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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Chimpo, Dec 29, 2011.

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    When I got to that part in the stage, I noticed three things. 1) It was underwater. 2) The walruses on the top and bottom which I noted from previous encounters that they produce unbreakable ice chunks. 3) The single line of rings going between the two rows of walruses. To me, it was pretty damn obvious that they wanted me to go full speed with Submarine-Tails through them all.

    Does that excuse the fact that they made it unescapeable, or heck, ANY of the typical DIMPS "botomless pit at the end of a level" bullshit? Not really, but if you payed attention to the level ahead of you, you shouldn't have had trouble with it.
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    Me too, actually. Hell, I didn't even encounter it I think.
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    You had to have encountered it. It's at - who would've fucking guessed - the very end of the stage.
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    Then I must have just not noticed it was a devilish Dimps trap. I just powered through the water that entire stage, which might explain why I didn't actually notice it.
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    Sort of irrelevant when they refuse to use it for anything else, ever again. May as well have never happened.

    But the Dimps bashing is sort of old. This game doesn't look HORRIBLE, but on the other side it kind of generates apathy in me. Not as cool in reality as it sounds in concept, mostly due to it not really lining up with how the old Sonics looked art-wise. (All too shiny and 3D.)
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    Anyway, If a patch doesn't come in a week...

    I'll spam this on Sega forums hahaha:

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    And we still got a purer experience with the Sonic Team version. Why?
    Because in that one the Classic Sonic's Homing Attack isn't shoved down in our throats.
    It's like Dimps really want the homming attack just to make lame shortcuts to avoid better level design.
  8. Just going to say - charge up your spin dash and jump straight after letting go.
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    I wouldn't blame it all on Dimps, SEGA didn't really give them enough time to make it a good game. At E3 2011 (about half a year before the game released) they could only show Green Hill Zone because it was literally the only level they had finished at that time, and even then the way the stage looked wasn't finished either. Classic Sonic's 3D model was also terrible and looked like something out of a DS game.
  10. So, if there isn't a good ending, then what it this?

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    You're a little late to the party. That was SUPPOSED to be the teaser for Sonic 4 Episode III, but since Sega flat-out said that it isn't happening, they removed it from the final release.
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    2 pieces of leftovers from an unused 100% ending. something was definately planned but was for some reason taken out.

    Since when did SEGA say its official that Ep. 3 isn't happening?
  13. OK, so Sonic 4 may not be a trilogy anymore? Oh, come on, the saga started with a not so good physics, but now it has been fixed (except Super Sonic). Also I think Ep.II has good ideas on bosses and levels. I hope there will be a patch for the good ending and I hope Episode II will come out.
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    I don't remember anyone at SEGA ever saying that. Besides that, the "to be concluded..." line at the end of the launch trailer heavily hints at there being a third episode.
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    When did Sega say Ep III definitely wasn't happening?
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    Wouldn't it be fucking HILARIOUS if they DID mean for the Death Egg to explode, and the animation trigger just never went off and they didn't notice because their QA was garbage?
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    Let's just say they don't make Episode III. All they'd have to do is release a patch forcing an explosion animation, with every fragment of the DEmk.II dispersing away from Little Planet, leaving it unscathed. Simple as that. Right?
  18. They never said it wouldn't happen, they said "Might not happen".

    3rd time lucky ;)
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    Or blow up the whole thing, Little Planet included, and release a patch for Generations that makes Modern Sonic cry into his gloved hands whenever he travels between Chemical Plant and Sky Sanctuary. Hitting the boost button during this animation will change his "WHOO!!!" to "WAAAHH!!!"
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    I realize your post was a joke but I'm going to outline this :v:

    I've been thinking about how Episode III would go on from here, and in the past month every forum post I've seen has said "the Death Egg didn't blow up". But if the Death Egg m.k. II exploded while encasing Little would blow Little Planet up. The entire point of Sonic CD's story was to restore Little Planet and expunge Eggman, so blowing it up would be kinda bad.

    Episode III could still involve Sonic and Tails (and Knuckles or whatever) exploring more of Little Planet and turning off "generators" ( a la Sonic Colors ) that are chaining the Death Egg II to Little Planet. They could keep Episode II's trend of mixing old zones and introducing new elements this way too. The first Zone could be on a sort of middle ground between Palmtree Panic and Collision Chaos, for example. And of course, exploring new parts of Little Planet would be nice, and we would more than likely have our typical "Eggman's base" area somewhere around as well.

    This is all assuming there is an Episode III, but I'd be happy to see it take a path akin to this.