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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Chimpo, Dec 29, 2011.

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    So there's a music file in there that makes me think that there might actually be an ending for getting all the emeralds, and it's either not working in this beta or for some reason I just couldn't see it. It's the really mysterious sounding thing called "Cutscene 9c"; this is significant since regular "Cutscene 9" is the post-final boss cutscene.
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    From what I've seen so far, I'm not too impressed by this one, particularly with the level designs and the gameplay/physics (though I will admit there seems to be a slight bit of improvement. Maybe it will feel better if I actually played it, but I'm not getting that urge to buy it upon release, maybe later through some sort of sale.

    That being said, there are a few things I do like: the Sylvania Castle Boss fakeout, the Winter Park boss fight with Metal Sonic, and the Oil Desert Boss(as well as the level's aesthetics)...also for the music side of things, the Stardust Speedway remix is nice.

    Edit: I also just caught the footage of Sky Fortress Act 1...again, not fond of the level design, but the boss fight at the end is a nice touch, though some sign of damage progression would be welcomed.
  3. Well, most of the music sounds mediocre so far, but there are some good tracks in there. I like how it sounds less catty now, at least.

    Sylvania Castle looks like a spring-fest, and White Park looks like a booster-fest, but overall I'd say it looks pretty fun. I think I'm definitely gonna get it when it comes out.
  4. I eagerly look forward to the community's remixes of the Sonic 4 soundtrack. Most of the tracks would sound really nice redone...
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    That's most of what my disapproval of the soundtrack comes down to, really... The instrumentation is still terrible. Doesn't fit the gorgeous art direction at all.
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    Yo. To those that have access to the data files. Can we get an upload of the streams please? Some of us like teh loops.
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    It may be Stardust Speedway, but it's the worst version of that theme I have ever heard. :/
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    I had a slightly different idea.

    Yup a spoiler in a spoiler, eat it suckers
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    Honestly, I think licensing out some of the original Sonic 2 recordings might have been really nice. Rehashed or not, better than Senuoe's efforts.

    How about Super Sonic? He must return to normal in order to make a combo with Tails. Super Sonic can't pass through those galleries full of snow. I hope this will be fixed in the final release.
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    Keep in mind Ken outright said it's a pretty old build.
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    Out of interest, how are the combo moves activated?
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    One button, context sensitive (I.e. ground/water/air)
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    Oooh, you're right, Sonic Boom IS in Cutscene 4 along with TTSW. I do like how the US one is the old-and-busted before Metal gets fixed up and TTSW starts playing. ;P And I really do like that remix of Stardust Speedway - enough that I've made a looping ADX of it that will do until the final AAX files come out after release.

    It also occurs that both Episodes have remixes of themes from past 16-bit titles in (though 1's was a hidden track). If they do do a 3, I wonder what they'd use?
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    Oh Super Sonic. Why is it since they've brought you back you've been broken? In Colors you couldn't use Wisps. In Generations you used up too many fucking rings at once. And in this, you break out of super every time you use a combo. Now yes I've always wanted a break out of Super button, but not like this. This is just asinine. This is going to make that boss achievement impossible (And bosses in this game are actually kind of tough. I would have died many times if not for the Press 0 for 100 rings button).

    So Sega, in short, Super Sonic is meant to be game breaking, but not broken. There's a difference. For reference, please look back to Sonic 2, 3&K, and to a lesser extent Sonic 4 Ep 1 where he was actually alright.

    I'll take my time to say what I've thought of the game as well. It's pretty fun. I got back to it after Dinner and once I wasn't feeling like shit anymore, I actually really enjoyed it. The music is mostly ass, but that can be corrected by inevitable fan remixes and matching trope music from the past. The gameplay is better then Ep 1, and that's a good thing. The "use Tails to save your sorry ass" is fantastic for when you fell down a pit (which I didn't notice too many of them, unless maybe I just didn't die much). Over all, Tails is actually a fun addition and I think this is a better way to include him since you can control the co-op. It's really playing as both, and not just Sonic with Tails following you. The level design is slightly improved, there are some levels that just make you wonder "Why damn it why?" like WPZ Act 2 and SFZ Act 1, but over all nothing too awful here. The bosses are where the game stands out. They're a bit long, but they're challenging and creative, definitely bosses that haven't been used before. So I give you a tip of the hat Sega, why don't you do this more often? Overall, much better then Ep 1, but still if you weren't a fan of Ep 1 I'd be cautious about this one.
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    Have these been uploaded onto youtube yet? I've been searching for them for hours, and, unfortunately, I just can't bring myself to download such a huge soundtrack.
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    You have to look around youtube, but I believe you should be able to find everything you need. :)
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    Sorry, but I don't think it. This song is really poor, also it was heavily based in the Generations's version, in which all of us know that its melody isn't something new. Unfortunately this one like other ones I've listened on the soundtrack I downloaded sounds really horrible. Poor song. I didn't felt any epicness on this song. Even having being based on a obviously epic music, this version looks clearly worst than the the songs present in the soundtrack of Episode 1.
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    Since the soundtrack seems to be getting around everywhere, I guess it's not a problem to post the AAX files, so here: Download

    On a side note I'm going to assume that this beta is roughly about a month old, unless it was built from a very old version. There's no date but one of Sega's libraries has a build date of Mar 4 2012.
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    Here's a nice mashup of the generations mix and the Sonic 4 mix of stardust speedway.

    I kinda wish the voice samples were louder in it, though.