Sonic Boom (Games) Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Azookara


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    Trailer was bad, but the gameplay looks like it might actually be pretty okay.

    Not buying though just because lol 3DS and lol Boom.
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    Looks like a trailer for a game aimed at kids that ties into a cartoon, so I'm not really going to judge the game by it. Echoing hope that we'll get a better idea from gameplay footage at E3.
  3. Fenrir


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    Let's see...

    Still a bunch of annoying collectables...

    Still the dumb shit like the submarine and other vehicles...

    Still worm running auto runner sections...

    Still Rival Battles with automatic as hell looking spring and boost pad set ups...

    Generic looking bosses with giant 'fuck me' arrows...

    ...Where's the improvement aspect of this suppose to be again? E3 better deliver because I'm not seeing a damn thing different here.
  4. Icewarrior


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    What upset me the most is that while Aaron made fun of the Mighty no.9 last trailer, this one barely show 25 seconds of gameplay with a lot of CG cutscenes intersections, that's not exactly daring and smart!
  5. Videos don't appear for me on retro :( (am using chrome) is there a simple fix for this?
  6. TimmiT


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    Does look like they improved the level design. It's a lot more straightforward now, with there being less of a focus on exploration and more on just platforming.
  7. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    Wow. It's nothing mind blowing, but it looks like a good bit of fun. Definitely an improvement over the maps from Shattered Crystal. The boss looks like fun as well. Also, it seems like they've left the whisker quills off Sonic's model like in SC, which is kinda cool. Not a huge deal though.
  8. Jason


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    It's certainly got polish. The level design and mechanics still feel, for lack of a better word, by-the-numbers. Platforming, change the water blocks from one state to another, automated speed section, maybe a character-specific block to do something with, repeat. It's all pretty meh. Functional, sure, but not a game I'm itching to get.
  9. Beltway


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    Bleh, all it looks like they've done is tweak the player's ground movement to move moderately faster in the context of gameplay. Aerial movement still looks very floaty, and it still has the same problem of Shattered Crystal of having binary sections of automated speed (and that's just a strung-together sequence of dash panels and bounce pads springs...I guess they are still adhering to Dimps' vision of 2D Sonic) and barebones platforming (with the levels being as large as they are are, one would expect to see a lot more than just enerbeam swinging over spiked pits and a few ice platforms to hop / air dash through).

    It looks like all of the supposed polish went into the game's graphics a la Sonic 4: Episode II, which are admittedly rather nice to look at. If only the gameplay had gotten as much attention.
  10. Dark Sonic

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    Alright so it looks kinda fun. Nice. It kinda makes me think of Sonic rush. Sonic Rush Boom perhaps.

    So yea I'll wait and see I guess
  11. Icewarrior


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    That gameplay video is much more relieving.
    Guess I'll consider preordering the game.
  12. MartiusR


    Out of curiosity - is preorder available only for US and Canada? I've made quick research in the internet, but I've found offers only in american shops (I'm not considering too strongly preorder at this moment, bonus disc with three episodes from TV series is a nice add-on though).
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    So Japan gets to have a much better trailer than we got
  15. Mendinso


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    You know, I'm listening to the voice of Eggman in that trailer... And I "think" that might be Akio Ohtsuka? It sounds VERY similar to Akio's performance of Gami Gami Maou in Popolocrois. Kotaro Nakamura voiced him in the recent Mario & Sonic game, but there's a possibility that he only filled in temporary.
  16. Herm the Germ

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    Given the game's delays and stuff, it could well be all the lines that needed voicing have long since been voiced and that this was Chikao Ohtsuka's final Eggman performance? Wouldn't be the first time such a thing happened.
  17. Mendinso


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    I highly doubt it. The biggest thing is that since Sonic Heroes, the Japanese voice acting would be recorded later in development (usually fairly late, from my understanding), where the English audio tends to be recorded first. This is probably especially true for the Sonic Boom/Toon games, since those were made specifically the western market (and Localization wasn't considered initially for the first couple games). Also, remember, Chikao Ohtsuka passed away in January of last year. There would've still been a ton of development time left on the game before the massive delay. So it's incredibly unlikely he came back.
  18. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    After watching Sonic X and playing every game since Adventure in both English and Japanese (I played Generations in its multiple languages too; there's just something cool about it to me), I'm pretty confident that isn't Ohtsuka. It's a very good imitation, but there's something just very slightly off about it. I can't really put my finger on it, but maybe it's just a little too "chill," like there's not enough variation in the highs and lows if that makes any damn sense. He nails the last couple lines though, it's almost note for note. The new VA, Kotaro Nakamura, is going to be a great Eggman.
  19. MartiusR


    Curiosity won with sanity - I've decided to try Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal on 3DS. Aaand it's not that bad as its reputation would suggest (although it's not 100% exact, since mentioned reputation was rather based on WiiU's version).

    Although I've got one big problem with this game - the unfortunate solution with emblems to unlock further levels. Maybe it wouldn't be that bad if additional emblems for "normal" levels would be granted for necessary amount of rings or time of finishing the level, but instead, there is this collecting blueprints and crystal pieces. And on those levels which I've already played I had an impression, that level design is almost intentionally made to not allow you to do more than finishing level and obtaining all blueprints in one attempt (and even this is problematic). I've got no idea how it works - in theory, with upgrade of minimap there are shown locations of crystals and blueprints. And yet - I had only once finished some level for the first time AND collected all stuff from one category.

    Other major lack - this completely unnecessary "jumping" between parts of levels. I swear, that in first two levels I had constant impression, that I've took the same part of level again (false, since there was just some similarity of beginning of new "segment"). Lack of feeling the "continuity" of the level is not a good way to make variety during gameplay.

    But other than that - I generally like it. The things like turning you back to last point before you fall into the water/goo and damaged your character or lack of possibility to use normal jump to destroy enemy robots is a bit controversial, but nothing I couldn't deal with. It has decent gameplay with jumping, running, destroying enemies and using special abilities (so first three things are quite standard, last one is not so fluent as in, for example, Sonic Heroes, but can't say that it's bothering me too much). I only wish that I could control my character with d-pad instead of this terrible "control stick". Oh, and there is a bit of this retarded humour from Boom Universe (which is always nice). Surprisingly, races with other characters and special levels with worm are giving me even more fun than classic levels (it's a shame though that you can race only with SI). I haven't finished it yet, but basing on what I've played so far (currently I'm finishing "ancient city" zone), it's ok.