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Sonic Anniversary Symphony going worldwide

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by grantpa, Jun 23, 2021.

  1. Snowbound


    Has anyone posted a full setlist of today’s concert?
  2. Someone may have a more definitive but from the top of my head... (Things may not be in perfect order)

    Sonic 1 medley
    Sonic cd medley
    Sonic 2 medley
    Game gear medley
    Sky sanctuary medley
    Sonic mania medley

    Things get a bit hazy from here on, but the rest I can't remember the exact order but featured was:

    Open your heart
    Sonic and tails SA1 themes
    What I'm made of
    I am (Shadow the hedgehog)
    Chao medley
    Frontiers medley
    Frontiers "Don't Look Down" song
    First bump
    Endless possibilities
    Sonic Superstars theme (minus Jun's guitar due to technical issues)
    His world
    Aquarium Park mix with Planet wisp
    Rooftop run medley
    Live and learn
    Knight of the wind

    I think unless you're a fan of the following:
    Sonic R
    Sonic 3d (both vers)
    Sonic 3 (excl. Sky sanctuary)
    Sonic boom ost (lol)
    Sonic and the secret rings
    Olympic games
    Arcade sonic games
    Team sonic racing
    Anything Sega Superstars related

    Those are the few standouts of "stuff not covered". Everything else is represented in one way or another.
  3. Sai Start Marker

    Sai Start Marker

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    Hold up. Sonic CD medley? What's included in that?
  4. I think it was just Palm tree panic, Collision Chaos and Stardust speedway and Metal Sonic Race (JP /EU versions throughout). All of them were past, present and good future medley mixes. (Bad future versions would have transposed poorly to orchestra)
  5. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    They're aware that they fucked up.
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  6. Good to see this acknowledged. I saw some folks throwing emails at info@sonicsymphony email address and what not, but maybe worth sitting and seeing the response on Monday.

    I do wonder whether the fuck up was Barbican's side or their "Merchandising partner". I get that it's their first rodeo with the Tour, but if folks at next stops have booked in at the 8pm show (and there's a 3pm show again) then yeah; opportunity for it to happen again. If not, then it's on the Barbican's staff desk of responsibility.

    I get it though, if you'd gone to the 3pm show and told that it was all sold out for "that" show, you'd ask if they have any around the back just incase. Or, come back at 8pm and give it another go buying merch (and most likely beating the rush).

    I've come to terms with not getting anything though, it wasn't explicitly announced or confirmed, but it's a very bitter pill to swallow given the 3pm show wasn't originally going to take place in the first place. If there's an online shop, I'd like it to be exclusive to ticket holders, but I reckon it'll land in the SEGAshop if anywhere.
  7. Starduster


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    Damn, no You Can Do Anything or Cosmic Eternity? I feel like that would've been hyped bookends with the orchestral sound.
    Also, were the later orchestral pieces and the vocal tracks interspersed like the order you posted them?

    Honestly, maybe a silver lining to the whole merch situation could be a Sonic Symphony merch shop. I decided not to go to the show (both because I live further away from London now than I used to and I didn't think I'd really care all that much since I caught the original livestream), but seeing the clips making the round with stuff like everyone singing along to Live and, I really regret it. I really hope they do an encore tour in the future with venues more accessible to those in the midlands and up north.
  8. Falk


    Sonic the Hedgehog 1 Medley
    Sonic CD Medley *NEW*
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Medley
    Sonic Game Gear Medley
    Sky Sanctuary *NEW*
    Sonic Mania Medley
    Believe in Myself ~ It Doesn't Matter
    Chao Medley *NEW* *
    Rooftop Run *NEW*
    Aquarium Park ~ Planet Wisp *NEW*
    Sonic Frontiers Medley *NEW* *

    I Am... All of Me *NEW Arr.*
    What I'm Made Of *NEW*
    Open Your Heart *NEW Arr.*
    Knight of the Wind *NEW Arr.*
    Escape From the City

    His World *NEW*
    Reach for the Stars *NEW Arr.*
    Fist Bump *NEW* *
    Endless Possibility

    Break Through It All *NEW*
    Sonic Superstars Opening Theme *NEW*
    Live and Learn

    asterisks technically new but premiered at Brazil Game Show's one-off last year
  9. Sai Start Marker

    Sai Start Marker

    Born in 1947 but made for the 90's Oldbie
    A crying shame that Tidal Tempest didn't show up! Would have been perfect with an orchestra, tbh. Oh well. Hopefully I can hear a recording of the rest at some point! Thanks for the details.
  10. Overlord


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    I was going to leave it until after the American one has happened, but yes, I have a full setlist that I was writing down as the show went.

    Absolutely amazing event and well done to all involved; best of luck and have fun with the rest of the tour!
  11. mister_jay


    Travelled from Scotland to London to see this and it did not disappoint! The hairs on my neck and arms were standing up straight at some points, it's something everyone has to experience once in their lives.

    There was some lovely surprises and stuff I didn't expect. I was 3 rows from the front and could see a ton of folk recording and taking photos and the staff didn't mind.

    The merch situation was a bit crap, the queue was massive and there was little chance of getting a t-shirt unless you got there real early or got out quickly at half time. Heads up for folks attending future sonic symphonies, get there early if you want any merch.
  12. Linkabel


    Here's the full set list

    [ ACT I ]
    1. Sonic the Hedgehog Medley
    2. Sonic CD Medley
    3. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Medley
    4. Sonic Game Gear Medley
    5. Sky Sanctuary
    6. Sonic Mania Medley
    7. Believe in Myself - It Doesn’t Matter
    8. Chao Medley
    9. Rooftop Run
    10. Aquarium Park - Planet Wisp
    11. Sonic Frontiers Medley

    [ ACT II ]
    12. I Am… All Of Me
    13. What I’m Made Of
    14. Open Your Heart
    15. Knight of the Wind
    16. Escape from the City
    17. His World
    18. Reach for the Stars
    19. Fist Bump
    20. Endless Possibility

    [ ENCORE ]
    21. Break Through It All
    22. Sonic Superstars Opening Theme
    23. Live & Learn

    Seems like it's going to change as time goes on.
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  13. NiktheGreek


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    It was an absolutely fantastic night, great performances all round and lovely to see so many familiar faces there.

    I took some photos and recorded the first minute and a half of Escape From The City, because I knew it would get the crowd going. There was a member of staff at the door as we re-entered after the intermission, specifically warning people that extensive recording wasn't permitted, but photos and short clips were okay.
  14. Saw this in the Superstars thread and this is clearly from the 3pm show and now makes me feel even more annoyed about the 8pm show. I get it, technical issues, womp womp, but Jun's guitar playing up on the 8pm show for this segment, and not sounding anything like this recording, is a proper bummer too.

    It just feels like the 8pm Slot was Mr. Unlucky. No Merch, and a hiccup on a "You heard it here first" (Except you didn't, the 3pm ones did and they got it flawlessly).I would have expected technical hiccups on the 3pm, not the latters.
  15. Gestalt


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    A few years back, I went to see one of the Final Symphony concerts (BOB goes Final Symphony) and I was shocked how good the acoustic in the room was. Up until that evening, I didn't know music can sound this good. So, can anyone say something about how the orchestra sounded? Did it make you want to never listen to something else again, unless it's played by an orchestra? If so, then please share. People need to be made aware of the difference between listening through your headphones and sitting in front of a well-mixed live concert.
  16. Mecha Sally

    Mecha Sally

    Glad to hear that everyone who went had a great time! That is, despite the merchandise snafu. Curious as to what they have, but if it's like any other concert that has ever been held it's probably overpriced as hell.

    Will not be looking at the set list as I want to be surprised. Only six weeks to go!
  17. mister_jay


    Oh of course, I don't think many productions around the world would let anyone record the whole show, but I am surprised how lenient they were with recording... fair play to them because I assumed there'd be none allowed. The lady in front of me (2nd row from front, right in the middle) watched the whole thing through her phone and no one stopped her!
  18. mister_jay


    Oh dear, that's a shame for the 8pm folk. There was a technical hitch during the 3.30pm show near the start when Scrap Brain Zone was playing. The screen started to flicker and only the top half of the video would show (interlacing issues?) for the whole of Scrap Brain and I don't know if it sorted itself out or if a staff member reset the screen/video but I had a dreadful feeling it would happen throughout the concert and luckily for us it was only once.
  19. Garth


    I was going to do the same (Scotland to London) however I could not justify the costs involved. I'm glad to hear you had a great time and wish I had the means to have been there also.

    Any highlights of the concert?
  20. Starduster


    Can bench press at least two Sonic the Hedgehogs Member
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    Update on the merch situation. Tl;dr is that an online store was always planned, but has been brought forward, with those who attended the London performance to get early access of up to six days in total (if I understand the tweet correctly) and a percent discount (though unfortunately free shipping isn’t feasible). Also a promise of this not happening again, explaining that the merch company they partnered with, while experienced with music gigs, hasn’t done much on the game concert circuit up to now and so underestimated the demand of the merch, but this will be accounted for in later performances.

    I, for one, am very grateful to see that the online merch store will be publicly available!
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