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Sonic Adventure 2 XBLA

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Narstyle, Apr 4, 2012.

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    This was actually intentional, I believe.
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    Holy crap I never even though about that, Avatar items, but what to have, a "prop" and you snap your fingers and jump into soap shoes and then grind a rain for a few seconds, or just regular Sonic Soaps to wear all the time?

    I'd part with points easy if my avatar could get a Tails or Eggman mech to ride in, or some Chao's, or a dash pannel, that when I step on it it throws me on my ass XD
  3. Turbohog


    Concerning the dialogue, I think it was partly intentional and partly due to laziness. It seems like the English translations they recorded were too lengthy, so they had to make the lines overlap so it would fit with the visuals...That said, there's no reason for some of the dialouge fail, such as Sonic's "I'll use you-! Chaos Control!" in the fight against Shadow. The complete line, which is "I'll use your chaos control!" can be found in the audio files of the game.
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    The overlapping audio happens if you use the Japanese voices as well, but I've only tried this with US versions of the game. It may not happen in the Japanese versions, but I haven't bothered to check.
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    I totally second what the poster above me just said! EDIT : DANGIT I GOT NINJA'D AGAIN. Anyway, what Ell678 said.

    Considering the fact that SEGA just recently not only re-released Sonic Heroes, but the worst turd port of it, (PS2) a downloadable version of SA2 couldn't do Sonic's new face much harm compared to how broken and flaky the former was. I just hope the devs don't get too lazy and put borders around the screen like they did with the recent SA1 port. *shudders*

    Totally agree with the multiplayer. Tails-style matches were meh, but finding emerald shards before your friend/sibling was a good, quick thrill. That, and I loved playing as Tikal. <3

    Didn't know that about the clever model-switch though! Maybe their higher-poly character models slowed the frame-rate down a tad? If that's the case, I would prefer 60FPS over 30 like it was in the DC version.

    After read the lyrics that W.A.C just posted, holy crap that's hilarious. xD Now I can see what the "mild lyrics" in the ESRB's E Rating was all about too. Sure would be nice if a volume bar for vocals was added to the sound options, though, I'd still want to turn it down!
  7. Considering the title on the list is "Sonic Adventure 2" and not mentioning Battle of any kind, it can only be really assumed well that the Battle element will most likely come as a DLC, and at that a Local DLC (I.e. no multiplayer over Live / PSN)

    Though I could be wrong about the last part, I'd bet money that they will do as OL said, what they did with SA:DX, and simply add the :battle on with a new title screen for DLC and lame achievements or something.
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    Eh would they stoop that low as to make you pay for multiplayer in a Sonic game? It's not CoD we're talking about here. It's Sonic.

    And seeing as how that was all that was different from SA2 to SA2B, I'm thinking it sounds more like they just got rid of the Battle subtitle.
  9. Yuzu


    on the subject of Pumpkin Hill, I remember a hilarious flash animation that existed back in 2006 on either Retro or SSRG, it was pretty much a flash video for pumpkin hill but it had a hilarious part for "I searched and I searched as I climbed up the wall" where Knuckles is climbing up the album art for Pink Floyd's the wall. Would be amazing if anyone had a link to it or a copy of it. :P
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    I want this port to feature longer track loops from SA2's OST CD, just as the Sonic CD 2011 port did for both its soundtracks (namely the Sonic Boom album that the American one used for longer mixes, and those SNCBNK bridges for the international).

    Also, a redone camera system would be nice.

    Oh and Sega, I hope you have not outsourced this project to China. They have apparently done a very terrible programming job on Sonic 2006 and the 2010 SADX port (which I can't recall another source for the latter, but I know I read about it somewhere).
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    Damn. That flash movie must be really obscure since I can't find it on Newgrounds or YouTube. There's also no mentioning of it on Tumblr. [LINK]
  12. Yuzu


    I remember it was on putfile or something at the time, it was really obscure. Never had any luck in finding it again and it's a shame, it wasn't the best animated thing ever but it was so god damn hilarious.

    I found the title of it 'Pumpkin in the Alley 61' but I can't find it anywhere other than on putfile which is now dead sadly and doesn't want to help.

    EDIT: Holy crap, I found it
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    SOAP was bought and absorbed by Heely's so I don't know how the licensing would work. There's probably no issue at all, since Shadow's shoes are based on the Broadside model, and have remained unchanged to this day.

    I'd be good with Sonic's shoes to wear all the time. Especially since they just made that awesome special stage thing for Sonic 4 episode 2.

    Last I checked, it was "I'll use your technique! CHAOS CONTROL!"
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    Well, I'll never think of the line "I can sense it in my feet" the same way ever again. >_> That was pretty damn funny.
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    Derp, that's what it really is, yeah. Also, I'm sure Battle would come as dlc. Both versions have multiplayer, but SA2 Battle adds more levels, and maybe even more modes. SA2 Battle also comes with Chao Karate.
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    Best I can give for that one.
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    Yeah, the chopped-off dialog bothers me a lot too. If I had to constrain voice acting within a specific timeframe, I would at the very least try and condense the wording instead of trying to force the voice actors to speak quickly.

    Anyway, I'd have to echo the folks who feel that the game hasn't aged well. Back when it was new, I loved it, and my only major beef was that they abandoned the "pick one character for the whole game" thing from SA1 and forced you to switch characters frequently during the story. Nowadays, I find that aspect to still be annoying, but not quite as bad as other things such as camera and physics glitches. Also, now that I'm old enough not to be distracted by Rouge, I'm also bummed out at how they downgraded Amy to a side character who's only playable in VS mode (and even then as a simple model swap of Sonic).

    I'd only play this again for the Chao Garden, and even then it's still iffy since I'd have to replay the main stages constantly to grind for animals and rings.
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    Oh, and for those of you hoping for widescreen and not bordered like SA1 was - don't hold your breath. SA:DX had this as an easy possibility due to the PC part of the immense porting chain - and it still wasn't done. SA2 has only ever been available in 4:3.
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    Yes, OL, but everyone is holding their jimmies in delight after Daytona USA and Jet Set Radio. :ssh:
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    I'm not sure why they wouldn't make it 16:9 considering the Jet Set Radio port is in widescreen:

    Unless they know they can get away with making it 4:3 and 640x480 because most of the people that like SA2 will buy the port either way.

    EDIT: Damnit Gene :argh: