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Sonic Before the Sequel Aftermath

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by LakeFeperd, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. I just now got around to trying this game out for the first time. It said there were joypad controls, so I got out mine and set it up.

    Even if you don't decide to make it an update for this game (although I would love it if you did), could you consider making customizable controls a possibility in future projects? I ended up having to play with a somewhat awkward control scheme, and I ended up being completely unable to pause the game or even access any sort of menu to save. (oh god I hope this game auto-saves) If I could have edited the controls to make it so pause was Start, jump was X, special ability was Circle, and switching abilities with the shoulder buttons, I would have had a much easier time.

    As a side note, I accidentally found what I'm assuming were ability debug buttons when searching for a pause function. It was kind of funny when I had the Boost ability and was talking to an NPC. Every time I hit a button to advance the text, Sonic did that little sonic-boom animation for triggering the boost, making it almost seem like Sonic was impatient enough to scare the shit out of that poor little bird to get him to hurry up.