Sonic at Wayside Farm Fun 2021

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    Wayside Farm Fun is a local thing we have around here. To my surprise, this year's theme was Sonic the Hedgehog in celebration of his 30th anniversary. We always go every year, but I felt I had to record the experience this time for the occasion. I split it up into four parts. There are some fairly modest Sonic-related things in each part for your viewing pleasure. My only regret is I didn't think to film landscape.

    It was not the greatest weather, so we limited ourselves somewhat to what we did. As such, they also did not do hayrides due to the conditions. Despite this, we enjoyed it.

    PART 1:
    We arrive!

    PART 2:
    We watch some pig races (with Hedgie the Hog, Piggy Tails, and others) and a pumpkin drop.

    PART 3:
    We do the Sonic-themed corn maze, with a set of (easy) Sonic trivia questions.

    PART 4:
    We see animals, play on the slide, shoot pumpkin canons (aiming at Robotnik), move the duckie down the stream, and go home.
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    Interesting! Corn mazes and related activities are very much a thing out here in CO, but pretty much only take on a general Halloween theme. Every single one I've been to.

    Any idea were the previous years' themes were?
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    They've always done a theme here. The first year they were opened, which was maybe 2013 (give or take), was Angry Birds. After that, they had Lego-styled superheros, football, military, nurses/frontline, I *think* Pokémon, and maybe one or two others I'm forgetting.

    With the hayrides, you van usually spot some more things out in the field that was related to the theme. So it's possible I missed some in my footage.

    And by the way, for anyone interested:
  4. This is cool!
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    Man I wish we had stuff like that here, but I live in a city. :V I'd have to travel to the rural parts of Missouri, and even then I'd doubt the cities around here would have video game themed events like this. It's a shame the weather was bad, but it looks like you guys enjoyed yourselves regardless.
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    Just joking.

    It’s cool that they wanted to celebrate the 30th anniversary.

    Thanks for posting.
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    I went to the farm today to get some pumpkins and took a couple pictures of the things I was able to (didn't pay to enter the main attraction like the last time). Just some close ups and different angles of Sonic and Tails. I also took a picture of those corn maze questions (both phase 1 and phase 2). I'll post some of the pictures here:

    Sonic 1:!Ak16NohIG5lsuqkDnoDbWwJQKVkdPw

    Sonic 2:!Ak16NohIG5lsuqkRG6nHi9UK6uc7dw

    Sonic 3:!Ak16NohIG5lsuqkPZ1___Ka-7BcAOQ

    Sonic 4:!Ak16NohIG5lsuqkMlY_co2DIxYE6Cg

    Sonic 5:!Ak16NohIG5lsuqkNA7h0xjtO0L-StQ

    Tails 1:!Ak16NohIG5lsuqkGTmcrFuC72Spp2g

    Tails 2:!Ak16NohIG5lsuqkIYg6Hh3Wy2TzRHw

    Tails 3:!Ak16NohIG5lsuqkKtazRqOeqLkTd1A

    Corn maze questions:!Ak16NohIG5lsuqknzzz8NyrTldZ2GA
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    Thanks for sharing all this, it looks like it was a great experience!
  9. Wildcat


    There should a farm/barn stage for the games. That’d be cute.

    Badniks based on farm animals that are those animals inside and Robotnik in some kind of tractor or field machine in a boss fight.