Sonic After the Sequel DX

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  1. Sally Rose

    Sally Rose

    UP DATE i figured out what the problem is, it seams that on modren non flash enabled devices it glitches if it can not play the cut scene and warps you back to that sugar rush boss, but i had an older mechine that has flash enabled on it, i had to defeat storm station boss then the next level to get a save file for dearm dance 2 that now works on modren devices with out flash. if any one is intrested, i have the file right here, i rcomend useing it with after the sequil omega in order to get the most milage out of it , ie dream dance 2 and the omega exclusive dream dance 3, the 100 precent save file avalible else where will never let you load dream dance 3, so this is the one and only file that grants access to the exclusive zone!!!!

    here is the holly file its self, snag it up boys