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Sonic Adventure 2 XBLA

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Narstyle, Apr 4, 2012.

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    So yeah, this post happened on Neogaf, and take it as you may, it mentioned a few XBLA titles, including Rock Band Blitz, a game that 50 minutes ago, wasn't announced. The forum post made way earlier in the day is to be given some credit for naming that game in the upcoming titles, and it being bang on the money with RB:Blitz's announcement.

    As such, other titles found on this list include SA2. Looks like it's coming folks.
  2. Question is, which version are we getting? The original, or the Gamecube port?
  3. I would like the GC port with better graphics, widescreen support, and a TRULY multi-player Chao Garden.

    That might be worth my money.
  4. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    The original with the extra GCN features as DLC, most likely. Kinda cool though. I'll probably still get it. And the DLC. I'm a whore.

    Also fuck yeah Tony Hawk HD. I almost forgot about that one.
  5. GeneHF


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    Oh christ, here we go...

    At least it will shut the Chao Garden fans up for a while. Replaying the game after several years again with Shad made me realize one thing: SA2 is a terrible game.

    Throw your molotovs if you wish, it won't hide the terrible camera and eccentric physics/homing attack. And let's not even go into treasure hunting and Tails' shooting stages.
  6. MykonosFan


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    I'm going to dread the inevitable "Get all 180 Emblems" Achievement. If it has at least a little more effort put into it than SA1 (I.e., widescreen, which hopefully isn't a stretch anymore ((no pun intended)) keeping Jet Set Radio in mind) I'll probably wind up getting it though.
  7. Nora Kisaragi

    Nora Kisaragi

    Considering that Sega is starting to commit to digital releases, I'm inclined to believe this rumor. Good, SA2 was a very good game for me, since I played it with my two siblings back in the day. My sister only played for chao garden. and my brother did Dark Mode (I did hero mode), and we both traded the controller during the final boss (I was sonic, he was shadow), so good times were had. Very very good game.

    I still remember, before SA2 came out, I was looking round my local Toys R Us and saw a magazine that said 'Sonic is on his Last Adventure', at the time, I took it that SA2 would be the last sonic game ever. But now I know that it meant SA2 would be the last adventure game. I was pretty sad at the time.

    Unfortunately, my siblings have grown up and are no longer interested in this franchise nor would they be interested in replaying it, so I can't see myself getting this.

    One other sucky part is that it'll be pretty difficult to mod this port, I had a lot of fun modding the gamecube release with a gameshark.
  8. Tyty


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    Bleh. Why XBLA?

    I can get rereleasing it, but the entire point of the chao garden is going to be missed. It was to show off the connectivity with the VMU, and on the gamecube, it was one of the few games that used the GBA/Gamecube cable. Hell, at least wait for the WiiU and do a PS3/WiiU release, maybe with tiny chao gardens on Vita and 3DS. That would be cool. Maybe even one on the tablet controller for the WiiU

    I mean...

    Even ignoring the chao garden, which is why I would get it instead of playing my gamecube... I'm not too sure. I mean, of the two adventure games, SA2 definitely aged better, but I'm actually hoping they don't do an "HD" rerelease like they did with SADX. That was horribly done model and texture replacement, and it just showed how bad the game really was in every way.

    If you're gonna redo stuff, you gotta redo the cutscenes and shit to match, or else it looks tacky and forced. With the animations the way they are, it'd probably look like Sonic '06 if they just do a model replacement. New animations and stuff would lead to it looking less like some corny Japanese TV drama too.
  9. Metal Man88

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    It is just going to be the old Gamecube one run in an emulator/ported as little as possible. I highly doubt any real work will be done to make it look better. AFAIK they did no such thing for SA1 XBLA and even wound up nickel and diming people by splitting up what was once all one game into two pieces (Paying extra for the meager improvements of SA DX).

    I'd probably suggest buying the ancient SA2:B for the Gamecube over this unless they actually do more than lazily slap it on the console and call it a day.
  10. I'm surprised it took Sega this long to re-release it. I'm personally not a big fan of Adventure 2, but I know that a ton of people are.
  11. OKei


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    Yay, SA2.
    ...and a large shake and fries, please.

    But this presents an opportunity to improve said camera and physics flaws(I find nothing major with the treasure hunting and shooting stages, for the record). If this is real, then shouldn't we voice them to Sega as soon as they make an official release announcement?
  12. Clutch


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    Especially wiith Sega in dire straits right now, I don't imagine them wanting to devote resources to completely overhauling the presentation and make physics tweaks only for a bunch of reviews to come out saying "underlying game still sucks, go buy something else".

    Widescreen and a resolution increase would be nice even if it was just akin to running Sonic Adventure 2: Battle in Dolphin. Sonic Adventure: Portception didn't even have that.
  13. jasonchrist


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    Never played SA2 beyond City Escape. In fact this was the game that all but killed my enthusiasm for new Sonic games till Generations. But I might actually get this for shits and giggles and see if it's really as wank as it always looked.
  14. GeneHF


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    If they didn't fix any issues SADX had originally (and in fact wound up introducing even more from the PC version), I'm not expecting anything of the sort here.

    Yet as with any old Sonic game, the fans will have the nostalgia goggles on tight and buy the crap out of this. It's guaranteed cash for Sega, especially what with SoA threatening layoffs.
  15. Arique


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    The only thing I want out of this is Widescreen support and that's it. If we get that, then it's getting a Day One download.
  16. SF94


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    Uh, I think you're missing something. In the "HD rerelease" they didn't change any models, and changed maybe like, 10 textures tops, most of which are unrelated to actual gameplay. It was just a matter of "hay gaiz download DX dlc and we'll unhide the 'mission' option from the main menu!"

    Edit: I suppose they changed the look of the menus and things (slightly), but that's hardly anything worth noting.

    Unless of course you mean SADX itself... in which case, SA2B is essentially SA2 with enhanced stuff (SA2DX)... Unless of course, I'm missing something here, but I'm certain the XBLA version of SADX is exactly the same visually regardless of whether you have the "DX DLC", and I'm also certain that SA2B is essentially SA2DX, so it's already got you covered.
  17. Aquaslash


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    Day one purchase. About friggin time. Here come the chao armies!
  18. Kilometers Prower

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    Unfortunately, I have to agree. Just recently I went back and replayed the game in its entirety, but alas, even nostalgia goggles couldn't prevent me from seeing the game is pretty damn bad and plagued with problems and glitches I hadn't encountered previously playing it. Once upon a time I really loved that game, so that was really disappointing to me. Still love the Chao Gardens, though. :P

    ...But I won't lie - if I have enough friends with an Xbox who want to play 2P in this game, I might just get it.
  19. Turbohog


    Still probably my favorite 3D Sonic. Add widescreen support and online multiplayer and it'd be an instant-buy for me. Also...PC release please oh please.
  20. Lanzer


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    Better be a PC release along with this. Hell this has been a long time coming but glad its finally here.