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Sonic 4: Episode 2 Discussion

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Chimpo, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Covarr


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    The trick is to simply remove the DIMPleS. While I was at it, I also touched up his buttbrow. Didn't remove it, because I'm not trying to change the artistic style here, just made it a little less harsh. With only a few minor expression changes that should've been obvious even to SEGA, he now looks less constipated and more cocky badass.

    Of course, I'm sure someone else can and will do better.
  2. Chimpo


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    It doesn't mean anything. They just didn't show shit. I'm not expecting this game to be spectacular but come on guy. It's an Nvidia conference, not a SEGA one.
  3. ICEknight


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    This quote confused me:
  4. SteelBrush


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    Seeing that uninspired logo has already killed what little excitement or hope I had for this. Use of modern Sonic was disappointing and a dick move. I can't say I'm surprised though. Why they insist on using that particular model of Sonic with a shaved cunt for a mouth, I will never know, especially as they used far more expressive renders in Generations.
  5. Afro Thunder

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    Meh, time to give my two pence here, I guess: I know the "Old School" has been in style for a while now, and many game companies have succeed in doing many things with it. Among them giving tried-and-trued franchises well deserved reboots, or taking them back to their roots.

    So far, Sonic 4 is doing neither.

    The logos are crappy yes, but that's only a minor gripe, so I'll leave that alone. What bugs me so far is the physics (obviously), re-hashing of old, worn out level cliches ready for the retirement home (though, IMO, nearly every video game since Super Mario Bros. onward has been guilty of this as well), mediocre art (keep the cell-shading solely for Jet Grind Radio next time, SEGA), bad level layouts, and in my book, the biggest middle finger to you in the game, the music. I heard people make original compositions or re-arrangements with VOPM, and they don't sound nearly half as bad.

    In short, the forecast is looking quite grim, but nobody will really care about the logo being crappy if the gameplay, levels and music are completely better than what was in the first game. If SEGA and Dimps can set themselves in the right direction with the second episode, then there's one less game that doesn't fall victim to The Cycle.

    And as far as the green eyes go, I don't give a damn as long as every thing else is fine.
  6. Lanzer


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    I like it. Akins to the original Sonic 2 logo allot.

    Wished they used classic sonic and tails instead but then again this is just a fucking logo so who knows what they have planned.
  7. You guys do realize that's the exact same head as Sonic 4 EP: I right? The body is slightly different but the head is exactly the same. In Sonic 2's original logo it was all like 'YEAH! SONIC! | THUMBS UP! YEAH!', but in this one it's like, 'HAWAAAAAH | GET THE FUCK OUT ASSHOLE.'
  8. OverlyEquipped


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    The logo seems to do nothing more than to make me cringe on the idea of what's the come from Episode II. Also, his lips still look like a badly made cut on the side of his cheek for a mouth.
  9. Falk


    Man that's a twist, the numbered iterations being gaiden game and not being the main series. :V
  10. AnimatedAF


    Wasn't really expecting a change of art style but man does this new logo just show how bland the characters look compared to the original Sonic 2 version, it's a poor imitation of the poses and expressions.
  11. Ayla


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    This is pretty much where I stand as well. Just seeing episode II's logo makes me groan. That is by far the ugliest Sonic logo that has ever existed, imo. My only hope is that "you can't judge a book by its cover" will ring true, but with sonic 4 as its predecessor I have major doubts. I didn't like the art at all, the levels were mediocre. I enjoyed the special stages. I guess we'll see, eh?
  12. TheLoz


    Wait. Wait. Wait. Back up, here. What...what if that was their plan ALL ALONG? Modern Sonic series being panned by critics but still selling like crazy. Sega doesn't want to
    stop the series but it's becoming a farce. Release games in the Classic line that are utter balls, all the while upping the quality of the Modern series. They don't have to invest too much time and money in improving the Modern series, though, because people are comparing it to the new Classic series games, and the Modern ones hold up favourably.


  13. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Yeah, it was supposed to be shown and due to time constraints or whatever it wasn't. The blog article was amended too. Originally it read something "Looking into why this wasn't shown, but it should have been during the NVIDIA conference".
  14. Rosie


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    A thousand times this. It makes the logo look so much better. It would take someone 2 seconds to change, and would widely improve the logo's aesthetic appeal without differing from the art style that Episode 1 previously established. While I know it won't change how the game plays, (and despite my many complaints about Ep. 1, I'm holding out until we get proper details before passing any actual judgements on the game), little touches like that make the experience as a whole far more satisfying.
  15. Secret Bonus

    Secret Bonus

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    Wait, what's wrong with it? Aside from Sonic's grin looking a little weird it doesn't really look like it's doing anything wrong other than being like the Sonic 2 logo.
  16. jasonchrist


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    EXACTLY! Doesn't exactly fill one with confidence for new stuff does it? Especially when 2nd to physics people hated the rehashing and shameless nostalgia whoring... and then they pull THIS out of their arse.
  17. SteelBrush


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    The S2 logo made nearly 20 years ago, exudes personality, where as the S4E2 logo looks limp and insipid in comparison. Considering how expressive Modern Sonic had been in Colours and Generations, this is a step back. Modern Sonic even fails to come off as likable with that shit eating smirk on his face and Tails looks as though he is suffering from some sort of mild mental handicap.
  18. Icewarrior


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    I think the logo makes its job of being reminiscent of the Sonic 2 logo with the modern touch pretty nicely.
    Also, I don't get the hate. Sonic's grin, I could understand but Tails mouth, seriously? At this point, I'm surprised no one is complaining about Tails having blue eyes in the same way of the green eyes haters <_<'
  19. Namo


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    I'm honestly wondering why you guys expected anything different. That's not even an insult to Sega. It's honestly what I expected. Sonic 4: Episode 2, debut of Tails, it was obvious they were going to mimic the Sonic 2 logo. This is coming from someone with low expectations for Sonic 4 Episode 2, though.

    Covarr's edit is a major improvement on that face, by the way.
  20. TheKazeblade


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    It is an improvement, but unfortunately the posing still sucks and the lighting is disgusting. If they just fixed one or both of those things, then that would improve the whole thing greatly. I hope someone with access to Sonic and Tails models could make their own mock-up. Was it really so hard to put some effort into something as simple as a logo?