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Sonic 4: Episode 2 Discussion

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Chimpo, Dec 29, 2011.

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    I'm sure you guys will get it sooner or later. I just grabbed ten more, I might as well just post 'em when I get home.

    EDIT: I guess I'm nice, but I'm also lazy, so...
  2. I actually enjoyed Episode 2, over Episode 1, but they did ramp up the difficulty in some spots. White Park Zone - Act 3 irritated me to no end, but the game play was definitely improved upon and the mechanics were, pretty simple to grasp. It was nice that the game took a hint from Sonic Generations to tell you "Oh hey, this is a bottomless pit. If you fall down this way, you'll die." I look forward to what Episode 3 brings, if they make it. I just wonder if it'll involve Knuckles, possibly a way to play as him too.

    The music in the game was pretty good too, although, for some acts, I have to say some of the themes just felt... too short. Acts 3 of both Sylvania Castle and White Park Zone, as well as Act 1 of Sky Fortress, I feel should have had a longer tune to them, but they were still good and fitted right.
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    So, I've been playing this on my 5th Generation iPod Touch. The main game runs pretty smoothly, but Episode Metal is unplayable. It crashes at the same spot every time, inches before the first checkpoint. =\
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    Anyone gather the Episode 2 soundfonts yet?
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    Soundfonts? They used streamed audio on all versions, no?
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    Were the soundfonts collected from the Wii version of episode one? I could have sworn I have heard compositions using the originals from Ep1 and not the Wii sounding instruments like this: [media][/media]
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    Yeah only the Wii version and the instrments were not properly organized either.
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    They were. Though as mentioned, they're not organized.
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    Okay, after so many months I finally played Episode 2 Attack of the Robot Clone. I expected ep I. level of shit. Wonky physics, dull level designs low quality music, the works. What I got instead was a short but good Sonic game. It had actual momentum based physics for one. It was great not having to always hold down the direction I want to jump. Also I loved the special stages, this is my fav kind of special stages, after all there's a reason its the most used one. Loved playing as Metal Sonic, using a mometum based physics on epI stages felt awesome! Overall, this game is no Generations, but its a damn good game. Saying this game suck is an insult to actual shitty Sonic games like Sonic Generations 3DS. I really do hope Sega continue doing 2D Sonics because I think they finally got it once more.
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    I share a similar situation and sentiment, I just wish the music still didn't sound like garbage.

    And Generations 3DS was fun, I thought.
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    Sadly I can't agree. While Ep2 was an improvement, it still wasn't up to even sonic 1 master system standards. while it appears you build up speed, you don't build up momentum. This can be seen in Slavania castle Zone act 2.

    Plus, Sonic still thinks he's knuckles when going through breakable walls. At least Generations required sonic to be in a ball form to properly break walls.
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    This. I don't get it. Dimps have done this ever since Rush and I really don't like it. Well okay it's not as bad as Rush. In that game, walls would smash apart when there was still a Sonic-sized gap between Sonic and the wall.
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    Thank god! Sonic 1 SMS has floaty physics and linear gameplay....
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    It still had better momentum than Sonic 4 ep 1&2 did.

    and of course I could have picked a worse target. Like G Sonic on the Game Gear and it still wouldn't have met those standards.
  15. You're joking, right? Have you played G-Sonic (Sonic Blast in the US) recently?!
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    Actually, yes. and even with it's poor physics, it still gets right the whole build up speed on slopes thing.
    Question is, have you?
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    You are definitely not judging things right.
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    Im sorry but the Physics in Ep II are much MUCH better than Sonic Blast or even Sonic 1 on the SMS. It also help that the levels are much better designed.
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    I was actually pretty content with Ep. 2 overall. For one thing, the jumping felt and looked right. Adding variable spin speed depending on the momentum you had behind your jump made it feel immensely more natural. The Sonic Tails combo-attack, while not fantastic, worked well, and I'd like to see a similar (but very improved) mechanic implemented in future games. Sonic may still not feel quite right at rolling, but at least there was improvement there. The level tropes were very well done, specifically Oil Desert. I loved the gimmicks in that zone, though I wish that they had saved the "sandstorm" until act 2, so when the place was destroyed in Act 3, it made a bit more sense.

    The only thing I disliked was how frustrated I found myself with the game many times. The game could be unfair with it's hazard and enemy placement, and I would often miss the special ring because I ran too fast past the goal post, missing out on the Chaos Emeralds.
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    Apparently this game is half off on the EU PSN. If anyone hasn't picked it up yet, a fiver is a much more reasonable price point for it.