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Sonic Blitz

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by RGamer2009, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. Shadow Hog

    Shadow Hog

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    Oh come on, he's not THAT slippery in the default values, even if they could use a bit tightening up. Stopping INSTANTLY in a game all about momentum just has no excuse.
  2. Phos


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    I'm curious if the deceleration in that video is the result of letting off the stick or if it's animationless screeching. Either way, the physics look way too SA 2-ish.
  3. I got tired of the old rocket icon and made a new one:
    Use Resource Hacker to replace the old Blitz3D icon. It should be pretty straight forward, but I wrote some instructions just in case.

    0) Copy your exe file (your compiled game), and rename it to "Sonic the Hedgehog_backup.exe"
    1) Open "Sonic the Hedgehog.exe" in Resource Hacker and click the plus sign next to "Icon".
    2) Click the plus sign next to "1", then click the object labeled "1033".
    3) From the top, click "Action" then "Replace Icon".
    4) In the new window, click "Open file with new icon" and navigate to where you saved the new icon.
    5) Click "Replace" at the bottom.
    6) "Icon Group" in the main window will open to show you the icons.
    7) Click File and Save to make the changes permanent.

    If the folder which contains your exe file was open while you did this, close it and re-open the folder to ensure the icons get refreshed. Resource hacker should make a backup of the old exe file by default (named Sonic the Hedgehog_original.exe), but I had you make an extra backup in step 0 anyway, just in case.

    Use Resource Hacker on your compiled game. Do not modify your Blitz3D program files.
  4. Azookara


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    Dissapointingly I believe that's him letting go of the stick, but Bagjac says the controls feel incredibly solid compared to ordinary BlitzSonic, and that it feels like you blend together SA1 and SA2 with the physics of the Genesis games. Also to note he was using a gamepad to test it.

    I'm just happy that we could edit Sonic's deceleration. And yes, the decel actually does look a little tight, since it is sort of an instant-stop rather than a split-second stop I see in SA1.
  5. Jayenkai


    Blitz = Rocket icon!
    That's how you know!!

    (Well, that and the fact that the EXE runs happily on everyone's Windows system, without needing a piles and piles of stupid runtime environment garbage installed first!)
  6. ICEknight


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    lawl Sonic on high heels.

    Fuck, I remember this engine having an awesome classic Sonic model, what happened to it?
  7. Azookara


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    I didn't like that model too much.. however, there was another classic-styled one that looked absolutely beautiful; I wonder what happened to that one?

    And it is true, ICEKnight. =P Another retarded thing SA2 brought to the table: the SOAP shoes. Sure, they look cool, but do they look good on Sonic? =P
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