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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Chimpo, Dec 29, 2011.

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    The next audtion
    For those too lazy to look at the blogs. :v:

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    New Sonic related Game Music Video
    I know what this is. xD
    Oh you, Sega!
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    I hope it's the worthy succesor to the barrel of death
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    Yeah you will have to use the two analog sticks like you do lock picking in Skyrim just to make it move.
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    Same here, Steelion is the bollocks and may well turn out to be my favourite badnik of all time. What if these big, badass badniks take several hits to destroy?
  6. Snowy reminds me of a polar cub version of Grizzly slash from MMX5
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    And here I thought you were a self-righteous twat before... Your name smells of irony.

    Sonic gets to kick the ass of multiple Bark the Polarbears? I can dig this :v: (EDIT: In retrospect he's probably either a sub-boss or an Eggman Mech; it's always been the style of the classics to have badniks be annoying robots you only need to hit once to break open, but who knows, SEGA may wish to deviate from that... Like they've deviated from a LOT of policies/styles :S)

    That cube has got me interested. I doubt it's a storage unit. My guess is it'll be one of those surprise badniks like the Marble Garden faux-spikes. As in, (possibly in Oil Ocean) there'll be a bunch of crate objects but a few of them are actually badniks that want to rough you up.

    Of course I could be completely wrong but it'd be interesting to see an enemy like that in Sonic 4 or even the future :v:

    EDIT 2:

    Yeah something like this, except probably not as cute :P
  8. Tokkan


    No one took notice that on that Famitsu scan we got the names of the "Aquatic Ruin"-alike and the Christmas Carnival. They're "Silvania Castle" and "White Park" respectively.
  9. I think I finally figured out what that box is! It must be a pushable crate of some sort.

    I am also digging the bear bot. He will give you a bear hug...OF DEATH.
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    Because graphically I can do a better job and I'm a fan.

    To me the grass looks like a poor attempt at ripping off fan remix's but fail to top it.
    Also I'm looking at the skills of the current people modeling this game it just looks like fresh collage grad work or something to me,
    But hey I just have over 13 years 3D modeling experience, its easy for someone like me to spot another modelers skill level.
    Not to mention the shitty home made looking textures.... Jesus cant believe you guys are defending this shit product.
    Probably doesn't play any better than something a few fans have done in the past few years. (engine wise I'm speaking)
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    Opinions opinions.
  12. Mastered Realm

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    Hell yeah andrew75, you are right, but Sonic 4 EP2 is newer than Sonic Fan Remix, and it is already a completed product. Fan doesn't have any obligations or goals on finishing the games...
  13. Andrew75


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    Hell ya I'm right !
    I was right about Episode 1 when it was first shown off, and I'll be right about this.
    Sonic is just Sega's cash cow..
    Many of you guys follow sonic so blindly, that you can't even see a bad product even if it beats the fuck out of your faces!

    For me, Generations was ruined by the shitty 2D play mechanics (They are not sonic, they are a poor attempt at sonic).
    Generations just felt incomplete.
    I mean, What the fuck ? take your time Sega and plan out the engine mechanics a little better.
    after all its all in the planing, man ! If theres not a good ground plan in place, than your end result will be shit..

    Sure they can make a complete product quickly with the massive teams that are at command.
    but even with that, the product just lacks real heart. ( a rushed feeling product!)
    vs. our slowly made fan games ( hell I been working on one since 2006 and I'm still at it !)

    also Sonic 4 episode 1 ! what a piece of crap !
    Way before episode 1 was even on the drawing board there have been better fan made engines that feel closer to how sonic should feel.
    I don't expect much from episode 2 gameplay wise or graphically for that matter.
    let me ask you guys,,,,If the fan made looking texture and model work is any indication of the quality of what this game will be like, than what else?

    Edit: something else that comes to mind,, it looks like they are using the Generations DS engine or something for episode 2 .
    thats another thing that bothers me about Sega, They keep using the same engines over and over again , but add small little patches here and there that do not address the main issues of the engine, just cover them up.
    Generations to unleashed for example.. same engine with some minor tweaks here and there, if it were me id rip whole gameplay systems out of the engine and rebuild from scratch using an out of the box approach.

    If it were me planing out the game engine, Id approach it from outside the box perspective when it comes to planning out the engine and how play mechanic should be set up.
    Seems everything they are doing is just a bunch of traditional programing ideals and methods. they do not work for sonic !
    and never will !

    Not sure about episode 1 to 2 , but hell, if they get it right this time I'll be so so so very surprised.
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    I'm just gonna pretend like I'm lowering my (non existent) incredibly high standards when I say that I think the visuals actually look really good, and that I'm only hoping Sega learned something from the fan feedback regarding gameplay.

    If they did then well a joyous day will be had for most, including me; and if they didn't then well, they didn't and they're not gonna get my money unless I really am that bored/curious and have a spare buck. Don't really have much more to say than that.
  15. Andrew75


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    Just wait till I make the big reveal for the project me and a few guys are working on, its gana blow some minds.
    Graphically and gameplay wise.

    Hell yes im full of myself, as I have good cause. Sega cant touch this shit .
  16. RGX


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    May I ask what was wrong with the Generations 3DS classic physics? I honestly couldn't find any fault with them. It better be something major that's brought up, not the littlest shit such as he jumps 1 pixel higher/lower etc.
  17. Dark Sonic

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    I have standards for games, admittedly they're a bit lower for sonic then other series but they're still there. I'll admit I've made stupid purchases perhaps because I'm blinded by the fact that it's lol sonic. But I really don't think there are many downloadable games for the 360 or ps3 that look better then this (I think, I could be wrong. Remember I said I don't think there are many, There definitely are some.)

    At the end of the day I think ep 1 was ok, but probably not something I'd buy again. I think this game has really improved visual wise and I really think they've fixed their shit. I'll wait and see but this game so far seems to have fixed a lot. No, it won't be perfect, but if I had to wait for the "perfect" game, I'd have to wait 30 years for sonic fan remix and nothing else (not even talking about sonic here). I played through generations today, and while slightly flawwed, I still loved it. I don't see how if you legitimately like something you're an idiot

    I think Segas figuring out their shit with sonic slowly but surely. May not be what you want but many others will enjoy it, and likely have some legit reason to.
  18. Andrew75


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    Sega's taking there sweat time fixing sonic slowly each game, and promising a fixed engine each time. and not delivering 100% each time, I'm just tired of seeing this.
    I want to see a difference happen, seriously ! thats why I'm bitching .
    if fans can make better quality engines than sega, than there is something very messed up ...Even if the fan engines arnt 100% complete. Many do things better in some way or another.
  19. It felt like the rolling was nerfed when I played it. that's all I could find that was wrong with them
  20. Dark Sonic

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    To be fair I don't think they've ever promised a "fixed" engine, except when they said how we're going to fix ep 1... Which they didn't. No Segas term of choice is reboot, but they haven't said that in a while