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Sonic Adventure bug database

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by PicklePower, Aug 11, 2010.

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  1. PicklePower


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    Like any other game, Sonic Adventure had bug testers combing through the game. And those testers, way back in 1999, complained about things that will still be present in the ports released later this year.

    The Sonic Adventure bug database has been quietly hosted on Sonic Cult for the longest time in FileMaker Pro format, but here is an Excel spreadsheet and plain CSV of the database. I don't remember too much discussion on this database, but it's really interesting to read through some of these. This is most likely not a comprehensive record of all the bug testing this game ever received. These bugs are dated from 12/10/1998 to 8/12/1999, almost after the Japanese release of the game on 12/23/98. Many have to do with how the website worked (remember the built-in Sonic Adventure online rankings and Chao sharing?). Some of these bugs were fixed in time for the US version, and the database indicates which ones these are. Most of the fixes were only grammatical/spelling problems on the website end of the game, though. I was looking at the wrong column. Looks like they fixed a lot of show-stopping things.

    While I've been reading through these, I've said to myself a lot of times, "man I wish they had fixed that". A lot of other bugs would have been too tedious to fix, like a bug stating that Big's tail passes through the MR mine cart when he walks into it. Here's a few notable ones.
    And among some of the things that were apparently fixed:
    I don't know, I thought this would just be interesting to look at again considering all the recent developments in SADX hacking. Check out the wiki to download the file and see if there's anything else interesting.
  2. Ravenfreak


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    This made me laugh. xD I know people have made jokes about it, but it's even funnier that the testers mentioned something.

    I always wondered why they didn't do this, there were way too many people and not enough characters from the franchise. It would have made the game even better, IMO.
  3. I would have liked Chaotix and SF characters too. It would have been much more interesting, especially if you could do missions for them to get character upgrades and stuff.
  4. Ell678


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    Casinopolis turned me into a rampant gambler, you know. And isn't running really fast considered a little bit anti social sometimes? :v:

    Glad to see I wasn't alone in wanting to see non-human NPC's. That would have been pretty cool.
  5. Black Squirrel

    Black Squirrel

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    Some of Speed Highway's enemies are essentially badniks disguised as police cars. And you destroy them.

    I think that might be a bit more anti-social.
  6. Hanoch


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    1. So did sonic 2 and sonic 3 with casino night/bonus stage.
    2. Lol.
    3. I don't see a problem with that.

    Overall, its nice to see actual testers suggest stuff, too bad all the new games have awful controls (sonic unleashed when catching to stuff, control is akward)

    I think the fanbase would do a better job suggesting things to "enhance the appeal" of stuff.
  7. DigitalDuck


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    Nice to see they kept those Standards up.
  8. Whats wrong with Lost World? I don't see any problem at all.
  9. Ravenfreak


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    Perhaps they were thinking of the movie The Lost World: Jurassic Park? Maybe at one time they thought they'd get sued or something.
  10. MykonosFan


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    I know Hanoch just touched on this, but really? I'm assuming there was some implied copyright infringement or something, other-wise that's just really random.

    When I have the opportunity to transfer the file I'll definitely take a look through this, seems pretty interesting.

    EDIT: AAAAAND I was ninja'd by 3 posts. Go me.
  11. Titan


    ...really? Quite a lot of straw-clutching with some of these, I have to say :-P

    Is he able to get it in the final? I really can't remember...

    Makes me think of Sonic '06, where there was a scrapped power-up for Silver that increased his speed...
  12. E-122-Psi


    I would have really liked to have seen a multi player in SA1, granted the different character stats may have made it hard to create gameplay that wasn't in a certain character's favor (though Metal vs Sonic may have worked in DX).

    Also DX had no real excuse not to make the other five secret Circuits unlockable, especially since they are already in the game's code.

    Thinking about Sand Hill, considering the similarities between IceCap's setup and it's completely unique graphic layout compared to the other more simplistic mini-games, does anyone else think it may have been planned as a whole level at one stage in development?

    This. A dozen or so anthros vs a whole population of humans just seems alien, Sonic X even depicted it as an oddity. I would personally like to see the small animals return as civilians in a game (sorta like in early Sonic the Comic).

    I have to agree with the speed issue, though maybe not fix it via an item, keep her as a slower character, just not tediusly such, Gamma was a slower character but still moved at a plausible pace that didn't make the gameplay trudge along, Amy and Big even by normal platformer standards are pretty damn slow.

    My biggest complaint with the design of the game was more the alt character levels, granted Sonic's story should come first and be the most prominant (that was perhaps a key problem with Next Gen) but some of the levels for other characters felt like merely shorter versions of Sonic's (eg. Gamma's first couple of levels are pathetically easy and brief). As the game progresses the levels usually get more unique and take advantage of the character's mechanics but still are somewhat inperfect in places. I get the idea the developers downgraded some elements because they believed the game was too hard for some players (ironic considering the occasionally unbelievable difficulty of some missions in later games), some of Big's levels still have remaints of puzzles or pathways that were made redundant in the final version of the stage for example.
  13. Titan


    Correct me if im wrong, but in that cutscene, wasn't it meant to the bird that was inside Gamma with Amy (rather than Birdie, the blue one).
    I just assumed they did this so that all 6 playable characters appeared in the cutscene in some form.

    Haha, kind of funny as a lot of people have pointed this out, a little surprised someone one on the team had concerns about it :P

    Why the hell was this one ignored? Its pretty infamous as an example of just how bad the voice acting, dubbing and editing thereof is in this game.

  14. Chicka Monkeys? No wonder that was ignored...
  15. Kurosan


    Samurai of Gaming Oldbie
    As a beta tester myself, I understand that they had to report anything that seemed off, but some of those are pretty questionable, to say the least. "Chicka Monkeys"? Seriously?

    This just in! Delirious ex-attorney Jack Thompson has begun rampaging about the SEGA Dreamcast classic "Sonic Adventure". According to him, the player is trained to kill policemen and is rewarded with points; rabid ramblings about possible prostitute murders and grandmother decapitations are expected to surface soon.
  16. A lot of these proposals seem to be more harm than good. Case in point:

    This person did not follow the storyline. :eng101:
  17. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Well save for a couple stupid thinks like Chicka Monkeys (I don't think Beta testers should be allowed to name characters), it's a shame most of these things weren't fixed. The game would have held up a lot better over the years if they were.
  18. Sik


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    being an asshole =P
    Sonic Adventure BGM Remix Edition DX Director's Cut Turbo HD

  19. Lost World: Jurassic Park.

    Now remember what the level is about.
  20. ICEknight


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    Now I want to know how did the pre-BGM REMIX sound like.

    Perhaps it was the same without electric guitars?
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