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Sonic 4: Episode 2 Discussion

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Chimpo, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Nope, the only reason Ep. 1 had those "exclusive stages" was because it was the BETA build, and they didn't bother changing the levels. Ep II looks almost the exact same as the console versions with no exclusive stages.
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    I don't care what anyone says about Ep. 2. I love it. WHY? Because its the first Sonic game I convinced my girlfriend to play with me. And she loves it. She always wanted to be Tails cuz he could fly, but the poor girl didnt understand why he was slower than Sonic...

    Not the best Sonic game out there, nor is it my favorite, but I am happy with it, its a big improvement over Ep. 1 (Upon comparing, she though Ep. 1 looked like a pile of garbage). Enjoyed Episode Metal, aside from the slightly annoying sfx Metal sonic would make.

    My only complaint is that many zones IMO suffered the Sandopolis syndrome and dragged on and on. But I guess that's also due to my only playing through once. Bosses were a bit lengthy too, but they felt quite original compared to the rehash parade we've been subjected to.

    All in all, I give it a 7.5-8 out of 10. After playing this, I want Episode 3, as I feel that at this rate, we could get a better product the third time around.

    Maybe I'm a bit sentimentally biased towards it... I don't give a damn

    Ken Balough is always full of shit. I'm sure he is a nice enough guy in person... but goddamn... take everything he says with a grain full shaker of salt. The guy just hits Hulk Hogan-esque levels of bullshit when he speaks publically about the games.

    Probably not his fault, I'm sure he's only saying what SEGA tells him to... I'm willing to bet that he was told to spew that BS statement in hopes that people would turn right around and (maybe spend more money...?) get the final game.

    You don't have to download it. I ran into the same problem. I started up Ep. 1, played for a minute, closed it, and opened Ep.2, and went into Single Player. I was treated with a nice little cutscene and then told that I can switch between old and new maps (old maps played by Metal Sonic.) YES, I am a PS3 owner.
  3. I'm almost done with the first zone. Eh, it's better. It's enjoyable (not my idea of Sonic 4, but I'm not gonna rehash that debate of calling it something else)

    One thing that irks me-- the whole "Press Button to go to next act." Don't get me wrong, I'm glad our bitching got that added to Sonic 4. But they got it backwards. It should be "Press Button if you want to go back to world map" I'm used to the natural flow of Sonic games going from act to act, level to level. Sometimes I forget to push the damn button.
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    Am I the only one who actually liked the music in this game? It uses a lot more Genesis instruments and I really liked the compositions.

    Also I beat it, it was okay. Certainly better than Episode I, but some of the later bosses and acts drag on for way too long.
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    I sware I remember reading something that said E2 handheld version would have exclusive stages. anyone else remember that?
  6. I will give credit where credit is due-- Senuoe did a fine job here. However, there is no doubt in my mind the Genesis titles still have more rich, diverse tracks. I swear, I want to travel back in time and somehow coerce Sega soundteam into making more level music, music for levels that don't even exist. That was some consistently kick ass composition.
  7. Wait, if they didn't fix Super Sonic, then are there any differences between the retail version and Beta 8 at all?
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    They fixed some lighting and texture issues, but that's basically it.
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    Jack shit.
    Just got 100% in the game.

    It was very fun. And unlike Episode 1 I played from the first zone to the last (because it was an achievement so I had to). But I really did enjoy it.
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    I liked it too XD I listen it all the time on my iPod since it's great, especially Sky Fortress Act 2
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    Best way to get 50 Tails plays? PSN's online seems a little... dead.
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    It took me 49 Local plays (Special Stage 1) for it to unlock. Beforehand me and Skyler had played and I was Tails about 10 times. Local is apparently the way to go.

    I heard a PS3 person say they played as tails well over 100 times online before it unlocked.
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    I definitely remember this as well. Wonder what the deal is? Guessing it was either a misinterpretation on Ken's behalf or people just haven't gotten them yet.
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    Xbox 360 Leaderboards. Sylvania Castle Zone Act 1. Score Attack. Sonic & Super Sonic.

    Come at me, bros. :colbert:
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    Ok so the Oil desert boss was probably one of the coolest bosses in a Sonic game for some time.

    Enjoying it so far. Also whizzed through Episode Metal. Was that a Sonic Spinball sample in the music of one of the cut scenes?
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    The next audtion
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    In b4 TheNo1SonicFan2 kicks your ass.
    Speaking of the cheating bastard, he's # 1 on the Time Attack Leaderboards. I'm assuming Sega hasn't done anything about the cheaters?
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    I bought the iOS version last night to play on my ipad 3 and I do like it a lot on a tablet, some 3d polygon level tiles are slimmed down a little but sonic looks just the same and all the visual effects are there like god rays and water ripples (which are more visible on iOS then on the 360)

    I actually like this episode and have played it from start to end on my 360, it's not a perfect game and it's by no means using good classic physics but I enjoy it, episode 1 was so bad compared to this episode they have gone a rather good improvement over that mess.
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    I'm fairly sure the exclusive levels are for the Tegra 3 Android version, maybe even the Android version full stop. The Google Play store is giving me no indications though.

    TSS has a news article about it, though (here).
  20. Putmalk


    I was skeptical of Sonic 4: Episode 2, so I held off on buying it.

    And I'm glad I did. Now I don't intend to make this a rage post, so don't jump down my throats. And this is all coming from personal opinion by reading tons of posts and reviews. Maybe I'll D/L the demo if they have one on Steam and try it out.

    Anywho, I heard that Super Sonic's physics weren't fixed? To me this is an absolute joke and disgrace. As an aspiring game designer, that would be one of the things I made sure was fixed right away. There is no excuse for inconsistency in game play.

    As for the physics? I don't understand why they wouldn't be near genesis replications. I'm sure everybody has heard about this by now, but it is Sonic should follow Sonic 3's physics and improve upon them (this is an obvious step backward).

    The unoriginality also doesn't sit well with me. The only zones that for me, or at least acceptable are Sylvania Castle and Oil Desert when it comes to not rehashing the same themes (sure, say all you want about White Park, but to me, it's just Ice Cap with a really linear level squished between the two).

    See, as far as I'm concerned, sequels are intended to take what made the predecessor good, and build upon it with new and innovative ideas. To me, Sonic 4 is just one giant nostalgia trip that fails on the nostalgia... -.- This doesn't make sense to me. O_O

    I will give it credit where credit is due, however. Co-op features is a great idea, time trial (that's in, from what I've heard?) is also a great idea. Metal Sonic returning is nice, and the music in some places is good (I liked Oil Desert Act 1's music, and Metal Sonic's boss music, both awesome).

    Other than that, if this game was released on the Genesis, it would fall into "bad sonic" category very quickly.

    I welcome 2D sonic games, I think that's where Sonic needs to go, but the execution needs to be better.

    Please take what I say with a grain of salt. I'm just sharing my opinion from observing the Beta videos and the final gameplay (which I heard is pretty much identical?).