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Sonic Adventure 2 XBLA

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Narstyle, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. muteKi


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    If they don't add the SADX Emerald Radar into this, I'm not getting this.


    I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is that people like about this game more than, say, Sonic Heroes.
  2. TheKazeblade


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    SA2 really hasn't aged well. Still has its fun moments, but overall it's very much a product of its time and has no staying power beyond it. Though, I hope they've considered changing some of the settings that were present in the SADX XBLA release (I.e. widescreen). Hopefully HD, not just a re-issue.

    My most optimistic dream is replacing models with Generations models. It's a stupid dream, but one I'd like to see come true!
  3. Yuzu


    Because despite the game's problems it has far more tighter controls than Heroes and it plays far nicer for Sonic/Shadow. Heroes on the other hand has absolutely amazing level design but sadly isn't the best when it comes to gameplay, it's a shame because I feel like if Heroes had more time it could've been better than SA2 by far.
  4. Harmony Friends

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    In Sonic Heroes, you basically have to play the game four times in order to actually beat the game, the constant character dialogue is irritating beyond description, and most importantly, it controls like garbage.

    SA2 hasn't aged the greatest but it's certainly better than Sonic Heroes.
  5. Dark Sonic

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    You mean you had to play each level 7 times, since for every team besides team rose the levels repeated themselves midway through.
  6. Mystical Ninja

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    Am I the only one on this planet who absolutely despises the Chao Garden concept, and was happy to say "good riddance" to it in later games?
  7. Metal Man88

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    SA2 is quite certainly better than most of the garbage that came out after it. And in my opinion, better than SA1 too. Sure, it's full of problems, but it runs better than SA1, has no fishing minigames to annoy people with, and the story is interesting, at least to me.

    On the other hand, it does not hold up very well in a modern setting. But why does that matter? You don't see people complaining that Sonic 1 has no autosave and built-in manual functions.
  8. Lyrica


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    About time, I've been wanting to replay SA2 for some time now, but both my Dreamcast and Gamecube copies got lost into the great nether during one of my many moves :<
  9. RolfTheUber


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    I used to love chao gardens as a kid. I had no idea how any of it worked, but it was cute and gave me an excuse to play sonic adventure 1/2 some more.

    It was only when I had to grind animals for hours on end to win all the races to get the last two achievements on the XBLA version that I started hating them.
  10. Harmony Friends

    Harmony Friends

    it's the whole gang Oldbie
    No, that's wrong. Team Rose had very truncated bits of the full stages you played through as Team Sonic and Team Dark (though Team Sonic skipped a few sections). Team Chaotix's levels usually have warps to the beginning at the end but only because of the stupid missions.
  11. Mecha Sally

    Mecha Sally

    I have many good memories of SA2. I got it the week it came out along with the coveted 10th Anniversary pack. Spent about a month and a half on story mode (homing attack was being retarded on Crazy Gadget), got around 140-145 emblems, and pissed away tons hours/weeks/months raising Chao. Good times, although I do still need to go back and evolve two of them to Angel Chao and Light Chaos Chao... someday...

    Having said that, I'm not sure if I'll invest in this or not. Hell, I haven't finished the Gamecube port, and I'm pretty backlogged as it is. I'll wait and see.
  12. Cyrus


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    I'll probably end up getting it once I'm bored with S4E2 even though it's one of my least favorite 3D titles. After playing Generations every other 3D Sonic feels really bad in comparison.
  13. Josh


    Only if it comes out on PC, is $15 or less, has widescreen support and has SOME kind of worthy improvement over just playing it on Dolphin with a widescreen hack. Online multiplayer in every level would do it.

    So... yeah, probably not. SA2 was fun for what it was and very impressive in 2001, but other than the speed stages, I just don't care for it anymore.
  14. That One Jig

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    I used to love SA2. It was the first game I could play for hours without getting bored. Hell, I even got all 180 emblems in it twice!

    Too bad my past ignorance can't be recalled. Although the game still has its moments, I don't really enjoy it much anymore. Even if all the nagging bugs were fixed and the graphics were semi-updated (which they won't be), the core game will still have issues. I still hate having to switch my character every couple of levels. Just let me play as Sonic! Character control ranged from decent in the hedgehog levels to downright detestable in the mech levels. Plus the story...ugh.

    Consider this a pass for me, if this re-release proves to be real.
  15. Lanzer


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    Keep in mind that the only reasons I support PC releases of any sonic game is so that SEGA doesn't fall back into just ignoring the PC fanbase once again. Look what DarioFF is doing with Generations because they took a chance and ported it to PC. And its just not hacking either, Sonic games just need to be released on something that will be a permanent medium not temporary like consoles. not saying that consoles will die out but there always temporary, take the GC for instance. SA2B was released on gamecube and could be played on a nintendo console up until the wii minus released. now all recent gamecube playability has been shot and with it SA2B. with a PC though no matter how much a PC changes you know you can always pick up that game that was made for PC And expect it to run like it should. I just hate when consoles get rid of the back wards compatibility with previous consoles...

    TL:DR - We fans rock and Sonic games need a more permanent medium. So no matter how you feel about a Sonic game, Support PC titles so SEGA will keep them coming.
  16. Willie


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    If this gets a PC release and has widescreen support, I'll consider getting it. Hopefully they'll add other extras. I would be pretty cool if I could play single player Sonic/Shadow levels with a select select or have the option of online multiplayer.

    Except a lot of older PC games don't work on newer versions of Windows. Pac-Man World 3's PC version released in 2005 and according to some sites, the game doesn't even work on Vista.
  17. Sega seems to be taking their digital releases a lot more seriously nowadays, so I can easily imagine this game getting a PS3 and Steam release as well, and in HD.

    As usual, it'll be cool to see what sort of mods are made for a PC version.
  18. Kogen


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    Brace for 4/10 metacritic impact.

    I played this game the summer and wow, does it ever suck. It is one of those games you should never go back and play if you had good childhood memories of it.
  19. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    I played through the dark story yesterday with some people. Ugh the cutscenes, I forgot how bad they were. They're also ugly as hell. Why is Eggman always scratching himself? At least Shadow has more then one emotion though. Oh and "You're comparing yourself to me? HA. You're not even good enough to caI'LL MAKE YOU EAT THOSE WORDS."

    Also "MA-RI-A" I finally realized yesterday why this would make sense in Japanese. Unfortunately, it does not translate well to an English game.

    I almost wish not to see this happen. I want to see them redo Adventure 1 and 2 into some sort of combined game. I don't care how it gets done, and they can lose a level here and there for all I care. Just make it happen. And by "remake" I mean "redo." Like take some creative liberties from the story and combine them into one game. Get rid of Big, E-102, and Rouge, make Shadow a NPC and more of a plot device, and make Tails run around without a mech and give him some more Sonic like levels only minus the racing (Make the game like SA2 where there are no hub worlds, so SA1 will have the same 11 levels it had before, but divide them to Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles (5 for Sonic, 3 each for the other two). Basically, just pretend the originals never existed.

    But that's not going to happen here. Oh no. So I'll list a couple of hopefuls and throw it into the "we'll see" category.

    1. Widescreen support. No excuses this time.
    2. Either improve or replace the character models. Rouge's entire body is boobs. Also, each cutscene she's in she has an upward camera angle that emphasizes the bottom of her tits. WHY?

    The rest is just what I want to see

    3. Get rid of the SOAP shoes
    4. Enable playing as other characters of the same type in other characters levels (Tails in Weapons Bed, Metal Sonic in GHZ, whatever)
    5. Redo the voice acting and sync up the fucking mouths.
    6. 9/10 Chance this game will be built off of SA2B. If it is, and if they use the same character models, for the love of god fix Sonic's end of act pose.
    7. Get rid of the ridiculous "Battle" crap. SA2 is enough thanks.
    8. Make all powerups non-visible. Knuckles looks just foolish towards the end of the game. I understand that he's black but this goes for all black people as well. Enough bling, you look ridiculous.
  20. Kogen


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    Or just pretend it never happened a-la Sonic 06. That is easier. Even if either of the games had good aspects, the hatred is at max level now, so there is no point to even recombine the pieces.

    Also I would take a whole game just about E-102 over what you suggested - jeepers.