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Sonic 4: Episode 2 Discussion

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Chimpo, Dec 29, 2011.

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    Trying to get outta Dr. Dre mode, and actually release an album.
    If only he used it during November. Then he would've been able to participate in Movember, and shamelessly promote Generations at the same time. :v:

    Anyway, I'll throw in my two pence here: While I never truly played Episode I outside of a demo, I've seen a lot of it in action. And let me tell you, that was enough to convince me not to unlock the full game. Criticisms aside, the physics weren't that bad, though they definitely could've improved it greatly. Since I never played the full game, I won't get into detail about levels.

    My main worry is the music. I'm a guy who loves music, and VGM is no exception to this. When I heard the full soundtrack for Sonic 4, I was less inclined to buy it even more. I know the guy who composed the music (not sure if it was Jun Senoue or someone else) had better taste than what he did for Episode I, so I hope to hear better music in this installment.

    Another thing, while the game itself wasn't truly bad, a lot of you gripe about it like it was either 2K6, or a 1:1 remake of Shaq-Fu using a shittier engine and graphics than the original did.

    I mean, Sonic 4 definitely isn't great, but it's a helluva lot better than those two titanic disasters.
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    Making the gameplay not be a mess is not going to magically fix all the problems of Sonic 4. It can be built upon the same engine of Sonic 2 or Sonic 3, it's still going to be mediocre if the game isn't designed around them, and if the level design and overall game is going to be the same completely uninteresting shit like it was on Episode I, Sonic Colors DS, and Sonic Generations 3DS.

    Not to mention Sonic 4 was the first Sonic game in years to do the impossible and have an actual terrible soundtrack. Please don't let it be the same pseudo-Genesis trying-too-hard-to-be-(insert zone of Sonic 1/2) bullshit and also let Naofumi Hataya compose part of it.
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    There was nothing wrong with Ken's moustache (rather his muttonchops). That was the most creative thing I have seen come out of SEGA of America in the last decade. I respect Ken now. This is exactly the direction I want to see SEGA go in.
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    The fact that this game is supposed to feature original content isn't a good excuse? Won't be able to dub over tracks composed 18 years ago by competent people for this!
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    Episode 2 isn't coming to Wii. =(

    Coming from SEGA's Ken Balough...

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    Anyone who even doubted Sega when it came to continuing their partnership with Nintendo needs a slap upside the head. There's two key reasons the Wii is losing support to all hell:

    1) On a digital distribution aspect, the 40MB limit imposed on WiiWare titles (unknown if this also includes 3DS) severely limits the size and quality the games can be put out. Note how muddy Sonic 4 looks on Wii on top of the use of MIDIs instead of the normal songs.

    2) Wii U is expected to come out in 2012 at some point. Nintendo seems to be doing a refocus on how their online system works (continuing the old rib jab that Nintendo is always a generation behind) which could mean a better interest in digital titles. Developers are also more keen to move development over to newer, stronger hardware. Wii may have an impressive install base, but the whole "Nintendo Curse" is still very much in play that third parties never seem to quite take off on the console. Sega seems to be one of the few that can still generate a decent seller.
  7. You respect the man because he grew some ridiculous looking facial hair? >.> Its nice to show fans commitment to the quality of the product like that but it reminds me of the GTA4 tattoo on Peter Moore. Just mostly tacky, if not amusing for the moment
  8. I'm glad it's not coming to Wii (as a download) if Nintendo are sticking by their 40MB limit and refuse to lift it or work on it for ANYONE, then they should expect more and more developers and Indie people to go to Xbox/PSN/Steam instead. It's better to impose a 2GB Limit on yourself (Xbox) than a 40MB one, perhaps now with Episode 2 we'll go back to 2 Acts per Zone and get more Zones. And music with some effort.
  9. Sometimes I just don't understand Nintendo. What is their logic behind placing size limits on downloadable content and games? What is their logic behind using Friend Codes for their online system, or not supporting wired connections out-of-the-box?

    As much as I'd like to, I simply can't hate them. They may do shitty work with their online services and lag behind a generation in technology with their consoles, but goddamnit, they still have the best games. I'm kinda hoping the Wii U will restore my faith in their ability to please me with their console hardware and online services.

    I don't know why I care about this right now... I still have several other systems I could get Episode 2 for, and there's nothing to indicate a Wii U port later on is ruled out anyway. As everyone's saying, it's probably for the better that they ignore the Wii for now so they can do more. I'm rather excited to see if this new graphics engine (not to mention the physics) will live up to my expectations.

    Oh and of course, the soundtrack better not be full of expiring felines this time. The actual songs themselves were good in Episode 1, so I'm confident in their ability to make a good soundtrack (especially after Generations and Colours), but the poor attempt at 16-bit sound really ruined the last one. Fan remixes of the tracks were much better.
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    Because the Wii has a 512 MB flash storage out of the box, and you couldn't originally run downloadable games off SD cards. By the time Nintendo fixed the latter, it was already too late. The 3DS should theoretically not have this problem, or, at least, not nearly as bad, nor should the WiiU.
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    Please refrain from answering Kogen, the guy is just basically here to have fun of you.
    Back on topic, I'm actually pretty glad the Wii isn't going to get Episode II, Episode I should testify as to why and I don't see why SEGA should reduce the quality of its games again so it can fit into an inferior system. I however see nothing wrong with a 3DS port or even a Wii U one if it's out before the release of the game, theorically, they don't have as much limits, do they?
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    You guys are blaming Episode I's quality on the Wii's filesize limit? If they didn't have to worry about that, do you honestly believe it would be better?

    And a 2 GB limit for the Wii would be stupid. If someone wanted to download a game with that size, they would be forced to buy an SD card. And the biggest SD card the Wii supports is 2 GB. So they would spend at least $10 on an SD card that would have no purpose besides playing one game.
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    Recapture that same spirit of fun? Oh boy here we go again guys! :specialed: Other than that the blog doesn't really give out anything new. I'm assuming by "completely reworked physics engine", they mean Generations 3DS. If it's as better than Episode I as I've been hearing, I won't mind too much I guess. I think that's the most reasonable thing to hope for at the moment.
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    Um, since 2009 the Wii can actually support up to 32 GB SDHC cards.

    And to be honest we really don't know how much the Wii dragged episode 1 down if it did at all. My problems with episode 1 were the physics, the art style, the instrumentation of the music, and the level design. I hardly see how any of these problems could be pinned on the Wii as they seem like they are all physically possible to fix despite the Wii's limitations. Yeah the music on the Wii would still need to be sequenced, but they could have chosen better instruments than what they did.

    But as long as there is a PC version I won't miss the fact that Episode 2 won't be coming to the Wii.
    Not to mention I won't miss it at all anyway if they don't make substantial improvements.
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    Not completely Wii's fault but would they afford to move to a new graphics engine if the Episode II was also planned to be on the Wii?
    One thing for sure is that no longer having the Wii constraints will make the developement easier.
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    This part seems important for Android users:
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    I've seen people talking about releasing Episode I on the Wii U- from what I can gather, the Wii U will be able to download all the same stuff and you can port your games over, so in essence, the Wii U is an upgrade to the Wii, which does more with better graphics and more space (and a nnew controller), rather than a complete overhaul.

    I'm not angry at SEGA, I'm angry at Nintendo. The Wii still has some awesome games, but gone are the days when you can rely on one console for all your needs. I stuck with the Gamecube and never looked back, with the Wii I'm constantly looking at what it's not getting, which recently has been three major Sonic releases with the advent of Ep II, as well as decent racing games. Yeah, sure, Call of Duty has the best controls on the Wii, a free online experience, and Mario, Zelda and Metroid, but seriously, if the Wii U doesn't get the Sonic it needs, I'll be investing in a PS3.

    Just my little rant from my work desk.
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    That might be a good sign, the Tegra 2 is ridiculously powerful for a mobile device and if Sega is planning to make use of that power then their claims about a new graphics engine might have some weight to them.
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    Tegra 2 is actually pretty underpowered. Apple's A5 blows it away, especially the GPU.

    And they're seriously limiting their market like this. Very few phones use Tegra 2.
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    Besides the point. The same talent that composed those classics 18 years ago, and/or produced the Generations remixes, are still around. There's absolutely no reason for Episode 1 stuff to be as bad as it was, with all due respect to Jun.