and feature exclusively custom enemies.

    EDIT: A quick note on the camera - if Sonic is outracing the camera, its not because we didn't try, it means that the camera is moving at the maximum possible rate. The current incarnation of the game cannot draw to the screen fast enough to keep Sonic in frame. Something will have to be done about this in future as the amount of trouble (and therefore the speed of running) is liable to increase!

    A few points I'd like to address directly:
    jasonchrist: Yes, this is Sonic Retro, but honestly, I don't want to play another Megamix or advanced edit. I've never played a sonic game after Sonic 3&k and I hated Sonic 1, so I don't really have the concept of non-retro sonic - I don't see how this doesn't qualify. It runs on a genesis! And, your view was very balanced, I appreciate your praise even if you didn't enjoy the hack so much. Fun review to read.

    Metalknuckles: Actually Gorbichev has 4 stages with a couple of different possible routines for each stage. The thing I loved about the boss when qiuu and snk first showed me some early versions of it, is that it seemed so unpredictable. Unlike the layouts, or any other boss I've played, I never got stuck in a rut playing it, no two fights were the same. After a few plays you start to recognise the patterns and fight accordingly (rolling around and jumping randomly might be Tweakers tactic, but I like my rings!) - but I guess if you hate it so much you aren't going to play enough to find him easy.

    MDave: I think your theory regarding the hardness being an accident probably holds more truth than we'd care to admit, but honestly, I knew it was hard. snkenjoi is 95% robot, so don't think we all play like he does. We felt each feature come in one at a time months apart, so we were very slowly introduced to the difficulty. I expected it would be hard for beginners, I just expected people to practice a bit, but then, this isn't usually necessary for playing a hack, you can often complete it first time, so I'm not too surprised.
    As for taking things said on board? Well, clearly I have some unusual tastes. If we were to change Boom to cater to these criticisms, it would be a hack that everybody would love, but that I would hate. Why would I pour time and passion into a hack that I hate? For a few more "well done"'s on a message board? A lot of you hate my favourite aspects of the game and if we removed everything some of you didn't like, we'd be left with Sonic 2, hahahaha. We will continue to make Boom the way we want it, and if the rest of the universe hates it, we'll sit and take it on the chin :)
  13. GT Koopa

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    So, we all argree this is "Brutal Sonic?"

    -Crazy over the top ASM bosses, objects, cutscenes that push the bar of what can be done
    -level design that everyone and their mother say is bland, bad enemy placement, etc
    -Will be Lets Played countless times, just look at the youtube videos of people playing through the game that have been set up already.

    If ever this game got a name change, "Brutal Sonic" would be it, or at least as a nickname.
  14. Stink Terios

    Stink Terios

    What GT Koopa said is true. I don't know if this hack will become massive like Brutal Mario, but it's a precise analogy.

    @Iojnekns: You never played any Mega Man game? O_O
    You should play them, I assure that you will like at least one of the games. After all, it's the series with the largest amount of games ever created.
  15. Jayextee


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    Or, given;

    Brütal Sonic? =P
  16. Emerald Spirit

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    Well I've given it a few playthroughs and more than a few thoughts, formed my own opinions, and decided the only way I could do it is in segments.

    First off, the title screen seems a little...empty. The music's good, and the firey banner thing behind Sonic and the title is nice, but it just seems like more could be done. It really doesn't seem to set you up for the feel the game has, at least, in my head. Also, the snkenjoi and iojnekns doesn't show up unless you leave the Sound Test screen. Not aware if that's intentional though. Anyway, next was the Sound Test/soundtrack. I was giddy upon seeing all the Megaman and Megaman X tracks. Bonus points there. Especially for the conversion of Counter Hunter stage from X2. Fuck yes. The X7 Sigma Phase 2 is so damn good, I enjoy it more than the original, and would kill for the vgm to listen to.

    Then I started the game. Started with Grab Bag, and I frowned a little. But I'm a Megaman fanboy so ignore that. First thing I see are the new sprites. The blue might be a bit too dark, but overall, I likey. A little thing I noticed is that when Sonic curls into a ball, the spikey one seems to be facing the wrong direction. So then, I run forward and HOLY SHIT I GO FAST. Maybe too fast. It doesn't seem to be a problem most of the time, but when you reach enemies sooner than you expect, it kinda screws you up. After a playthroughs, I got the hang of it, with a few mishaps. Took some time to familiarize myself with the moves, and they're useful...when you have the rings to use them. Most of the time, you're losing rings, especially in the boss fights, rendering the moves unusable. Which makes the bosses even harder, but that's an issue for later.

    As for the enemies, the new Orbinauts are a nice touch, and are actually killable without the Instashield this time around. The Rollbugs are a nice port, but the orange clashes a little bit. The camerabots, however, suffer from the exact opposite. They blend in too well. I thought they were just part of the level art until one shot me. Those might need to stand out a little more. Speaking of the level art, I don't wanna come off the wrong way, but it really does seem like a "first attempt" deal. Some parts are well done, like the floors and the support structures, the little tubes with electricity in them, and the large glass tubes. However, little things bug me, like the valve controls that face the player on some of the tiles. It looks a little misshapen, and while the large glass tubes are nice, I'm wondering what their purpose in a power plant would be, however, that's just me nitpicking.

    Anyway, I get through Act 1 and find my way to a miniboss. Oh I wonder what this could beA GIANT ORBINAUT SHIT'S AWESOME. Nice and a little difficult. I love hard games and hard bosses. He goes down, and it's time for Act 2. Yay, Blast Hornet! Lotta loops, lotta speed, lotta fun. Speeding down this slope and-...stuck at the start of the curve. Wow. Happens a few times. Interrupts the flow. I know it's a glitch with the original game, but even still, it's like a rude awakening. Act 2 itself is harder, but upon clearing it, I got the closest I've ever got to the ring cap without cheating in a Sonic game. Pass through the double gates and, oh, this music's nice. X7 Sigma, very nice, I wonder what this boss I-BIGGER ORBINAUT. Holy shit, this was fucking hard. My first time fighting him took very many lives, and even after 5 or 6 fights, I barely caught onto the fact there were orb formations you could pass through safely. Even still, this thing would be easier to fight if it didn't shove you past the screen lock. Or if I could hold onto enough rings to do the kick moves. FINALLY, when you kill the damn thing, the act ends. All right, Act 2's done and I'm don-...what.

    WHAT. Okay so it chases Sonic, blows up a generator, and then we're running from a giant wall of flame. Fuck me. Act 3 ended up sucking more lives out of me than the boss did. The burning Sonic death sprite was a nice touch, though, as well as the heat waves on the level itself. The sheer fact that the fire doesn't insta-kill you was a very good idea, because that would have been just impossibly frustrating. Y'know, this whole act reminds me of '06's speed stages, albeit, done right; IE. no insta-death. It's still pretty unforgiving though; you will die, that can be promised. If you get stuck on something for more than an instant, the flames will catch up to you, and unless you have a gigantic surplus of rings, you won't be able to escape. And fuck you if you hit a loop, it'll throw you right back into the flames. But once you finally get through it, it's so satisfying and so rewarding, it really was worth the 20+ deaths.

    All in all, I enjoyed this. However, I feel like it might help if the speed was toned down just a liiiiittle bit, except for Act 3. There, the speed can stay.

    Jesus Christ, did I just type all that?
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