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Sonic Adventure 2 XBLA

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Narstyle, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Aw shit it starts tomorrow, I completely forgot-- PLEASE GET CAM FOOTAGE ASAP ! ! !

    I really hope it's a steady 60 FPS. SA2:B was good, but it wasn't steady, was it?
  2. Mike Arcade

    Mike Arcade

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    I love and still enjoy SA1 and SA2, everything about them, everything. They never get old to me, and SA2 Battle had the best Multiplayer in the whole series next to Sonic 2.
  3. Skidd


    Be sure to share that Sa2 footage with those of us who can't go, ok?

    As for the up-coming re-release of SA2, I'm gonna buy it. I got SA1 just So I'd have the whole SA storyline on my PS3... I'm way looking forward to one of the last jewels of the Dreamcast finally coming out as a Downloadable... legally. That ISO used to be a pain to find. I haven't looked recently anyways. anyways, way back when I used to own this game on the Dreamcast and the GC, and I did get all 180 A rank... twice. I still hear about it from my buds :) I'm not sure to make that into some kind of nerd cred, or think that was really sad, now that I look back on it. But I think I'm gonna put myself through all that torture again and get the 180 just for the..... hmm.

    I could just go play Generations if I want the retro green hill experience.... hmm. Now green hill just doesn't seem all that worth it anymore.

    I wonder if they'll change the last zone so its not green hill anymore... I'd love emerald hill though.
  4. Mike Arcade

    Mike Arcade

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    I believe you answer in your first paragraph should be "just for the lulz" my good sir.

    Also I think sometime in the future Emerald Hill is overdue for something, maybe not that but who knows.
  5. Ken Balough confirmed at PAX that "Battle" will be a DLC add-on.

    ...But the game will be "Battle" either way. Even in the original Sonic Adventure, all the extra Chao stuff and graphical "enhancements" were still in the game, while the DX add-on just changed the title screen and menus and added a Mission Mode.

    Cream the Rabbit made cameos still, and seeing as the code is based on Battle this time, don't expect Big to be in the game at all, even without the DLC. And like DX, the extra Chao stuff will probably also be in the game.

    So basically at the very most it'll add a few new maps.
  6. TheKazeblade


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    This times a thousand. No talking, and no shifting the camera to the controller from the screen. We know how to play the game.
  7. GeneHF


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    Yes, don't make the mistake Tony and I made at Boom 2011 where neither of us brought a patch cable to grab direct audio. It's always a good idea to carry a double male micro cable, and can be bought for a pittance at your local Radioshak.
  8. That's really lame. I hope they seriously consider adding something else to the "Battle" portion of the game or that will truly be shitty DLC.

    It'd be neat if they restored the Big cameos-- if I remember right, he's in the game, just hidden away? (Like you could glitch/AR him in or something, I could be remembering wrong)
  9. RedMetallix


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    What? Don't be silly.
    Why did they get rid of the Big Cameos exactly? Because the uninitiated who got SA2 as their first Sonic game wouldn't know who he is?
  10. TimmiT


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    If you guys read the front page you'd know that at the very least the Big cameo in City Escape is back. ;)
  11. Hurray!

    Also, what the hell is "the frontpage" ???

    But in seriousness, any confirmation on if the game is a steady 60 fps?
  12. JaredAFX


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    Downloading megahertz
    The front page is, well, the front page. You know, (literally the "HOME" section of the website.)
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    I'll be honest though, I rarely ever check the front page. Usually if something is worthwhile it gets posted in the forums anyway so...
  14. JaxTH


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    Jack shit.
    I always look at the front page.
  15. Miles3298


    I assume that with that Big cameo restored they are putting some good effort into this. I like that if that's the case. As for the front page thing, that's my first stop before dropping in here; it's just one extra click to get to this forum.
  16. Mike Arcade

    Mike Arcade

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    You know what I'm hoping for (though this will proabably unlikely), Online Battle Multiplayer, I'd kill for something like that. I like SA2 a lot, but I dunno if I'd buy it just because it's a re-release, I have the game for DC and Gamecube. Still, can't wait to see what's gonna happen.
  17. Sarcasm. I tried to make my faux question sound as dumb as possible.
    LOL, that joke pic didn't load for me right away. Awesome.
  18. STHX


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    It's coming October 2012. Nights too.
  19. GeneHF


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    Best start then, because it's not happening.
  20. Mike Arcade

    Mike Arcade

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    Heh, no kidding. Also I like that SEGA Heritage Collection trailer, very nice. But why is Sonic's SA2 artwork at 0:18 wearing his original shoes with the buckle and not his SOAP shoes? Are this SOAP shoes gonna be removed, but that can't be true because you SEE the shoes in the trailer. Interesting, now I've seen Sonic wear his original shoes in SA2 in pre release screenshots and all but I've never see this altered SA2 artwork before, really nice!