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Sonic 4: Episode 2 Discussion

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Chimpo, Dec 29, 2011.

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    Tried online co-op with Skyler earlier, had a pretty good time after I figured out who was able to do what, even if my connection probably made things pretty lagged up.

    Playing local co-op to use Tails in most of the levels is pretty freakin' sweet.
  2. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm


    Found in S4EP2 files!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    not really, just made this to joke on Sega forums xD
  3. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    There are 3D bits to Splash Hill I think- the crumbling ledges use 3D models once they actually collapse.
  4. I know it's a couple days late to mention this, but has anybody seen TotalBiscuit's "WTF Is..." on S4:E2? The guy's probably my favorite reviewer/LP'er, and he grew up on the Sonic games, so the video was pretty good. He plays through it up to a couple minutes into White Park, and it's fairly amusing to listen to his thoughts as he plays, especially since he reviewed it blind.
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    I found the levels very fun and easy, but I thought it was rather hard to get 50 rings to get to the Special Stage after Sylvania Castle Zone. I also found Sky Fortress Zone Act 3 very difficult. I also got 5 "Game Overs" in Act 1 before I learned about the Combo move. Overall, it isn't extremely difficult, but it is harder than Episode I.
  6. Don't know who that is, but I've seen that video. He spends 3/4 of the video bitching about how Tails is worthless, and rushing in and not giving himself a breather to have everything settle into his thoughts for everything to be processed a bit more easily.
    That is not something I call "amusing" or "entertaining".
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    Looks like a lot of detail for ep1 tiles though, but most likely a left over.
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    I had been finding this game pretty easy, but for me, for whatever reason, was a stupidy large difficulty spike for the deatheggII boss, I've had to stop playing before I broke something, pummeled at it for like 20 lives.

    There are the two main things that make me wanna punch ther wall and thats at critical moments, one of two things always ALWAYS happens, either Sonic for some reason refuses to jump, and Tails refuses to tag in for a quick flight, and usally results in lossing rings or a life, up untill this point Tails has come to my beconed call every time, why stop now? I played the first level to check my buttons weren't knackerd, but they seem to be fine

    Good for you if you think this boss is a piece of piss, but all the electricity and janky gravity, and sudden unhelpful Tails is really making me hate the game, I was kinda enjoying it untill this point =/

    I'm gonna have to go back get loads of lives back before I can try again now, I just want it to be over >_<
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    Wait, isn't Episode Metal's code/files already in Episode 2? Except you just need Ep.1 along side Ep.2 to unlock them? It would explain why bits of Splash Hill would be there, and why their detail is a little much for being Ep.1 tiles since Ep.2's level of detail surpasses Ep.1's.
  10. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Did you two read Master Emerald's post? It's just something he made for a hoax, and I was pointing out that there actually is a 3D version of it in the game. Yes E1's files are all contained within E2, but this isn't actually from the game at all.
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    And I didn't say it was from the game. I was just pointing out how it'd make sense if it happened to be.
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    Ok, just started playing this from the pad. I beat episode metal I between my frustrations with White Park Act 3. I'm really confused as to when the hell this game is supposed to take place because either Sonic 3 didn't happen yet, or Metal Sonic has been sitting dormant on the little planet for months/years (supposedly the "bad future" is what really happened storyline wise?). With Eggman waking his ass up (I loved seeing the stardust speed way title card btw), Sonic 4 ep 1 takes place during/just before this. I'm just having a hard time placing this game in the continuity.
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    This game happens after S3K, and Episode 1. Episode Metal likely happens in between Episode 1 and 2.
  14. I can help a bit with this.

    You see, the Little Planet only comes to Sonic's world every once in a while. S4 Ep 2 is around that time, so Eggman realized the planet was close enough to Sonic's world that Metal could fly there on his own power.

    Thus this all still could have happened after S3&K. Metal's Episode actually takes place after Eggman realized Sonic was coming in Ep 1, so he began preparations with Metal in that time.

    So if this is actually happening the same time as Ep 1, How does Sonic never actually see him? Well if we take into account both level orders:

    Episode 1: Splash Hill, Casino Street, Lost Labyrinth, Mad Gear
    Episode Metal: Mad Gear, Lost Labyrinth, Casino Street, Splash Hill

    They are never in the same place, and if we take into account that Metal probably didn't start his journey till Sonic reached at least Lost Labyrinth Zone, it all fits. Sonic has to deal with Eggman on the E.G.G Station as well, so that also would give Metal ample time to do his mini quest before his cue in White Park. Tails Rocket would have fallen after the initial jet off to get Sonic on the E.G.G. Station, so it could have been there for Metal to borrow to reach Sonic quicker than his own jets would allow, which is why he used it there!

    So yeah, Episode Metal happens around the middle of Sonic 4 Ep 1 going into S4 Ep 2. That's why Metal doesn't show his face till then.
  15. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

    Ken answered my message! - Possible legit patch soon?

    [quote name = 'Ken Balough']Ok - as along as we all understand that it will not uprez the textures, and this its not acually 1080p.

    Give me the line of code and I will take this up with the producers.[/quote]

    But he wants the code of the patch, which I don't have. Can some Techie take a look? :P

    Jackfuste only changed 6 bytes on the cracked version but those can't be found on the uncracked version... what to do?
  16. Lanzer


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    Hmm, why not just send the message to Jackfuste then let him talk to Ken?
  17. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

    Because Jackfuste doesn't release his codes it seems x.x
  18. Indigo Rush

    Indigo Rush

    It's much easier to say that Episode Metal happens some time after Episode I, just before Episode II. The official site (and in-game manual) say that Episode II takes place a few months after Episode I. At the end of Episode Metal, Sonic and Tails can be seen flying off to Sylvania Castle on the Tornado, which is how Episode II starts. Therefore, Episode Metal occurs just a little bit before Episode II.

    So, the current canon as of Sonic 4 goes like this:

    Sonic 1
    Sonic CD
    Sonic 2
    Sonic 3
    Sonic & Knuckles
    Sonic 4: Episode I
    Sonic 4: Episode Metal
    Sonic 4: Episode II

    (Sonic CD could technically fit after Sonic & Knuckles, but due to release date and a lack of Tails, being before Sonic 2 is most likely)
  19. LockOnRommy11


    Yeah, basically just to confirm what's been said but just confirming something else here- Episode Metal goes straight inbetween Ep I & II, as it ends with Sonic & Tails flying off on the tornado. They have left behind the rocket that Sonic used to get the to the E.G.G Station. Sonic 4 Episode I ends with Sonic in Splash Hill so Sonic obviously met up with Tails there and camped out a bit- they then flew off on a long journey through the desert linking Episode I to Episode II. Metal chases them and ends up finding them in White Park again. And then it goes from there.

    Indigo Dude has the game order spot on.

    This also confirms why Dr Robotnik decided to build other Metal Sonic versions between Sonic CD & Sonic 4 :v: I am loving SEGA right now.

    By the way guys, I've seen a few of you a bit disappointed that Metal Sonic has been depicted in the bad future of Stardust Speedway- the only explanation there is is that after Sonic saved Little Planet and the future became good again, because this was still set in the present of the Little Planet, it's still bad look despite Eggman's presence no longer having a hold over the planet. When playing Sonic CD, you travel to the good future if you enter there yourself through a signpost or Sonic does behind the scenes between each level after collecting the Time Stones/destroying capsules automatically. it's still the future, so the present is still in whatever mess it was, but the evil influence is no longer there years afterward.

    Where Metal Sonic lays is only a year or so after Sonic CD when the Little Planet returns over Never Lake, so the future hasn't yet set in :v:

    Also, it takes its graphics from the Generations version of the Metal Sonic race- Sonic travelled back in time there himself to replay fighting Metal, so it seems the event is also related there too, seeing as he's now lying in the middle of the road. It seems this time travel in Generations has also affected the outcome of the battle, or maybe I'm overthinking this. Remember at the end of Generations they turn Super and the Super Sonic music for Sonic 4 plays? Then Classic Sonic goes back to his time? :v: Yeah...

    Time travel is confusing.

    The only problem with leaving it just with Sonic CD and not Generations is that in Sonic CD you HAVE to get the Time Stones BEFORE the end of Stardust Speedway in CD, and this generates the good future of the Metal Sonic boss. The only reason this is plausible is if Generations fucked with the time travel, like when Trunks goes back to the past and changed it in DBZ.

    Eh. I'll leave that for you to digest.
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    IGN gave Sonic 4-1 8.0.
    IGN gave Sonic 4-2 6.5.

    Here are the closing comments for 4-2

    When it was first announced to be in development back in 2009, the promise of SEGA's "Project Needlemouse" seemed incredible – it's no wonder fans of the Sonic franchise got their hopes up so high. Episode I then came along and, for many, failed to deliver on that potential. Episode II is a better game than that one was when it comes to the fans' key criticisms, but yet this second – and final – installment of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 still seems bland. Buy it and enjoy it as much as you can if you're a longtime Sonic follower. Just don't get your hopes up too high again. Sonic the Hedgehog 4, once more, has not been the true second coming of your hero.''

    ...I understand they're two different reviewers but this is just stupid. OR, it's just that IGN is overall unreliable. Yours to decide.