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Sonic Advance 2 decompilation

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by freshollie, May 7, 2022.

  1. freshollie


    Hi all,

    To update, the game is now ~80% decompiled. However, the number of non matching functions has been increasing as we are forced to decompile more complex parts of the rom.

    The majority of the remaining code is from bosses, so I'm focusing on tackling those at the moment. I expect to reach 100% matching by the summer, but that totally depends on how much external help we get with matching the growing list of non matching functions.

    SA1 is also being worked on by Jace, the repo for that is here
  2. Iko MattOrr

    Iko MattOrr

    I'm happy that the decompilation is making progresses and it's now shiftable, though I feel a bit sad that I was unable to help you. I really wanted to learn and do something to help.

    I still love this game and I'm still very interested in this project, I'm sorry for leaving the discord all of a sudden... I mean, it's not even that it was too hard for me, I was actually learning, slowly (I still have some of those tabs about assembly open in my browser)... it's just that real life stuff got in my way and I lost track of what I was doing, after months of hiatus.

    I'm still looking into making my own levels for this game some day. Thank you for this great work!