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Sonic 4: Episode 2 Discussion

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Chimpo, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Elratauru


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    You know, I may be wrong, but after watching that gameplay trailer, I'm expecting the exactly same kind of game that Sonic 4 is from a gameplay standpoint, aka: Mash homing attack when you jump or else you'll fall in a pit, never EVER spindash because it just stops like 4 feet after you started it, and hold right all day... with the addition of Tails.

    I never had any hope for it though :v: It's dimps and they cant do a physics engine properly~~
  2. Sparks


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    Considering Sonic CD 2011, I wouldn't be surprised if Tails is eventually unlockable for a solo run.
  3. Harmony Friends

    Harmony Friends

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    Honestly the cuts in that video are WAY too quick to give any meaningful judgement on the physics.

    We should wait until we have some more solid gameplay before we decide whether or not they backported the Generations 3DS engine or not.

    Still hoping they did, but hey, it's Dimps.
  4. Blivsey


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    Let me be plain: You will survive without a Tails-only option. Christ, you get Tails in a CD remake and now you're so self-entitled! No wonder DIMPS is treating you bad.

    Wow. Never thought of it that way, bro, nice.

    + - Also, I counted (tried to). Thirty-eight individual video clips within thirty-seven seconds of footage. Math. Do it.  
  5. Kogen


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    I will first admit that I am one to make obvious mentally-retarded statements in order to get attention, so please laugh at me if I am falling for my own trap here, but are you seriously so out of it that you think this is Sonic Heroes? The idea of the game being creative really disgusts you?

    If Sonic 4 Episode 2 is the type of game that repulses and gets rid of nitwits like this, then I love it based on that trait alone.

    Tails can pick Sonic up, though, so what is the problem? You still control him and do the same abilities by the looks of this footage. He is supposed to be a sidekick, so this makes more sense than Tails being without Sonic.
  6. serpx


    I don't really appreciate being called a "nitwit" for an idea, and I hope the use of derogatory terms and other disrespectful phrases are discontinued because I feel it's one major reason this thread derails into a negative mess ... not the criticisms we give to this game. I'm just skeptical of the idea and I hope the game doesn't require an insane amount of interaction with Tails. It's not that I don't think it's fun, it's just that I'm not comfortable with it yet since none of the past titles have used it. I'm aware something like this is on a Nintendo Sonic game, but I haven't played much of the new titles since they derailed to every system ever.

    I'm really attached to the solo play of the past Genesis titles, so that's primarily why I don't want to play a "Sonic Heroes" game, which I mean where you are required to heavily interact with a team that is always running with you. I'm not a fan. As for being creative, I'm all for creativity. Creativity can take many forms though, valued good and bad, and this is just one creative choice I'm iffy about. The creative level designs and the new robots are awesome.
  7. Guess Who

    Guess Who

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    The real issue is when Tails would end up in front of you.
  8. SonicAD


    Real men can still beat a special stage when Tails gets in front.
  9. Zephyr


    When playing a Sonic game on a 2D plane, I have the mindset I have while playing the classics: I want to play around with the physics while traversing the environment. That's where a lot of my enjoyment comes from in the games. So when I'm playing a game that's trying to bank on the "classic" feel, I'm instinctively going to try futilely to play with the physics.

    Don't get me wrong, I'll probably buy the game because the co-op, the new team attacks, and that fucking bear kick ass. But the physics are going to be a consistent downer in the back of my mind throughout the game.
  10. Kogen


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    Sorry Mac, but I do not think the rest of us should suffer through stale repetition because you are not comfortable with creativity or progress. I already played and own Sonic 2, I do not want a repeat of it. I want something new. That means new gameplay features, such as co-op being expanded upon, just as it was in Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Go play Tetris if you are uncomfortable with progressive change.

    If anyone wants to complain it should be about corruptive elements, like the homing attack, the bad graphics, the weird bears, the physics, the level design, the art style, and the intergrity of the developer. There is no sense in crying about an expanded feature built off of Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and Knuckles Chaotix. SEGA made quite a lot of boring Sonic games with just Sonic boosting around lately, give other people a chance to have fun and the developers a chance to breathe some life into an outdated, backwards, devolving series.

    You can turn Tails off to reduce the ring count and remove any reponse issues, you know.

    Alternatively get a friend, which is why they added co-op in the first place.

    Crisis avoided!
  11. RankoChan


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    After seeing the video, I have kinda mixed thoughts about this. The game graphic wise is a nice improvement over what I've seen from episode 1, but the game play itself is still a huge turnoff. Plus if this is only 4 levels again for $15 I don't see myself buying this, but I'll probably try it out sometime like I did with episode 1.

    Classic Sonic's game play and design in Generations was great and it makes me wonder why for a game that's supposed to be a continuation of the original series and one of Sega's finest works that they're going the low-budget route with Dimps when they've already shown off what Sonic Team is capable of :(
  12. Effexor


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    The reason I'm irked that Sonic and Tails can't be played solo is that I was kind of expecting to be able to do so because you were able to do so in Sonic 2 and 3 + - and Advance 1   . Aww well. It could have been nice, but I'm not about to get my panties in a bunch over it.
  13. TheKazeblade


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    I think what bugs me the most about it is that it was such a fundamental basic, that removing it in order to play the game correctly makes the game feel more like a gimmick than a standalone Sonic platformer.

    However, as long as it works and doesn't feel clunky, which so far we haven't seen any evidence that says it doesn't work, I'll be fine with it.

    Something I do like, however, is that the camera zooms in and out depending on what is being displayed, which is something I very much prefer over the static camera from Episode 1, it makes it feel much more 2.5D.
  14. And by real men you mean a masochist? =P

    More on topic, On one note I'm glad they at least have a more working chemistry on co-op this time around. That's a plus, and a good way to progress from its predecessors.

    On the other note, it kinda tells you how the level design will be considering it's madatory now. I'm just hoping they don't overuse this to where it becomes stale and the only way to complete levels and such (which looks like the case for why you can't be stand-alones in the first place). It would've been a lot more beneficial to make secret Tails territories so that both characters could be alone in single player. Leave the high flying and swimming as rewards for exploring secret and obscure paths and what not, and not forced upon us.
  15. LOst


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    Is it still Dimps doing the game? If so, I am guessing the actual extra time spent on the Sonic Generations 3DS engine was to use it for Episode 2 also?

    So, have a look at the foreground graphics. It is now in 3D, rather than pre-rendered textures that Episode 1 had.

    Tails and Sonic playable at the same time? Hmm, I wonder how much headache the programmers got for adding that? It is the first time since Sonic Advance 1's Tails CPU cheat and Sonic Advance 3. Will it be better?

    I do not trust Sega's trailers. They are too fast-paced and post edited. And still, I do not like the name "Sonic 4" on this product. And Sonic has green..... *shot*
  16. jasonchrist


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    The Generations 3DS engine, while by no means great is better than the E1 engine. However, I can almost guarantee they're still using the E1 engine. I've analysed the fucking shit out of the trailer and it's got E1 written all over it.
  17. Willie


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    Tails has gotten totally shafted in recent years until the Sonic CD port. Having multiple playable characters was fucking awesome in S3&K and the Advance games plus it added a ton of replay value. Why Dimps stopped doing that, I don't know. Maybe it was to have the levels more based around Sonic's pros and cons. Whatever the reason, I disliked how both Dimps and Sonic Team stopped having Tails as a playable character in their games. Not to mention Sonic Team did a terrible job implementing Tails in both Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. That, and I feel Sonic Heroes sucks.

    Part of why episode 1 was so disappointing had to do with the fact it did absolutely nothing new. For 2D Sonic games, it's not very easy to innovate so the fact they're putting the effort of doing new things is great to me. Of course, the Sonic and Tails moves look really fun to me partially because I've been wanting to see a Sonic game where having both Sonic and Tails was mandated. Hell, in all honesty, having both Sonic and Tails mandated is Sonic 4 as I truly imagined it and that is not a joke. Like literally for many years before Sonic 4 was even announced, I imagined Sonic 4 with that and have some levels require both characters to do certain things. The fact they're doing that with this game is super awesome to me, but I wish I could also switch characters at anytime in DKC1-3 style. That would be fucking awesome. However, finding out I can't play as Tails at all in single player is so disappointing that it hurt a ton of excitement I had for this game. Still excited for this game, but nowhere near as much.

    I have no problem not having a Tails only option since I'd much rather play as Tails with Sonic following, but the only game to give me that option is Sonic Advance 3. Some of the new ideas for this game remind me a lot of Sonic Advance 3 except pulled off better which is a good thing as far as I'm concerned since I loved all three of the Sonic Advance games.
  18. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    So I wonder if we'll get a new piece of concept art today or if they'll stop now that they've released the trailer (They sure will, Past me). Which I suppose I enjoyed, the game looks pretty cool. Nice that it's coming out rather soon too. I'm willing to bet the larger enemies like the polar bear are Act 1 bosses/minibosses. It'd also be pretty sweet if the terrain continued and there was seamless transition between Acts, a la S3&K. The latter seems less likely to happen though, as there are probably things about the first episode they don't want to change out of fear for alienating the folks who picked up Episode I without much experience and loved it (Homing Attack reticule/sound effect, 'modern' character design, Bubbles chains, etc.).

    EDIT 4367: ICE BLOCK - Dis a block you break through with yo face in snow land.
    SNEGGMAN - Is what it looks like it is.
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    UK trailer has been released. It's exactly the same as the US trailer, but with the PEGI rating instead of the ESRB rating:
  20. Hez



    I'm not buying this game now. I am dead serious it is because of that reason. Call it a pet peeve if you want, or plain retarded, but that honestly throws it away from me. If you can't even get a single sound effect that IS CONSTANTLY USED throughout the game right, you don't deserve to be making Sonic games. Jesus fucking christ...