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Sonic Adventure 2 BATTLE PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Oerg866, Nov 19, 2012.

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    my main concern on the hacking end is getting the voice adx files out and that they can all be converted to wave or mp3.

    current attempts resulted in unplayable and unconvertable files.
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    Timey-Wimey detector.

    So yea.
  3. Thanks for that, man. The aussie Steam store had stupid prices at times so it's good to a save a few bucks.
  4. Well fuck me for buying it on steam :(
  5. SonicHyuga


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    Now today this game just decides "I'm not gonna work". Crashes after the Sonic Team logo.

    This doesn't make sense. :V
  6. ezodagrom


    If you have any framerate on screen display tool (like fraps, dxtory), try turning them off.
    In my case, the game crashed after the Sonic Team logo because of Dxtory. I fixed it by using the Dxtory setting "delay hook" and setting it to 10 seconds, so Dxtory attaches itself to the game 10 seconds after the game starts.
  7. I dunno about you guys, but I can record in 60fps using fraps and the game never slows down :U
  8. As I have said in youtube, If you limit fraps recording speed to 30fps, it'll make the game end speed work at 30fps instead of 60fps, with half of the internal speed. Try to record it in 60fps.

    If you do not have sucess, try to use MSI Afterburner in place of FRAPS. Besides MSI AB don't have uncompressed recording like FRAPS, it do have high-quality / high-performance compression recording. And it is Free!
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    Jesus, even better deal at GMG than before. It still activates on Steam.

    Go here, then grab it from the top 10 list or the main crawler. Use the coupon code GMG25-G4VDR-0ZL4Q, and Sonic Adventure 2 HD costs $6.71 and the DLC is $2.25. It's still $10.00 on Steam with the DLC at $3.00

    I've been having a lot of fun with it. :O
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    Nope. Just gave it a shot with Afterburner set to record 60 FPS and the game ran at half speed. Tried dropping the FPS to 30 and the game crashed on me. Gave it a couple more tests at 90 FPS and 15 FPS. Same slowdown as when it was set to 60 FPS.

    I don't have FRAPS so I can't check it out, but changing the FPS in Afterburner had a negligible effect, if any. It wouldn't surprise me if changing the FPS in FRAPS doesn't have much effect either.
  11. I recorded a 30 seconds sample video with MSI AB using external x264vfw encoder (with "Ultrafast" preset and "Zero Latancy" cheked), since there's a FPS loss due to a high compression with high CPU usage recording (ingame 45~55 fps), ~30s of in-game footage (from 1:00:19 to 1:30:09) result in 36s 133ms .avi video file with 20,076,602 bytes of size. This result is achieved in a 1080p game resolution, with recording set to full frame resolution and 30fps recording.

    Doing the same test with 720p game resolution / full frame recording (less CPU Stress) with 30fps video outpu, the result is a 30s 133ms video for a ~30s of in-game footage (from 1:00:22 to 1:30:17) with 9,301,558 bytes of size, keeping the exact speed as in-game playing.

    720p recording test:
    1080p recording test:

    EDIT: JRokujuushi, MSI AB don't suffer from the same problem that Fraps do. In FRAPS, if you set the FPS output in video recording to 15fps, it will slow down the game playing speed to 15fps, since the game running speed is locked to recording process. In SA2HD, when you have FPS drop, the game cut internal working speed instead of cutting only the output frames (frameskip). So, if you set 15fps recording in FRAPS, the game will run at 1/4 of his normal speed, making a 1 in-game second last 4 seconds in real life. In MSI AB, if you set the output to 15fps, the game will continue to operate internally in his standard.

    Eg: BF3 @ 720p, 80fps gameplay.
    FRAPS: 15 fps recording = 15fps gameplay. 30 fps recording = 30fps gameplay. 60 fps recording = 43fps gameplay (due to high CPU stress).
    MSI AB: 15 fps recording = 65fps gameplay. 30 fps recording = 65fps gameplay. 60 fps recording = 65fps gameplay

    EDIT 2: Recording added.
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    "Your Payment Provider has not authorised your purchase. This may be because some banks (incorrectly) believe that Green Man Gaming is a gambling website. Please contact your bank to discuss your order. We are working with these banks to resolve this issue."

    God damnit. :specialed:

  13. They be smokin crack Y'all.
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    This game. oh this game. Playing it through again I just look back at my 10 year old self and I'm just wondering what the hell I was thinking. This game is so bad, and all of the plot points are even more glaringly stupid than I remember. And I've also noticed how shoe horned Tails, Shadow, and Rouge really are. Each of them only has 4 real levels, and they all seem rather lazy at that. Game would have been better off with just Sonic, Knuckles, and Eggman. Also never realized how lame the level tropes are. Some how Generations use of 3 tropes is more successful then Adventure 2's use of 4.

    Well I got the PC version now. I was going to buy the PS3 version, but I think I'm going to skip out on that.

    On a side note, Hard mode for Final Chase (Or whatever Shadow's level was called) makes me want to RAGEEEE. It's not hard, it's cheap as all fuck. Hell, most of the difficulty in this game is from cheapness.

    Still, no matter how ridiculous adventure 1 and 2 are story wise and game play wise, part of me would love to see a total redo of the both of them. Combine them into one game, keep Sonic's levels, throw Tails and Knuckles into some levels in between, and move Shadow, Eggman, Rouge, E-102, and Amy off to the side as plot elements. about 12 levels for Sonic and 4 each for Tails and Knuckles (Assuming they play like Sonic), follow modern level designs for Sonic and Adventure 1 level designs for Tails and Knuckles (only more paths), Essentially rewrite Adventure 2 and significantly alter Adventure 1, and I think we may be in business here (Or hell ideally replace Shadow with Metal Sonic and Rouge can just plain not exist). Granted, Perfect Chaos would then fall in the middle of the game, but hell it did in Generations and it didn't even involve Super Sonic so fuck it.
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    Jack shit.
    I find it funny that they still didn't fix that.
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    Might buy this on XBL later.

    Fond memories of this game, I managed to get it a day before its international release from HMV (for some reason they had it on display and were selling copies) and I played it so much I ended up with a migraine, thankfully at 16 I was aware of RGB etc so I remember it looking amazing on my DC.

    Never liked the Gamecube version, just couldn't perform as well on the controller after being so used to the DC pad.

    So my question is, how does it control on the Xbox pad? Am I going to get frustrated with it?

    Does it have achievements?
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    Jack shit.
    >Getting it on XBLA
    >Asking if it has achievements

  18. You can easily get to chao using super bouncer, is faster than keep bouncing to reach the necessary height.
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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
    Is there a demo of the pc version? I couldn't find it on Steam.
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