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Sonic Boom TV Show Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by JaxTH, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. JaxTH


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    Jack shit.
    That Blast Processing.

    EDIT: Spazz has uploaded episodes 2 and 3.
  2. TimmiT


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  3. Dark Sonic

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    I enjoyed seeing Tails go fast in that episode. That and the Blast Processing made me feel nostalgic :specialed:
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    Whoops, Retro stopped sending me notifications for this thread for some reason.

    Boomerang doesn't air in HD, at least not for me, so I'm getting them when they come on CN–and for some reason they aren't tagged as new on the cable guide, which is why I missed 202 at first.

    Anyway, the Gdoc should be current now.
  5. TimmiT


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    The new Sonic Boom episode is about an obsessive Sonic fan who writes a shitton of fanfiction and paints Sonic with tan arms.
  6. Felik


    Oh Sonic Boom and your endless stream of meta humor.
  7. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Amy: Sonic you always overdo it with the sports tape.

    When this show gets its humour right, it really is on point! Also, there was absolutely no mention of Sticks in this episode. I still haven't warmed to her as a character at all, and the "lol so random paranoid" humour only hits once for every 9 times it misses. I wish they'd just cut her out already, and I certainly don't want her to remain after Boom is finished with.
  8. I saw the episode and really liked it. The first episode that pokes fun at the strange side of the fanbase in a Sonic cartoon, when I heard how Mark the Tapir is like; I knew I would find him hilarious; he's pretty much that nutty lady from Misery. Heck, that entire sequence with Mark keeping Sonic captive in his home is pretty much Misery. (Note I haven't saw Misery so meh :/)

    I noticed some friends of mine not really liking how Mark is apparently like Chris-Chan but frankly, the only thing that has the slightest connection is that painting scene. Where Mark said he wasn't finished with the painting and had to work on the arms. It seems like people took that out of context and just added Chris-Chan into it. I guess it also doesn't help that the episode pokes fun at the strange aspect of the fanbase but it never flat out mocks it, maybe it's just on personal tastes or how people are more sensitive to jokes. I didn't see it as that big of a deal so meh.
  9. TimmiT


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    tbh when you take out the shock factor of "Sonic Boom referencing the fanbase wtf" the episode kinda sucks and probably isn't that funny unless you're familiar with what it's referencing.

    Also, I'd say the tan arms thing was a deliberate joke about Chris-Chan. There were some fans who complained about blue arms, but Chris-Chan was by far the most notorious for how crazy he went over the blue arms stuff.
  10. I can see some aspects being similar to Chris in Mark but he's not really "Chris-Chan the character" per say. I don't know, my head's not in the best place right now since I had to deal with a lot of the "controversy" with the episode on Twitter aaaaand it wasn't fun.

    Well I'm sure a good amount of people can still have a good laugh with the episode even if they don't know all the jokes on it. While the episode does poke fun at the Sonic fanbase, you can still correlate the shipping/fanfiction jokes with fandoms in general.

    And the painting scene was definitely a joke on how people weren't all for the Blue Arms and it just went nuts.

    Again, some people are probably just more sensitive on this kind of subject than others. All of this doesn't really bother me but eh, talking about this really did kill my mood.
  11. Turbohog


    Funny that they addressed the blue arm thing is this way. I still think his arms shouldn't be blue though. Also I look nothing like that Tapir or whatever he is. :colbert:
  12. Oh hai Mark! missed opportunity to reference The Room, that would've been amazing
  13. Blue Blood

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    Definitely don't think that it was. The point of the joke was that Sonic's arms were tan and therefore incomplete. Mark actually said they still needed to be done. If it was supposed to be a Chris Chan joke or anything more than a simple, non-specific commentary on design, it would have been more like "I painted your arms tan. Don't you think they look better this way?". It was a talking point of a lot of the fanbase, as was the sports tape for that matter.
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    Guys "he didn't finish colouring the arms" isn't a joke. And it's an episode about an obsessive fan. And fans complained about the arms not being tan.

    Like I guess I could maybe see it being a joke about how it looks more like modern Sonic but also come on this was an episode about an obsessive fan who writes fan fiction with multiple other references to the fanbase. You know what they were doing there.
  15. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    They were poking fun at the fanbase in general. That's obvious, and ut's funny. The tan arms incident was a joke, as was everything else. But there are lots of obsessive fans out there. The fact that we're even discussing this means that we qualify. The jokes were targeted at a very broad spectrum and apply to just about everyone. They weren't singling any one individual out.
  16. To help clear out the confusion if Mark was based off of Chris-Chan, I talked to the writer of the episode, Doug Lieblich, about it. This is what he had to say.

    Another thing from my chat with Doug, this is the only episode he has written for this season. He wrote the following episodes of Season 1:

    Blue with Envy (The episode with Swifty the Shrew, parody of the 90s in Boom form)
    The Curse of Buddy-Buddy Temple
    My Fair Sticksy

    He also did the teleplay of the very first episode of the series, The Sidekick, with that episode's writer, Mark Banker.
  17. Haalyle


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    Yeah, this was my exact thoughts as well. I don't know how enjoyable it would be for someone who hadn't really been invested with Sonic Boom.
  18. MartiusR


    And I've thought that second episode (from this season) was a serious letdown. Oh, I was wrong. Fifth is the finest example of a HUGE letdown and running out of ideas (on the other hand - whole season seems to be so far very boooring and painfully trivial). After watching it I had an impression, that it was like someone brought up this unfortunate idea during some "brainstorm" as a joke (just for breaking the ice), but eventually decided to make it real.

    Appareantly too "straightforward" references (to anything) are not the greatest solution, and definitelly not sufficient even for making short, 11-minutes cartoon.

    I'm not sure if I'm going to watch next episode. I don't see any signs of improvement so far.
  19. The next episode is written by Ian Flynn (and the episode after that is the scuba diving episode and the director for the show is writing that episode) so if that peaks your interest at all, I'd say give the next episode a shot.

    But as someone who loves the show, I'd say Season 2 has a lot of improvements so far. The animation budget seems to have increased since Season 1, all the episodes so far had really good animation so that's pretty great. Which goes into how the action scenes are well-done too, it's nowhere near as impressive as sequences in past Sonic media but for a comedy like Boom; they're pretty good. The writing is pretty solid in my eyes but I guess it helps that the writers has a better idea of Boomiverse so yeah.

    I'd say the weakest episode so far was Spacemeggdonocalypse but that's only because that episode had too many comedic pauses that it killed the pacing of the episode by a bit. I still found it to be a good episode.
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    Well of course they're not going to admit that they based certain elements/jokes on a specific person. :v: