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Sonic 4: Episode 2 Discussion

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Chimpo, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Azookara


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    And then everyone forgot this tidbit.

    Pfft, ignore that. I just assumed that Taxman knew due to connections, but I reread it and led to correction (unless he really does have inside sources).

    I can guess that the game features physics very similar to classic Sonic in Generations3DS. I mean sure, it ain't no 1:1 Genny physics, but that's not what I expect nor care about. The only thing I'm worried about is just how many dashpads they're gonna put in this game. They got me worried with that one.

    Eh, I can see where some of the other potential flaws to the game are, but I don't really care that much. Physics being fixed and automation being axed is all I asked for, so if those things are taken care of then I am fine with that.
  2. Kogen


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    This is not an attack on you, but is there any reason people in general are too retarded to control two characters at once with mild combo moves? If it plays good (which it might not!) there should be no problem.

    And how much autism do you need to absolutely lust for playing as Sonic or Tails alone? This is a game, not wank time to Sonic or Tails being your eye-dazzling, singular delight. If it pains someone so much that they have to stare at Sonic or Tails during a Sonic game, then they need to find something else to do.
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    Those poor fucking people who travelled to San Fran for the feedback sesh, what a waste of time! I feel for them after today.

    But... Taxman isn't working on E2. That's painfully obvious by looking at the trailer.
  4. Vangar


    The trailer looked alright to me. I did enjoy Sonic 4 after getting used to the physics, but it's still nothing like the originals.

    What DOES bug me, is they obviously know there is an issue, GO OUT OF THEIR WAY TO TELL US THEY ARE FIXING IT, and then release a trailer that tries to hide it's the same garbage engine but with just the unroll fixed.

    There's your steaming shit on your mum, because they just shit all over this community by saying "HA-HA!". Not like they care anyway, it will get plenty of sales from people who don't care about the accuracy of 20 year old physics.

    Kinda reminds me of the changing physics in Mario (Original vs GB vs now). But do people complain? I guess the game isn't as reliant on it as much, since playing as Classic Sonic it's the whole point to have acceleration and momentum that can be mastered.

    The fact that the physics in Sonic 4 don't need to be mastered to get better at the game could be the whole problem. Not that they are different to classic, but because there is a flaw in them that stops a player from training to move in the surroundings better - Sonic does it by default with speed boosters and well places springs and enemy chains.
  5. Effexor


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    Bah, that's just how the springs work in this game. They set you off at a certain speed. It has nothing to do with Sonic's momentum. ...You're talking about the one that takes place in the snow level and he's underwater, right?

    Anyways, for those of you who complained about the spindash/rolling sounds being swapped, well, listen closely to 48-49 seconds. Assuming all of the sounds are in-game sounds, Tails revs up a spindash and it plays the correct sound.
  6. Aerobian-Angel


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    From the trailer I was able to decipher the following:
    - Sonic has new "spring" animations (spinny ones show him panicking, which I approve of)
    - some enemies require multiple hits (it's a challenge, get over it)
    - Sonic and Tails can team-travel underwater (something that was much harder to pull off in Sonic 3)
    - some paths require skillful usage of Sonic and Tails' buddy system (see the rotating bridge)
    - interaction between the foreground and background is much more prevalent than Episode 1
    - you can still break walls with your face (lol)
    - bottomless pits are accompanied by Generations' warning sign
    - Sonic can "summon" Tails back to him (it's around 0:49, sonic twirls and tails comes back to him)
    - the Homing attack comes with new "bounce-off" animation(s)
    - power-ups can be shared (such as shields)
    - the Steelion (sea lion badnik) seems to have various attack moves
    - the Team-Spin is fully-controllable (and its control seems quite fluid as well)
    - pathways intertwine with each other (see the Sylvania Castle loop, there's a pathway right through it)
  7. bluejayfusion


    I personally view Episode 2 as filler. It's an improvement over Episode 1 (allowing Sonic Team to save face) but still not a truly satisfying followup to the original trilogy.

    If anything I'm thrilled that they've (again) chosen not to make the retro-sonic 16-bit game that I'm dying to play. It gives me hope that a real RETRO sonic fan will get that chance one day. I've got my fingers crossed.

    Mega Man 9 inspires me to believe that there is still an audience for a something with the ol' 1990's charm.
  8. Aerobian-Angel


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    Sir, please. Have some etiquette. Can't expect a virtually untouchable company like SEGA to care if trash-talk like this floods their "community" box.
    - homing attack is 50% less-imposed with uncurling gone
    - these are the Colors/Unleashed models, not the Sonic Heroes ones (unless you're going for Classic, which does nothing for the game except display different polygons)
    - act-transitions/mini-bosses were an unheard plea, that's the one thing you guys didn't shout load enough about (Sonic with green eyes however...)
    - neither fixed nor unchanged physics have yet to be proven
    - boosters I have no words for
    - I hear that there's an ointment for chapped balls...

    I am laughing at how ironic this is.
  9. TheKazeblade


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    After watching the trailer a couple more times, I have to say, I'm more interested than previously. I think my biggest issue is that Sonic's jumping rotation doesn't increase speed depending on how fast he's moving, giving the illusion that it's more floaty than it is. It's a nitpick, but it's really obvious and it bugs me.
  10. I know what you mean. I guess people were expecting the Sonic 2 character selections and at the same time, didn't know that it's actually going to be the Heroes toggling (I don't think it has been confirmed yet, but it obviously looks like the case here)

    I mean, if the game's fun, then it's fun. Character selection shouldn't give you a reason to dislike a potentially decent game. That wouldn't make too much sense.

    Although, I do like my Tails outside my Special Stages, for obvious reasons =P
  11. Lanzer


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    As of now, I'm "meh" about it I still see some lingering things from Sonic 4 E1 but I didn't expect drastic overhaul either so I'm ok with this so long as the core issues have been fixed. nice to see the co-op and the levels in action, I will wait for SEGA to show it off at an Expo/Event and one of us can get their hands on it and give us a more through review of it to make up my mind if its worth the buy. for now, its too soon to judge.

    What do you mean? I thought it was both confirmed by the ESRB and Korea's rating board that it was coming to PC. Did Ken say something that it wasn't?...

    History repeats itself bro it wouldn't BE a Sonic 4 thread without one. check the 2 Sonic 4 E1 threads in my sig to see the previous shitstorms.
  12. Metal Man88

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    Can't help but feel like this time I guessed it from the start. Not horrible, but probably another disappointment. If I'm feeling generous I might play it, but to be honest, another generic Dimps based Sonic platformer isn't going to do it for me anymore. I got tired of those after Sonic Rush Adventure. I liked the submarine levels MORE than the actual levels!

    True, it isn't painful to look at (and hopefully, to hear) but it seems rather ho-hum. I'm more hoping they scuttle the Sonic 4 series and Dimps making Sonic games altogether—those people who made Colors and Generations (the main console Generations) know far more than Dimps ever will.
  13. Kogen


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    I would say this is more unique than Sonic 2 considering that Tails actually does something different now. I am mostly worried about level design and physics, which I am not sure they fixed. Combo moves and toggling between characters seems entirely fine with me, as does forced co-op. If I made a Sonic game I would do the exact same thing. I have always wanted something like Sonic Crackers minus the elastic ring band.

    And try not to bring up the ol Sonic 2 special zone Tails pretend-issue. He only gets rings you missed for being a dingus. If he loses them, it made no difference, you missed them to begin with.

    Also Aerobian-Angel: having to stop mid-level to fight a generic enemy by spamming homing attacks is not a good idea. It is in no way a challenge, it is stupid level filler of the most mundane flavour. And all three characters - Sonic, Tails, and Robotnik - look like utter shite in this game. Some of the worst models for these characters I have ever seen which totally sucks the appeal out of them. I am still surprised Sonic Generations can exist with great (though not fully accurate due to that youngness factor) designs, then this game can totally ignore them for this joke.
  14. TheInvisibleSun


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    I wonder if it will be possible to simply bounce off of the Bear badnik's head once and keep going w/o killing it, for speed running purposes?
  15. I certainly expected the gameplay to be as good as the screenshots first were, but after looking at it I can certainly say it isn't. Although I do appreciate the idea of implementing combo moves, something that I really liked in previous games, I do fear that they may ultimately fail. Everything has a catch and there probably will be problems that will become evident once people begin playing the game. I may be making early conclusions, but I fear that this game may become as lost and forgotten(and hated) as the previous. I still have some hope left though, but only its release will truly show me if the game is good or if it's a load of crap.
  16. serpx


    Personally I want to play Sonic 4, rather than Sonic Heroes. I'm hoping the use of Tails is optional, and not required to get around obstacles -- though, it's surely going to be required to use him in the game.
  17. Willie


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    Wait, I can't play as Tails in single player? I'm not surprised there's no Sonic only or Tails only mode, but forcing me to play as Sonic in single player is a massive letdown to the point where my interest in this game has now dropped significantly. Don't get me wrong, I generally prefer to play as Sonic in S3&K because I love the shield ability so much, but Tails was easily the most fun character to play as in the Advance games and he has always been my favorite Sonic character.


    I honestly felt allowing me to play as Tails in the Sonic CD port made the game a lot better, partially because of level design cheapness and Dimps aren't strangers to that.
  18. Andrew75


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    The Character animations really bug me...
  19. Mobiethian


    I haven't posted in a while but after reading up on a lot of the recent bitching about this and that, it's like seeing Episode 1 thread arguments all over again. My overall opinion about what I've seen in the new gameplay trailer is that it's appearing to be phenomenally amazing to say the least. I have no complaints yet, and I'm especially not going to cry over momentum issues or crap like that.

    Skipping back off to the 'real' world again, I'll just leave off saying that some of you seriously need to have your heads examined or something.. Nitpicking about every single flaw or thing not right about an unreleased game is very pointless. History does certainly repeat itself!

    This game is going to be great and so was the first episode. Peace. ;)
  20. Ayu Tsukimiya

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    I do think Sonic Team has gone back to making actual effort into their games. DIMPS would rather die in a fire than do that, obviously.

    My guess is that Sonic Team HAS listened to the complaints, harassed DIMPS about them, and now DIMPS is going to put in as little effort as possible. Just like what they did with the 3DS port of Generations.

    If anything, blame DIMPS.