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Sonic Adventure Tournament Disk released!

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by evilhamwizard, Apr 2, 2023.

  1. evilhamwizard


    Laurent from Sega Dreamcast Info Preservation games discovered a prototype of the forgotten Tournament Disk that was used on the Sega Dreamcast Mobile Assault Tour! This is technically a late prototype of the US release of SA1, but there's just a pocket full of differences outside of the scope of the demo.

    Check out the article written below!



    We mirror'd the prototype on Hidden Palace too.,_1999_prototype)
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  2. Oh neat, I didn't even know that the tournament was a thing!
  3. JcFerggy


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    If the ADX files have not been downsampled, could this be used in PC modding? Or do we already have higher quality samples than the ones here?
  4. Chibisteven


    The Steam version is roughly the same as the Japanese, Limited Edition, and GameCube Port (all that plays in the original version of the game is 44.1 KHz). The only ones that are different are the ones that have been upsampled from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (from 32 KHz to 44.1 KHz, the GameCube version leaves those at 32 KHz) and of course a broken nights track used only in the Dreamcast version DLC (22,050 Hz). The 2004 PC port is the only one that has an all tracks downgrade (non-looping Windows Media Audio converted from the ADXs).

    The original Japanese release of the game has all tracks in 44.1 KHz and the international versions have some tracks downsampled to 32 KHz. The Japanese version has the highest quality version of all the tracks used in the Dreamcast version which if you see above is reused in later ports.
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  5. Black Squirrel

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    I played the dump and... I don't believe anyone actually rescued Tails.


    This was my first run, which was a mixture of "playing Sonic Adventure with a keyboard" and "not realising there was a time limit". I fell off and died, which is why the counter stopped at 1:33 instead of 2 minutes, but I'd say that's maybe typical of someone who's familiar with the game, but is out of practise.

    Playing it the speedy way, aka spindash spindash spindash, I got to the "jump on panel number 1" section, and while I'm sure I could get to Tails if I used a real controller, I know vaguely what I'm doing. Kids who had never seen the game before? They're not going to get anywhere close to the end (which might be the point, but... ehh).

    It means the actual competition would need to be based on the enemy and ring scores. Personally I think adding an extra minute to the timer so people can actually see Tails would have been a better decision.
  6. Antheraea


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    The third emblem for Emerald Coast in the final is 2 minutes IIRC, and I've never managed to accomplish it. If the demo has an even shorter time limit, there's no way anyone would finish it.
  7. MykonosFan


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    My best time on the Steam version is about 1:16, but that's with years of play and frequent spindash + jump abuse. Two minutes while being pretty new to the game is quite strict, yeah.
  8. Ura


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    Sonic Adventure Tournament has zero tolerance for kids and new comers, this competition is only for real gamers!