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Sonic ATS - Released!

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by LakeFeperd, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Yeah, I can understand why you wouldn't put credits in, else it would spoil the surprise.

    That last bit about the guy is pretty sweet. xD I just hope he wasn't disappointed that she looks different now.

    I know you meant it as a homage, so I'm quite flattered. Thank you. ^_^
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    It was amusing when Shad found it right there while just mucking about the game. Come to think of it, he broke the game pretty well on stream quite a bit. :specialed:
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    That's what I do.
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    Hey, for the Star Ring in Moon Mansion, should I be looking more towards the beginning or the end of the level? Don't spoil where it actually is, though.

    (By the way, Moon Mansion is referred to as Castle Zone in the Special Act Select screen.)
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    This is the closest we've had to a classic Sonic style game since 1995 (aside from a couple fangames) because Sega has all but obliterated their roots and forgotten everything. The execution in ATS was superb and the aesthetics are organic and true to the original Sonic games. Issues with physics are due to Sonic Worlds, but it still holds up plenty well enough that the game is fully playable with only a few nitpick. I composed for this game because I knew it would be a great match and a worthwhile project to make music for, and I think the other musicians agree.

    Your complaints are extremely isolated details that are part of a complete picture, and when you look at the whole picture, everything works great.
    The problem isn't the game, it's you. I don't think Sonic games are even your thing.
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    I'm not particularly bothered about emulating the sound of the Mega Drive - most people can't really get it right anyway (as was the case twenty years ago too) so it's better to do something fresh

    this stuff was catchy - ATS maybe isn't quite as memorable in this regard.

    But then it wasn't that long ago when you'd just have those same few MIDIs of Green Hill Zone in fangames so I always admire an original soundtrack

    Oh and top tip for the future - ASD is better than ZXC - doesn't affect me, but it doesn't always play well with AZERTY and QWERTZ keyboards
  7. Falk


    I'd say we've all improved far beyond where we were during BTS and a little bit of familiarity is involved here, but that's just my own opinion. I'm not saying I'm not proud of my BTS work, but quite frankly I don't feel that it really measures up to the stuff in ATS of similar genres.
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    I think both soundtracks are fantastic. So theeeere :v: In particular for this soundtrack, the standouts for me are Sugar Splash, Technology Tree, and Cyan City. Although, World to Explore is incredibly nostalgic, and probably my top pick, so a stellar job on that, KgZ!

    Still haven't found that Moon Mansion Zone ring, aaaargh. On the other hand, I've played all the other Special Acts, and I'm glad they're more varied (how did I manage to unlock all three snow levels first?). The music for Storm Station's special act is all over the place, though. + - The Act 2 part is fine, but the Act 1 part is almost painful to listen to. Sorry.   I'm also not a fan of Special Stage 7's mix for whatever reason. Weird, because in theory it's the kind of thing I'd love...
  9. Remember how you had to fail a platforming section to get to HHZs ring
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    I'm late to the party, but just in case anyone needs it, here's another ATS mirror.
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    Had a go through the game. Here's what I think about it

    Things that I like:

    -The levels are beautifully imaginative. They don't exactly fit in line with the classic genesis series design but that's obviously not what Lake was going for and I'm lovin' the style for it.

    Cocain Hill is one of the most original ideas in the history of Sonic fangames. Period.

    -The music. Goddamn. Do I have to even say anything about 'em?

    -How some of the narrative is told through the level design. Don't wanna spoil anything but the orange robotic Godzilla is awesome.

    -Some of the gimmicks.

    Things that bother me:

    -The questionable amount of glitches. Most of them aren't gamebreaking mind you, but I ran into some really annoying bugs, for example, on the Parhelion Park boss I got stuck on the end with the screen shaking because I didn't press the buttons on the right order, I didn't figure out what was going on until after about 3 retries. I tried to replicate the bug later on but it didn't seem to happen again.

    -Another thing that kinda-sorta bothers me is how the level design seems to be too random at times. It could have been a little bit more consistent with how the set pieces were presented or more subtle on how you transition from a fast-paced section to a slower more precise section.

    -The bosses. Some of them are okay but alot of them are where I found most of the game problems to be. They drag on for too long and some of them have unnecessary multiple phases.

    -The three act structure. I'll be honest with you here, I think the levels are quite cool but they get stale after three acts of the same thing and how lengthy some of the levels are only capitalizes on the problem.

    -Some of the gimmicks.


    The game is overall okay. It's defiantly an improvement from BTS but it still could've been better. It's still an interesting game and I think it's totally worth a shot if you have a few hours to spare.
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    I still haven't found that one because I don't fail platforming sections. fug

    Is Tails not supposed to get the sugar rush on Sugar Splash? Seems kinda odd that he doesn't get a speed boost off of it. (also no swimming animations for tails for shame)
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    If you're referring to the actual mix rather than the composition, I fixed it in the OST- it's was previously a bit thin and empty.
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    Well, Lake, I've got to hand it to you.

    Most people who make Sonic fangames never finish their fangame or their fangame is subpar. You've finished 3 Sonic fangames, and most, if not all of them tend to be treated as actual Sonic games because of their above average quality compared to other fangames, complete with unique soundtracks. I've really got to get back to beating BTS and ATS.
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    Well, we'll see when the OST is out, now won't we? hmmmm

    Also, now that the MYSTERY OF THE MOON MANSION RING is solved, I consider myself to have fully cleared the game! Apart from unlocking that mysterious Debug Mode...

    psst anyone wanna have a boss rush time attack?

    • 0:28
    • 1:41
    • 1:39
    • 1:00
    • 0:36
    • 1:32
    • 1:49
    • 1:11
    • 1:52
      total: 11:48
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    Just found this on youtube:
    It's a video with all of the cutscenes go check it out mac users.

    Edit: oops, next page. I feel bad for Blivsey soo...

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    Okay, I've been reminded of what I hate most about this game: Sugar Splash Zone Act 3. Dear lord, that was one great big pile of dicks. The gimmick was cool, but the execution was frustrating, especially the fact that you are forced out of ball mode most of the time when it hits, which is bullshit. It's virtually impossible to go through that act without losing your rings at least once.

    Edit: Also, Super Sonic is somewhat buggy with the beam powerup and with corkscrews in Cyan City.
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    Yes that was deliberate; I find that design choice hilarious. It sets apart their personalities in a way you might not expect until you think about it. Tails may be a kid but in some ways he's more mature than Sonic. Besides, Tails had the fuzzy modifier exclusive to him in BTS, so this is Sonic's turn. Tails has the advantage of flight anyway, so it's also hilarious to imagine Sonic hopped up on sugar zipping around maniacally while an annoyed Tails just hovers his way through the level. Indicated by one of the cutscenes as well.

    Nope, I have different plans for that now. It won't be in the OST but it won't be thrown out either.