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Sonic 4: Episode 2 Discussion

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Chimpo, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. TheKazeblade


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    Zoomed in a bit awkwardly there, but at least he didn't pull away to the stupid controller.
  2. steveswede


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    that business with not being able to move when launched from a spring has got to go and could be quite easily done with a simple patch without breaking the game.
  3. Dark Sonic

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    In this thread: a bunch of videos of people who suck at this game.
  4. ReBirFh


    Hard to judge physics when those guys sucks so much it looks like they have an auto-fire enabled in the jump button they are completelly unable to just press the jump button a single time (maybe muscle memory from shooters),
    to the I-hate-everything-guys, can you imagine those people playing without the hint-monitors?

    I'm liking Sylvania Castle people forget that this is the first zone and unlike the past iteration it isnt a simply hold-right-to-win-in-30-seconds maybe those big monitors will appear only in the first zone or might be toggled off in the options.
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    So they managed to make a level design even worse than in Episode I, right?
  6. Arique


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    Yeah, I'm giving a second listen to the BGM in those videos, and while I can still hear the Sonic 2 Drums, I don't hear the "meow meow" synths. It's more obvious in the second zone shown off because there's some instruments in there that weren't even in Episode I, IIRC.

    EDIT: Huh. Didn't realize what I said before was filtered here on Retro. The more you know! :specialed:
  7. Pelord


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    My favorite thing about the game (so far):


    He did such a great job in Generations...
  8. jasonchrist


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    So, it seems you can only switch to tails when them monitors appear. Man, that's fucking rubbish!

    White Park looks fucking wank too. Boosters, homing attack chains and bottomless pits. Yyyyep, they listened alright... the cunts!
  9. Well I think it's just the matter of the player not knowing they even have the ability until being told

    I mean, these people don't even know A means jump yet, so...

    Plus, there's a vid of somene switching to tails when they needed to rev up the marble garden puzzle
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    Every game with a homing attack in it I end up doing the same thing, basically jumping too many times and shooting myself off the platform. Add some high speed to it and panic is easy.

    It is just shite design.

    And maybe I looked at things wrong, but rapidly pressing jump makes Tails' flying animation reset? The flying also seems jerky. I hope it controls like the Genesis games, not like Sonic Heroes (Ah-wee! Ah-wee! Ah-wee!).

  11. Wait, what's wrong with bottomless pits? They're not hard to avoid. At all. Even without the warning signs.
  12. Dark Sonic

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    Well Dimps likes to put them in as a pointless challenge. Typical Dimps level design affair claims that good level design is a homing attack chain over a bottomless pit. To give them the benefit of the doubt, this is likely the lower path, so there is probably something else higher up, but still. The reason people don't like the bottomless pits is because they aren't really classic level design. Sonic 1 - 3 rarely used bottomless pits, compared to Sonic 4 which uses them quite often.

    Oh and as far as the whole Tails mode thing, it's hard to say. While it seems that way, at the same time we're watching people who don't know how to play the game, thus they aren't aware of the feature to have Tails fly you around to begin with. As such they'll only change when they're prompted to.
  13. Metal Man88

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    In a rare positive note, I think the awful soundfont has been replaced with a bearable one, based upon what few clear snippets of sound got through the loud background noises.
  14. More footage of Sylvania Castle showing a new area, although not to much:!
  15. serpx


    I hate bottomless pits because they are a very frustrating death, for me. No obstacles in Sonic games are "hard to avoid," but when you're running full speed, and you haven't memorized every little facet of the game, and when and where to hit the jump button, sometimes you run into obstacles, or sometimes you mispress a button.

    Doing either of those and just falling into a pit is just a controller-to-wall slamming ordeal. It's not fun. Please keep pitfalls to minimum -- I personally have more fun because of it.
  16. Arique


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    I think I found the video you were referring to:

    Yeah, from watching what is shown off at 00:08 in the background, that's not the case. I think some people might be right when saying that you can only use Tails when the hint boxes appear.
    EDIT: Ninja'd by the same exact user. >_<
  17. Icewarrior


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    Bottomless pits are common in platorm games, Sonic is no different (hell, even Green Hill act 2 had bottomless pits)
  18. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    It's like they invited people whose only gaming experience was Texas Hold 'Em to E3.
  19. Other than Sonic 3 (sans Knuckles, which added some in Flying Battery, Lava Reef, and Sky Sanctuary) I seem to remember plenty of bottomless pits. In fact I think the only level completely devoid of them in Sonic 1 was Marble Zone, and maybe Labyrinth. My memory isn't so good. IIRC Sonic 2 had them in at least 5 levels.
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    Welp, any hype I had for this is now gone.

    Why the flying frick are there so many springs and boosters? I want to play the game, not watch as Sonic involuntary bounces all over the place and gets boosted around loops while I don't even have to press a button.