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Sonic Boom TV Show Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by JaxTH, Nov 8, 2014.

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    Can we also bring up the fact that the show and the games seemed to have absolutely nothing to do with one another outside the setting and characters? Where does Lyric fit into any of that? There's time travel, does that factor into the show at all?

    They sunk what seemed to be a decent and funny show by tying it to a terrible game that didn't factor at all into it...
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    The first two Boom games were supposed to be prequels to the show. There isn't a ton of carry-over though, aside from the crew arriving on the island from the show and meeting Sticks in RoL, and the gadget Eggman obtains at the end. As far as canon goes, I guess Shattered Crystal comes after RoL since they already know Sticks, and Lyric is just sorta there.
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    Don't forget about Fire and Ice, and the episode with the character of said game, Defect.

    But yeah, the sub series is dead; the only thing it had was Stick the Paranoid Badger, and she was designed by Sonic Team themselves.
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    Sonic Boom. Rise from your I can tell you to get back inside. (Link directs to a Sonic Stadium article with sources.)

    Ivo Gersovich (Sonic series Chief Brand Manager in the Americas): "We plan to keep Sonic Boom airing and selling games, but at the moment there are no plans for a new Sonic Boom specific TV series or game."

    Bill Freiberger (former executive producer on the Boom animated show): "Well, those of you who have been asking about season three of the Sonic Boom TV series finally have an official answer from Sega -- There will be no season three. Sonic Boom is done."

    Writing was on the wall since 2017 at the earliest (S2 finished airing with no word on S3; main series was back in focus with Mania and Forces), but we now have some official closure I guess.

    Hopefully with the success of Mania, Sega can refocus their efforts towards concentrating on the two brands of Sonic they already have (Genesis/Classic, and Millennium [Adventure/Modern])...which IMO, is what they should had been doing in the first place. There's very little about Sonic Boom that could had been done without Sega going out of their way to create an entirely new label of Sonic.
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    Good, it's official that the series is over. Can we now get a Sonic Boom Complete Series DVD/Blu-Ray?
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    NCircle is releasing DVDs of the show on volumes though. The whole first season is on the two volumes of it. Don't forget that it's still on Hulu, yeah they didn't remove it even though they said so.
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    So... After nearly 4 years of waiting (No really, November 2016 was the original air date).

    Sonic Boom Season 2 is FINALLY being shown in the UK!

    Sky have uploaded the entire season to their Sky Kids channel/on demand service.

    As far as I'm aware Season 2 has never been shown in the UK. Season 1 got a tragic treatment here. First broadcast on standard def on a channel nobody had heard of. Then a few episodes were made available in HD months later.

    Season 2 never got shown here (or if it did only a handful of episodes got shown).

    But it now looks like the full season is finally available and is being advertised right on the sky main menu homepage too!

    Twitter pic cos mobile:
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    I wonder if it’s something akin to the distributors here just having a distaste for Japanese-based media in general. Could explain why anime and the likes is generally never licensed for display outside of North America: there’s some kind of stigma attached to it from those distributing and supposed parents complaining of it being too Internet-typical or something?
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    About almost a year and a half from this post to today, the day has finally come, the complete Sonic Boom series in a special Blu-Ray steelbook. Complete with 6 BD discs, lossless DTS Master Audio in English and Spanish, and a front cover illustrated by Adam Thomas Bryce of the IDW Sonic comics. This is absolutely awesome, can't wait to watch these again in such high quality for the first time and not watch them compressed! Images of the set is in the spoiler below.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Excuse me; season 2 is also in Spanish? Here in Spain, afaik, that season was never aired, so I don't know if it was ever dubbed. If it's LatAm spanish, I'll shut up because that would be a different dub, but I'd really love to watch season 2 dubbed by the VAs I know.

    Seems we got a similar luck with SatAm; season 1 seems to be on Prime Video now, but the other two seasons aren't, so I think they were never dubbed either. At least I know now that I can watch SatAm in Spanish again after almost 30 years (not sure if that's good news at this point, haha).

    Edit 2:
    Forget it, no SatAM. JustWatch lied.
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    That's interesting, if I'm not mistaken, season one dvd's released by NCircle were Spain Spanish and not LatAm. I'll try to see if maybe I can pull some clips from Spanish dubbed Season 2 episodes, hopefully this week maybe, and see if it's the same cast.
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    Did they finally finish rendering the animation as well?
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    What do you mean? If you're asking about the quality, I watched the few first episodes season one and it looked great, you could hear the various audio elements, like music and sound effects, crystal clear without audio artifacts, although I only listened to it through TV speakers but still sounded miles better than Hulu's compressed AAC audio.
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    I want it so bad.
    The packaging is very cool !

    In France, we only got a few DVD releases out of the first season :(
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    No need to get clips, just switch the audio and play the first episode of each season. Rise of Lyric also used the same VAs.
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    SatAM was on Movistar Plus a few years ago, but its gone now I think. Amazon Prime has AOSTH, Netflix has Sonic Boom and Sonic X ( But only seasons 1 and 2, and in Latin Spanish... odd, since all the 3 seasons were dubbed into Castillan Spanish back then). Only Season 1 of SatAM was dubbed too...

    Were you able to do this? It would be very interesting to know if it is there, it would be the only way to watch the Castillian Spanish S2 dub, as it never aired in Spain. S2 was released in Latin America, but never in Spain.
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    I haven't actually, but may be able to since I'm on break from school, kinda got caught up and forgot about this. My bads ya'll btw, I'll see if I can grab a capture sometime soon!