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Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice (3DS, developed by Sanzaru)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Josh


    It is, but I still don't see why everyone shits on it so much. I thought Sonic Boom was a fantastic example of what the scene was capable of. The boss fights were technically impressive and hard as balls, and the level design and array of new moves and abilities made it feel completely unlike the cavalcade of cookie-cutter palette swaps and Green Hill mods that most people were doing. It sucks that it's been so long since the last public release, but in some ways, it's still unmatched by any ROM hack before or since.

    Edit: Wait, Sonic Boom is an officially-released current-gen game?
  2. Yash


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    Sonic Boom is alright. I mean, it's certainly nothing special, but it's functional and impressive for its time. It pioneered the endless runner genre in a way, if nothing else! And I always found something charming about Sonic's sprite.

    We're talking about this right?
  3. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    While we're getting all the jokes out of the way.

    Doesn't look terrible. Let's see how this plays out.
  4. Rosie


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    Sonic Boom is shit, just like all the other SatAM episodes.

    In other news, every time I read this I giggle:


  5. You guys just don't get it. SEGA is showing us how bad a Sonic game can be, so that when they release Sonic 06 DX next year, that we'll fall in love with it. It's so obvious :v
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    Look, let's just knock it off with the Sonic Boom bashing. At least SEGA still cares enough to organize an event where people can meet up-- the joke is I'm talking about the convention.
  7. Blue Blood

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    How the hell this managed to slip by literally everyone involved I'll never know. They could have come up with any number of other names, like "Defect" for example, to avoid writing fekt repeatedly in a Sonic game.
  8. Nova


    Underrated post.
  9. TimmiT


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    Ruby has been answering questions on NeoGAF, starting with this post. Quotes with his answers:
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    My main concerns are if the characters still have annoying grunt for every action they do (instead of a little more variety ala 3DS Generations) and if the whole run button thing are still things.
  11. What's this? The devs actually being somewhat intelligent by having movement based somewhat on momentum? Yeah I sincerely doubt that. 100% sure the run button will still be a thing.
  12. Neowl


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    Love it. That film is seriously the gift that keeps on giving!

    On to Sonic Boom - I tried the demo of SC and couldn't get on with it at all, and if this is more of the same, then I'll most likely be skipping this altogether.

    If SEGA really wanted to make a Sonic Boom game, then why didn't they actually make something that ties in with the TV show, rather than something that only shares the name and characters? I know there's not a whole lot of plot in the show, but they could at least attempt to tie-in with content that IS there in my opinion. Oh wait, SEGA? Good decisions? Never mind.
  13. TimmiT


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    They actually do seem to be doing that with this game. The cutscenes are done by the studio that also makes the TV show, and there is at least one character from the show in the trailer.
  14. The KKM

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    was expecting it to be the BLBLBLBLBL drownings but that'll do

    EDIT: For what it's worth, the previous two games did tie-in with the cartoon too. RoL explains how Sonic and friends get to the Island where everything's happening, technically, and has some of the cartoon characters around as NPCs, although you can just ignore it; Shattered Crystal's writing is closer to the cartoon's and features the same locations (the houses and all), plus playable Sticks.
  15. Spinksy


    So Sega saw that Sonic Boom is the worst selling Sonic game to ever be released and thought 'lets make a sequel'

    Yet when they released Sonic Generations to great reviews and reactions they instantly say 'no sequel'

    Sega you continue to astound me with your stupidity...................
  16. Hez


    Give me some Sonic Worlds gameplay for modern sonic in a Generations sequal, and you can gladly take 100 bucks out of my pocket. That shit was gold.
  17. TimmiT


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    Except Sonic Boom was supposed to be a franchise from the start, while Generations was something for the 20th anniversary. Also, I'd rather have Sonic Team come up with new worlds rather than remaking old ones.
  18. Machenstein


    I only hope it has physics. It's been a while since a Sonic game had those.
  19. LockOnRommy11


    The games have probably sold worse since SEGA made it obvious that Sonic is generally aimed at kids. No matter the game, no matter the series or sub-series, it all seems to be going that way. Surely that can't be helping.

    What also doesn't help Sonic is that there's never consistency of how a Sonic game should play. People want to play Sonic games in the style of 2D Sonic. People don't care about the actual character of Sonic nowadays as much as SEGA think they do. Generally, people care more about Classic Sonic - he's the one on all of their merch. What I see in shops isn't Modern Sonic, it's Classic Sonic. I've got Classic Sonic T-Shirts, a breakfast bowl, a car air freshener, a drink mat, a plush doll, a super awesome Classic Sonic mug, a little brick-built Classic Sonic, Classic Sonic key ring, and more. I don't get these from game-related shops, I just buy these from general stores as they're all over the place. I don't even have to look.

    Modern Sonic, however, is everywhere in toy shops. He's all over kids magazines and stuff that only kids would see.

    SEGA desperately need to take a leaf out of Nintendo's book. How is it that Mario - an inherently 'childish' brand - can be aimed at people of any age with little effort? I'll tell you; They play on the series' history to entice people to play the games through their marketing. Not only are the Mario games fucking excellent quality every single time, they ooze substance and style, and play how people expect Mario games to play. Mario hasn't changed design at all since Super Mario World, despite becoming 3D. People know what to expect from Mario.

    No one knows what to expect from Sonic, and to sink £40 in to a game they're not even sure they'll like when they could be playing the latest Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Zelda, Mario, or whatever doesn't seem like I good idea to players anymore.

    As a massive Sonic fan, even I'm not too bothered by the games recently. They've fucked up and then totally disregarded Sonic 4, they've not expanded on Sonic Generations, they could have made Sonic Lost World a fairer game, and they're not even bothering with ports much anymore. Where's Sonic 3 & Knuckles? Where's enhanced ports of decent games like the Sonic Advance series? What the hell happened to the interesting characters? Sure, we didn't want to play as them all the time, but the Sonic world sure is dull recently.

    What has a Sonic fan got to be excited about?

    Not much, I can tell you.
  20. TimmiT


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    I wouldn't expect major differences from the physics compared to what they were like in Shattered Crystal. Same engine and such.