Sonic ATS - Released!

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    For anyone praising the music bear in mind it's just Naofumi Hataya's "Sonic3 MegaD Mix", which can be found on the 2009 album, "True Colours - The Best of Sonic The Hedgehog - Part 2". I do believe it was in GEMS collection too.

    Also, this trailer is great. The gimmicks look fun and it just shows an outstanding amount of work and quality. Looking forward to it.
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    Love how the trailer is synced to the samples in the music :v: And the Sonic sprites are nice, too. They remind me of an edit I saw to Mario's SMW sprite.

    Bubbles made me laugh. Oh, you went there.

    Is this seriously just you and Falk for the most part? Because churning out an updated version to an already-fantastic fangame, and simultaneously creating its sequel to be just as awesome, is mind-blowing.
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    This look awesome Lake! One question though. Did you custom create those sprites? Maybe its just me, but at a glance, that sprite kind of looks like like jason's classic hybrid set.
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    wow, thanks for all the support, really

    I don't know where it's used in the GEMS collection but it was used for a menu in Sonic Classic, I think

    maybe it's because of the video quality
    I did the same on BTS and it didnt felt so big compared to the sprite

    the title screen will probably be changed sometime during the development, it did on BTS
    and yes, I know about the overuse of blue

    it was some kind of collab between me and P3DR0, he did the first frame, I edited it and did the rest of the poses

    EDIT: oh yeah, did anyone discovered what is the little "secret" at the end of the trailer?
    people in sfghq probably already know
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    Dude, you earned it. Not only are you talented and dedicated to your work, you also display utmost humbleness and that is something RARE in the fangaming community.
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    You're also remarkably quick at making fangames. While that is largely due to the Sonic Worlds engine, Sonic fangame projects generally take forever to make. You on the other hand were able to BTS in what, less than two years despite the fact the game had over 30 levels? While some of the levels in that fangame were noticeably better than others, it was still a really fun fangame that I had a blast playing and its sequel looks like it'll manage to outdo it.


    I'm surprised BTS doesn't have an entry in the Sonic Retro wiki. It deserves it.
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    ATS is so rich in gimmicks, and you pump out gorgeous graphics very quickly. Is there anything you would recommend to other developers of how to come up with such fresh ideas?
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    wow, thanks
    but there is a lot of other people like that, especially over sfghq

    well, pretty much everything fan game related is very outdated on the wiki, isn't it?
    the page for SAGE still says that the 2011 SAGE is still under planning :v:

    umm... "Look at your avatar, it's moving up and down... like... a piston... and a piston has something to do with hydraulics... or can launch you up in the air... or block your path.... or crush you..." and the list goes on
    for a better example: This = This
    and for graphics and tiles... well, just get a paper and draw random stuff until you find one that suits your level
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  10. Wow this is just looking really amazing. I'm loving the look of these levels, especially the level showed from 1:51-1:57 and then again at 2:35-2:41. Something about that level is just really making it stand out to me though all the levels are looking great. Only thing that seemed kind of odd to me is Sonic's jumping sprite when he's going down the sand-falls. The sprite looks fine everywhere else but it just seems weird in those sections. Maybe because he's dropping slower down the sand-falls. Other than that minor little thing this is looking awesome.
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    I love the sheer amount of creativity squeezed into this. A trailer for a video game should be a bit like a promise of a trip to Disneyland - a promise that you'll be able to do tonnes of fun things in the near future. And you've nailed that.

    It's so refreshing to see Sonic levels that aren't predicated on just being more of the same. I can't wait for SAGE!
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    This might very well end up being in my top 3 completed fan games. Nice job! Those walk frames look rather tasty.
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    For the secret at the end of the trailer is Tails caught and than being taken to Dr. Robotniks/Eggmans base to be roboticized? Maybe Metal Tails? And no, I didn't look at SFGHQ, if I'm right.

    Also, love the stuff you're doing. Too bad your fangames become really laggy after a while. For me anyway.
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    Playing through the demo again, I really really have to say, the badnik placements have gotten much better than (at least the first few zones) of BTS. That and derpbubbles = winner.
  15. You've done a really good job with pretty much everything so far. The graphics are great, and the gimmicks are well used. I'm looking forward to a final release some day :D. Oh and the bubble chain in the trailer <3.
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    this is the "secret", not sure if all of you will understand but it's a hidden power up.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    still in development

    thanks again for all the support, really :rolleyes:
    I did really got the feedback from last year's release of BTS and I'm really trying to make it even better

    btw, I've made some kind of question in the post with the trailer, not sure if anyone noticed it so I'm quoting it
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    What I love about the gimmicks (which are numerous and look fun to play with not just an object that gets in your way) is that they are so simple, for example a giant spring - such an obvious gimmick when you think of it, but I haven't seen it - though I cant say for sure it's not been done in some form - and yet you'd it makes perfect sense and glad this game is designed in such a way where it has gimmicks that are not complicated or gameplay changing such as platforms that appear and disappear in a storm, and put them to such good effect. Really loving everything I see from this topic.
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    Here comes Mr Lange with his own music for ATS. I think Falk is going to be remixing these to keep the musical style consistent across the soundtrack. I can't wait for that. This is my only music contribution so far, the rest is still Falk's original work. However that basically means these original, Genesis-ish style versions will go unheard. So here they are.

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    Damn, Lake Fepard. I love the sheer ecclectic-ness of your levels.

    Your graphics are so much richer than a straightforward 'this is an ice stage' or 'here's the de facto green-hill-zone'.

    I imagine I would take real pleasure in being like 'where did that water come from?' and 'why is everything upside down?'

    It's more lifelike that way. At least, life as I experience it.
  20. Klaypersonne


    Wow. I didn't realize there was a thread and a playable demo for this game until about half an hour ago. LakeFepard, you are amazing. I just played through the demo, and watched the trailer and this is leaps and bounds ahead of BTS. The badniks are better designed, although in the demo they seem to be largely monochromatic; for example, the flying Motobugs are all shades of blue, the Buzzer missles are all red, but I really love the little spinning guys. And little animals come out of the robots when they're destroyed. That's fantastic, and a much clearer link to the classic games. There's a better sense of contrast amongst the level graphics, so the progression through the stage makes more sense now. Lastly, I quite like the ability to play as Tails in the same levels as Sonic. It makes the zone layouts seem larger, and more interactive, although you accomplished that pretty well in BTS with the character specific zones, too. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to playing more!