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    It's basically recreating the previous map screen noises with a less electronic cat death soundfont. Though used in that way it still sounds a bit squeaky, the actual level tunes sound far more new and non-horrible from the few snatches I have heard.
  2. It sounds the same to me, but lower quality. Although the main instrument does sound very slightly less cat-like. Only just enough to be noticeable.
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    That might be simply because of said reduced quality; if it involves a low-pass, that'll attenuate some of the cat-itude.
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    Yes, I also have that feeling. I dig that bass, it sound so Genesis for me. By the way, that bass make that lead even more bearable, it gives the song a new feeling! Much more enjoyable.
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    Yeah, I just noticed that! Maybe Jun's using The Ultimate MegaDrive Soundfont for a few tunes throughout the soundtrack! :specialed:
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    It's good that they're using that bass too, because of the nature of the "instrument", it makes each note change in the bass more noticable, which is good as Sonic songs tend to have very complex and fun bass lines!
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    Hey can someone do me a favor and link me all the gameplay footage so far of that expo thats going on?

    Doubt anyone still gives a shit but here:

    Full US site extraction. Enjoy I guess...
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    Or VOPM. :v: It's 100x better than the soundfont, I think.
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    I will give it to SEGA, they do know how to get my interest up when it comes to story. :v:
    I have a LOT of theories regarding the purpose of Lost Labyrinth and Mad Gear, and I will accept that I was wrong when I thought that it wasn't Little Planet, great to see the reason of Metal Sonic showing up though.

    And I think I can see Lava in the Episode 2's level map. But then again I can also see a moustache, so I don't think it's lava.
  10. Yep. The soundfont has only four, sampled bass sounds, while VOPM has 1000s+. (since it is a virtual YM2151 emulator.)
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    In which case that emoticon you used will be highly representative of reality. TUMS is a lazy, half-assed way to get MD instruments—putting them through the veritable wrangle of conversion to and rendering as samples, despite there being proper ways to do it. If the sound team aren't to be totally discredited, any MD-sourced instruments they're using have to be played via VOPM or another synthesiser.

    In before a hundred people say the rest of the game is half-assed and so something like this should come as no surprise if true . . . Yes, but it has to be said anyway! Pointing out the obvious and having an irrational belief in rationality despite ample evidence to the contrary has historically been the lifeblood of these threads.
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    I'd bet that the soundfont remains the same, or at least 80% identical to the one that is in Episode 1. There's no positive point on this game. It keeps up being a shit with very tiny things changed in Sonic and in the levels.
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    About the new Sonic 4 Website:

    1. OMG! The World Map uses actual (sounding) Genesis intruments now! The music is guranteed to not suck, unless it's less than 30 seconds till a loop

    2. So is this the official "canon" story now? So Knuckles' story was during the main story? Also, they fluffed the whole West Side Island thing. Sonic's friends were dissapearing aging BEFORE they got to West Side Island?---this is the only story hole I still see. But I also guess that Knuckles got bombed somtime after or between doing crap to sonic? Couldn't he see the relation between EggRobo and Eggman?! One more thing: Sonic 2 "Sonic Robot" is Mecha Sonic MK 1?

    3. REALLY?



    Apparently Badniks and BadniCKS are interchangeable?

    Engrish and Typos for the LOSS
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    The most exiting piece of Concept Art we've gotten so far.



    I wonder what the 'Ring Shooter' exactly does, or how it works?

    EDIT: Also, what's with Eggman's obsession with the color yellow in this game?
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    A "manual" description that contradicts how events are shown in the game itself are canon? Metal Gear's Big Boss real name must really be Vermon Cattafy!
    It's just better to ignore it. (Also this was also joked as one of the few things truly retro about Sonic 4-1, inaccurate plot descriptions) .
    Also it's not like writing Robotnick isn't something new.

    He always had a thing for Red and Yellow since 1991.
    You can't really blame him for not liking Blue.
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    After watching this, I JUST noticed something. Is that the Little Planet in the background next to the "Earth"? I never payed much attention to it before, but now I wonder if we had been given another hint to episode II in plain sight and was trolled this whole time!

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    Just checked the EGG Station textures, and I think it's actually this: EDIT- huge image. Have a link instead
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    That video just shows how much the Genesis-style music is bringing the game down. A game with the visuals of Sonic 4 Ep 2, IMO, shouldn't have Genesis style music. Imagine Halo with NES music ... two complete different games, I know, but I know I'd get the same, "what the hell" feeling.
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    As far as I'm concerned, when it comes to Sonic Team's access to their sound team, Naofumi is best with Classic Sonic styled music, Jun Senoue is best at guitar driven music, Richard Jacques is their best man for electronic music, and Tomoya Ohtani does the best job with orchestrated music. Why SEGA didn't just hire Naofumi to do the soundtrack, I'll never understand. Imagine Sonic 4 with a Sonic CD styled soundtrack or a soundtrack styled similar to what he did with the Classic Sonic stages in Generations. Hell, this song from Nights into Dreams would be a million times more worthy to Sonic 4 than anything we've gotten from Episode 1.


    I don't even dislike Jun Senoue. Some stuff he has contributed to the franchise is absolutely awesome, but he's proven that he works the best with guitar based music or music where he works with other artists while doing some awesome guitar playing.


    That Stardust Speedway remix is fucking awesome. Why couldn't we have gotten something like that for Episode 1?
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    Agreed. I really love Jun's work when it comes to the stuff he's best at, and it should be clear to everyone that that thing he's best at just happens to be guitar playing. I adore With Me from Sonic and the Black Knight, and I like E.G.G.M.A.N. a whole lot more than Eggman's theme in 06-Colors. If Generations is anything to go by, he's very good as a sound director working with other people. Actually delving into that other stuff himself, though? Not so much.