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Sonic Boom TV Show Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by JaxTH, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Trunks


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    Is there anywhere to watch this (legitimately) online? I don't have cable.
  2. Molotok


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    And when there was singing, it was incidental and mildly humorous. You know, compared to DK doing a poor man's Cab Calloway dance while he crooned about the Crystal Coconut or a fatass Kremling reuniting with his pirate brother. I mean, I'm usually fine with singing in shows (I still have a few songs from season 1 of SpongeBob knocking about in my head every once in a while), but holy hell was that too much.
  3. Glaber


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    Oh guys, you arn't going to believe this, but Cartoon network use a fan render this time for Sonic Boom on their App. (the discovery picture)
    The Render used on an icon: [​IMG]

    And the actual render used: [​IMG]
  4. Chimera


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    That's almost as great as Sonia in Sonic All Stars Racing.

    The sonic fandom, the only one to produce such an exhorbant amount of art that it sometimes obfuscates the official material.

    And at some points looks like THE official material :v
  5. Josh


    Somebody on Reddit posted both episodes in HD. I'll have to watch when I wake up, so hopefully they'll still be up!
  6. TimmiT


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    Gene, me, David, Bartman and Scarred Sun wrote up our impressions of the episode for the front page:
  7. GeneHF


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    I knew the show had a low budget when I saw speedlines. The wonky lip synching also supports that.
  8. SomeSortOfRobot


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    When do you think that alternate universe stuff is gonna come into play? Or is that what the game is for?
  9. Spazz


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  10. Iggy for Short

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    The way the music had to pause during Sticks's obliterate bit made it even better.
  11. E-122-Psi


    Looked at the two first episodes. Well, that was....bizarre. This show is very wacky. I mean I usually prefer Sonic wacky, but this borrows a bit too much from current sitcomy trends like what they did with The Looney Tunes Show. AoSth was wacky, but it still kept structure to the point of keeping the 'Sonic stops Eggman taking over the world' formula. 'Sidekick' wasn't too bad, some of this might have potential, but I'm iffy about it so far.

    The characterizations aren't too bad on paper, I like Amy being The Heart type more and Tails seems less boring, a bit more of a smartass half pint. I agree with many that Sticks is irritating however. It's also a great way to have the games voice cast practice their roles, Robinson already sounds much better as Amy.

    In fairness Satam had a heavy influence on the comics to this day, and was intended to play part in at least two more games in a much heavier way (only one of which was a direct product of the show like Boom's). According to Penders SEGA also had big plans for Sally at one point too. Boom is getting it's heavy promotion but for now, is it's own product. Satam was too, but technically only because plans to go past that were pulled.
  12. JaxTH


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    Jack shit.
  13. Covarr


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    This show feels like one of my fanfictions in how stupid it is. I love it.
  14. MykonosFan


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    I would never ever in a million years do something illegal :v:/> but those links do work.

    I love the cartoon. That second episode is exactly what I wanted out of this series. Can't wait for more, and I am crossing my fingers they'll toss a complete season release out on DVD / BR once it's all aired, and not fiddle around with a ton of various episodic releases. But I know that's wishful thinking.
  15. TimmiT


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    To be fair, in the first two episodes he's in situations where he is rightfully unimpressed. In the first episode he's pretty much his happy self from Colours-Lost World up until Tails crashes in his plane, from which point on he's either worried about Tails or unimpressed with everyone who tries to be his sidekick, including Tails. At the end he acknowledges him trying to replace Tails was wrong.

    In the second episode he's either tired or rightfully annoyed/pissed because of Eggman. You can't really blame Sonic for the way he is in the episode, because Eggman is either trying to get him pissed off or to keep him awake for most of the episode. It would be weird if he didn't act like an asshole towards Eggman.

    I don't know if he'll continue to be like this in future episodes, but in both of these episodes there are reasons for why he acted the way he did.
  16. LordOfSquad


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    Finally watched an episode. I like Sonic being a snarky jerk, kind of reminds me of Andy from Mission Hill. The show was okay. Robotnik steals the show as expected / usual. Can't see myself watching it dedicatedly but I might catch an episode now and then.
  17. Willie


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    I, for one, love asshole Sonic. That was the best change the Colors writers did to Sonic; making him a cocky asshole again. Hell, even in that game, he wasn't that much of an ass. And as TimmiT said, Sonic had all the right to act the way he did in the first two episodes of Sonic Boom. As for the Wii U Sonic Boom game, holy shit, what the fuck happened during this game's development? How did it turn out this way?
  18. Retroman


    The TV series is so good! 2 episodes in and it's funny, nostalgic and awesome!

    Don't care what anyone else's negative opinions of it is. For those who diss the series, you got to stop being so nitpicky because it's making sonic fans look bad.

    Nothing is perfect, just give it a chance.

    Yeah, I know I went full fanboy mode but I'm sick of the nitpicky minority of sonic fans who hate everything.

    But the game sucks. Everyone who hates Sonic 06 is not a bad sonic fan.
  19. E-122-Psi


    Actually out of all the cartoons, this one is probably my fave for Sonic personality wise. He's neither too obnoxious and arrogant (Satam) or too infallible pure (Sonic X), he's a snarky showman, not afraid to speak his mind but has some warmth and clarity, he still feels very reserved even when pissed off by Eggman. Hell the first episode was practically a semi remake of Tails' New Home, one of AoSth's warmest moments (that and Sidekicked from the Earthworm Jim series, which was cool as well :P).

    For some reason Tails reminds me of Spike out of FIM, this sort of precocious, but dorky know it all type personality. I loved him getting flustered trying to prove he was made to be Sonic's sidekick. It's not quite all there, but he's far from the flat exposition piece he was for most of the games. He's also excelled over Sonic X's track record in ONE episode (he uses his fly ability as a prominent ability, he has a personality, he's close with Sonic).
  20. Chris Highwind

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    Not to mention that Sonic let Eggman stay with him without much complaint during the start of the second episode, and it didn't take much convincing from Amy to give Eggman a second chance. Sonic's still a nice guy, but throughout both episodes, he had some things going on where he was not really in a good mood (being worried about Tails, dealing with Eggman's antics, etc.)