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Sonic Boom (Games) Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Oct 2, 2013.

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    Skyler have I ever told you how much I love you?
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    Um... yes, actually. That would be fairly accurate.

    I would rather have something new and interesting that isn't that great than something stale and safe.
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    I'm gonna have to go with Gene on this one. Everything we've got is basically that one still. Not enough to put any strong feelings towards.

    Knuckles with fingers is a little unusual, yes, but being an avid fan of the comic, it's not something I haven't seen before. I'm indifferent about him being beefier that normal, for that matter.

    And is having a writer from My Little Pony seriously such a deal-breaker for some people? I mean, come on, even if I didn't like MLP, I wouldn't care if someone from it worked on it, because chances are, you wouldn't fucking know unless someone told you. Or you looked it up later.
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    sadly for the same reason those kids will not care about the redesign...

  5. Harmony Friends

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    I don't even like MLP but I feel like their writers can't be that bad. Without decent writing it could have never attracted the unintended demographic that it did. Also, it's worth noting that a lot of MLP staff worked on classic Cartoon Network cartoons that you guys don't retroactively hate by association, so I feel like that's a stupid reason to get riled up about it.

    Also, I'm going to be crazy and say that I'm looking forward to these character designs. The whole substantially different silhouettes thing is a basic tenet of cartoon character design that Sonic has traditionally been somewhat averse to. The lack of character design variation is, of course, what makes the "Recolor the Hedgehog" fancharacter segment of the community thrive. It's predictable and banal; bring on steroid Knuckles.
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    It would be cool if they made Sonic a girl and Amy a man, while they're at it. =P
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    Do you even lift, bro?

    Btw, I haven't seen anyone post in here yet but here is the showreel from the people that will be doing the animation:!/fr/page/11/showreel

    They have some cool pieces and some mediocre stuff too. I'm quite ok with the quality of most of their CG stuff, altough they don't seem to have quite nailed facial expressions, but other than that, they make pretty decent stuff.
  8. Harmony Friends

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    it's the whole gang Oldbie

    Hm, all in all, better than I was expecting. I guess it's kinda bad that I saw that they were French and immediately assumed that it was going to be worse than it was. France's animation industry has kinda gone downhill since the good old days, though. It's been, what, three decades since Mysterious Cities of Gold?

    EDIT: Yeah, three decades. Also, I'll be damned, they're making new episodes of that? That was my gateway drug to anime as a kid.
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    I dunno why people are bitching. It'll be just like old times: Shitty cartoons but great games! :v:

    Regarding Knuckles though- I'm all for redesigns, we all know Sonic Team has been creatively bankrupt in that area for a decade or so, but this...this just goes too far in one direction. They could have made Knuckles look beefier without inflating his body mass times ten, surely. The rest look fine from what I can tell, no distinctive design differences from the source other than Knuckles'.

    That said, I'll have to hold back my impotent fan rage until I get an actual look at the designs.
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    I'm personally less worried about what shows he's worked on and more about his actually output when writing for said shows, the writer in question is known for some of the most divisive episodes of FiM, especially Feeling Pinkie Keen. Could be worse, but not a good sign, I'd say.
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    But of course, it could just be a flaw of his writing episodes in the MLP universe. Merriwether Williams wrote some pretty divisive episodes of MLP (Mysterious Mare-Do-Well), but she was an absolute god back on the Spongebob writing team, being the one behind the best episodes of that series. You can't take a writer's episodes in one show and apply the quality to another.
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    Yes. Yes.
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    Why do people keep thinking the MLP writers are the writing team for Sonic Boom? One writer who worked on a few MLP episodes is confirmed to be writing for this show, that's it.
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    Sonic's spines are a bit different but nothing too overly concerning at this point - especially as they're shadows in this shot. The big concern is obviously Knuckles. I'm hoping that as was mentioned up-thread this ends up being reined in a bit Loonatics style if it turbns out to be a truely huge departure.
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    Honestly, I'd probably be okay with designs like this.
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    Who's that pokémon?


    It's Pikachu!

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    You know what, if anyone remembers my reaction to Sonic Generations and the level list, well I made this for shits and giggles. Not sure where else I could put it but here we are:

    But remember we only have one single screenshot from this, we're reacting over it quite a lot, perhaps we should just wait until we get more stuff from it before making a true opinion of it.
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    Seriously, what is the problem with Knuckles? He's descended from the Knuckles Clan I posted about before, it's not that far a stretch to think he could, y'know, end up looking like them at some point in the future. They are his ancestors, after all.
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    The Knuckles cosplayer reminds me of a Jersey meathead for some reason but whos the Sonic hottie?! Shes cuuuute~! ?

    So Mike Pollock is going around the various hot-spots where this VA confirmed article is being posted and is hinting that someone didn't make it. I don't think its him considering VAs don't acknowledge projects they arn't involved in only post about said project to deny their involvements, and hes been very vocal about the project. but I think someone isn't in this, question is who?
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    No, he's going around saying that people should wait until the official casting is announced. That doesn't mean that someone didn't make it, it means that he can't say anything.